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  1. Sorry to hear, hope it turns up soon!
  2. Yup, just interested in the backstories. Someone mentioned one might’ve been named after a lost ship. Interested in if they were named after people or how they came into being. Plenty of other holes, I think **** went they in a boat and marked hundreds of holes/drop offs but love reading stories about days long gone and some of those who fished before my time.
  3. Without revealing spots, interested in the background on where names came from. 1. B*hoes 2. J*gle 3. Cr*n 4. Port** 5. gros*** 6. Bian** 7. Paddys 8. Murd** 9. Pi**
  4. $150 p/u for the rod in MA/RI/CT?
  5. I’ll be heading down Sunday, any decent food spots around? Picked up some SS needles late last year so definitely want to try them more to get the hang of them. Looking forward to going on a football tuna popping trip this year.
  6. Have fun all, unfortunately won’t be able to make it but hopefully will see some of you out there in a couple months
  7. Magic swimmy is way worse. Not much of a learning curve with paddle tails but still more than the swimmy. To the original post- I go to fish with other people, I’ve been fortunate to meet folks like GED and some other friends there. I like the variety of things to catch or see. In the event my boys come, they enjoy the trains, seeing other kids, bowling, and the ice cream shops. I go in knowing if I fish certain areas I’ll be fishing in a crowds, have to wait to cast, or likely have people squeeze in and there might be tangles or even cut lines on occasion, but in general can appreciate fishing in a lineup full of people all just looking for the thrill of a tight line or two. A lot of us are never going to be there 24/7 and am grateful for the folks that don’t mind me squeezing in and I often will return the favor. I know that I fish enough tides and random times of days that I’ll have plenty of time where I’ll either be alone or fishing with just another 1-2 people. I feel bad for those who don’t like the changes especially since I’ve only been fishing there since 2016. Unfortunately things won’t go back to empty crowds ever, but we are certainly fortunate we are to have such a special place to fish and as crazy and passionate we are about the thrill of catching the fish of a lifetime, at the end of the day it’s just a fish.
  8. Trade with just the 14k spool for a Verizon IPhone 11 Pro Max 64 gb? I believe it should be able to be unlocked or can check if it’s factory unlocked.
  9. Looking to see what is out there for rod building supplies, power wrapper, rod dryer, Fuji guides/reel seats, spools of thread. Wont bother countering on price and will just respond with a yes/no. Nothing high end needed, TIA. Pickup in MA/RI/CT preferred for the larger items.
  10. I had a Penn Spinfisher 7500 LC that the anti reverse failed. Sent in in a s Penn customer service upgraded me for free to Spinfisher VI 7500 LC. Can’t go wrong with Shimano and Penn, great customer service for both.
  11. $60 shipped?
  12. $100 even? Sorry retracted, thought this was a 30.
  13. Hey Carl, thanks for trying to organize this. Doesn’t look promising. Definitely still enjoy seeing the pictures and what you guys have been up to in the images thread. I’d like to propose the following: November Blue Bullet Get together. 2nd/3rd weekend of Nov, weather permitting. Not sure how many have the day after thanksgiving off or we could aim for one of those weekends. Will be out there regardless of whether we get enough interest or not. Hope all are having a great Fall run, tight lines.
  14. Would you take $39?