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  1. Floating if water is calm or if wind is offshore (from West). But, if there’s significant on-shore wind that increases wave action such that slack is created & line control/feel is lost, use intermediate. Experienced saltwater FFs suggested intermediate when I began fishing these waters....problem solved.
  2. Ouch! Double-ouch!! Hoping, praying for the best, BFD!!!
  3. Recent high-energy wind & waves have done a nice job at creating troughs very close to water’s edge. Try casting your fly parallel to shore into the trough during that 6:30 - 7:30 period of falling tide. And, if it’s a very calm, bright day you can sight fish for (skittish) snook in the skinny water if you look from well above circa 20’ back from the water’s edge. Snook is C&R unless in 28”-32” slot. Delicious white meat if you fillet by removing skin & dark meat under the ‘line’.
  4. My brother (green shirt) and I had not gone fishing together for ~50 years. We joined a friend of his on the Soquee River in Northern Georgia. His first was the rainbow. My favorite was/is a Brown. Even better than the fishing; we had a damn good time with our host & his friend (our guide) as we cooked some local meats and washed ‘em down with some well-aged grape juice & peach brandy (moonshine).
  5. FYI.... It's a prudent move and not entirely unexpected given the persistent, quasi-annual consequences of discharged water from Lake Okeechobee. Sanibel and Sarasota are in the center of it all. FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission sent this bulletin at 08/30/2018 10:20 AM EDT Aug. 30, 2018 FWC makes snook, redfish temporarily catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has temporarily made snook and redfish catch-and-release only from the northernmost point of Anna Maria Island in Manatee County to Gordon Pass in Collier County. This was done through an Executive Order in response to the naturally-occurring red tide bloom in southwest Florida and is in effect until the next FWC Commission meeting, which starts Sept. 26. “I support Executive Director Eric Sutton’s decision to implement the Executive Order as we continue to manage this world-class fishery for future generations,” said FWC Chairman Bo Rivard. “We will continue working with our partners and will evaluate next steps at our Commission meeting the end of September.” Sutton has spent significant time in the areas most impacted by naturally-occurring red tide. He and staff will continue to work with local communities and partners as the FWC manages this issue to ensure recovery of the fisheries. “We’ve seen the devastation to the redfish and snook populations in southwest Florida, and we support the catch-and-release initiative taken by FWC,” said Brian Gorski, Executive Director of Coastal Conservation Association Florida. “In working with the FWC on this initiative, we’ve heard support from members and guides throughout the state who also understand the need for such a change, to ensure that generations to come can enjoy the thrill of catching one of these iconic species.” The FWC thanks Gov. Rick Scott for his continual leadership and proactive response during this time. FWC staff will continue working with partners moving forward, including local governments and stakeholders. Regulations outside of those counties remain unchanged, including the Sept. 1 snook season opening that occurs in other Gulf and Atlantic state waters. For more information, visit and click on "About," then "Executive Orders," or click here.
  6. Words of wisdom from a Master Casting Instructor (MCI) - a proficient Certified Casting Instructor and judge of candidates for CCI credential. Joan Wulff’s video and latest paperback have been a great help to me. RL2TF
  7. BFD, Ditto - “Brave thing to tell..... admire your tenacity and willingness to ...fight with this darned cancer.” Praying your blessed with “A Teams” throughout - ie, surgeon, anesthesiologist, all post-op shifts (esp 1st 72 hrs), and re-hab. Godspeed, Dick RL2TF Thomas
  8. Bravo, HillTop. Thanks for posting that piece. I received same thing yesterday and clicked the "Take Action Now" link which enabled me to send emails to my local state & federal representatives and the WH. Would be terrific if ALL concerned SOL community members did the same. RL2TF
  9. I want to buy 1-2 Orvis Access Mid-Arbor IV spools. Slightly used is preferred.
  10. Likewise, Happy Easter!
  11. C’mon men! Two TBs? Get Real. He’s “team” on biz & personal adpwcts of life. BIZ: What I admire most about TB’s Biz character is the personal sacrifice or forbearance of $$,$$$s ... for Patriots “Team” benefit. Sports Illustrated ranks Brady 18th of 32 for 2017 season in compensation: Personal: Try publicly disrespecting his wife or children and see what happens!! RL2TF
  12. Think Coach would chuckle at this?
  13. Applied, field research regarding means to enhance cold weather survival of snook and other species has been in progress by well respected marine biologists who are also avid fly fishermen (e.g., Aaron Adams, PhD FAU). Bottom line: There are some surprises but locally improved habitats would deliver ready access to deeper, warmer water is critical for cold weather survival of nursery & adolescent populations (that don’t strictly become food). Big problem with rising oceans’ impact on estuaries, mangroves etc.