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  1. No gators but caught 4 or 5 guesstimate 4-8 pounders from shore 2 weeks ago and some more bite offs last weekend. I’d get out there if you can since seems like it might be a decent year for them as I’ve only seen mostly snappers the last couple years.
  2. Will take seconds on the spinning if it falls through and you are close to MA/RI
  3. Tony immediately contacted me via PM and set me up with a prepaid label so I wouldn’t have to cover shipping.
  4. Congrats! Still looking for my first “keeper” sized fish this year but did get into some cocktail blues on the 23rd which were fun since I have only been catching the snappers the last few years and no gators.
  5. Thanks for the tips, caught my first one Sat AM. Lots of fun to catch something different for a change.
  6. Thanks Tony for the immediate response, top notch!
  7. Bourne run was empty yesterday, will be interested to continue to monitor how many continue to pass through and how much have dropped our already or have gone into the pond to stay for the year.
  8. Hi Tony, Was wondering if you could direct me to the best way to proceed. Sent in a Penn 7500LC for repair 9/2019, it came back and I used I for the first time today and the anti-reverse is sporadically slipping, so guessing that it may have not been caught during repair since it is only some of the time. If it was used for a few trips, I’d suck it up and just send back for service, but could you or someone from Penn help in this instance as this appears to be an inadvertent miss? Here is my repair info, 303358687. Will also say last time this reel needed repair, Penn went above and beyond and sent me a brand new reel so TIA for the support.
  9. Actually little bit less than daylight, says 6 pm closure time as of yesterday AM.
  10. Thank you for posting. Unfortunately just a bit out of my range right now as it is just a long term rod and was hoping to get to trade backup for backup and I think if I sell the TFO, probably going to be too much of a gap in the prices. If this was going to be a primary, I’d definitely pull the trigger on your offer but appreciate you posting and wish I had more reels to trade.
  11. Hmm, unfortunately don’t have too many reels to trade. What would be $ price for the 1209?
  12. Our first seabass.
  13. Nice shad caught next to me yesterday afternoon in a NS River. No hits for me on top water or a jig but saw a few dinks caught.
  14. Have some rods to trade, TFO 2-6, or Airwave Elite, not sure what else I have. Seeing if the 1209 is too much rod for anyone and they want more of a lighter/beach rod.
  15. Hey all, just seeing who has a 1321m, the “good” old version but not the “new” old school.