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  1. Fish have passed both RI and the canal due to global warming. Try Maine, much cooler water up there.
  2. Ok, thanks! How much are you looking to get for each or both?
  3. Definitely interesting. Weight?
  4. Thanks Carl, always appreciate feedback and suggestions. I haven’t spent as much time fishing the Ava’s or trying to switch things up when the bite is slow so definitely need to remember to stop banging my head against the wall sometimes. I am also interested in what each of you expect for fish behavior AT slack (not either side of slack). This is generally my least productive time as I’m typically getting jigs hung up even at 1-2 oz. I like the water moving but am wondering if anyone has success when there isn’t much water movement. From reading some perspectives, some think fish use the slack to try to re-position, but I would think without the aid of some moving water the fish are waiting more for the current to move and bring food and/or give more of a competitive advantage. Maybe scrounging around the bottom for crabs and lobsters at those times?
  5. Pikies please!
  6. I tend to back off on fishing max current since I typically fish the deep water areas and am not a big fan of tossing 6+ oz. Granted I could try to more aerodynamic jigs as is recommended above and I am also likely missing some of the larger fish that are hugging the bottom at max flow. I do still try to cast as much as I can, if I'm in an area where people have stopped fishing as I'm still hoping to catch fish that may be sitting higher in the water column, that or I try to do a 10 or 2 pm cast rather than a 11 or 12 o clock cast that way I am still getting down to the bottom partway through the drift. May try to see what is out there for different jig shapes, I've also moved away from bucktails in favor of paddle tails due to the success, however I may go back to bucktails with sparse hair during max current as I find they tend to get to the bottom much faster than even an aerodynamic jig head/body combo.
  7. Not sure what everyone's schedule typically looks like, but maybe holidays? I tend to not do as much fishing on the holidays just because the crowds tend to be a bit worse than the usual. Breakfasts during the season I'd be up for, early morning tide then a brunch 9/10 am before heading back home. Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr are tough for me since I tend to just curl up in a ball for the winter but keep me updated what all of you guys are planning. Maybe a meetup at some of the fishing shows prior to the start of the season if any of you typically head to them.
  8. I’m in, thank you for the opportunity!
  9. Thank you very much for posting! Going to pass for now, looking for some different colors in the $30 range. I unfortunately don’t fish parrot colors.
  10. I’m unfortunately not going to be able to make it, Sunday lunchtime is typically soccer for my oldest. That’s pork definitely sounds tasty though and we will definitely miss the company and event.
  11. Sorry about that, didn’t see your message. Picked the one up but would be interested in seeing some more either used or new since I liked the one I bought.
  12. My bad, I should’ve specified lower weights from 1/2 to 1 oz off the beach. Heads I picked up from the tinman so great quality and the only difference is the length.
  13. Wondering if all of you can provide insight on long vs short shank bucktails. Specific use for one versus the other, different species, smaller vs larger fish? I’ve got some of both I’m looking to tie but would be interested in which everyone prefers or chooses to use in specific applications.
  14. One of the nice things I enjoy fishing non-prime moons or times (even middle of the day sometimes) is that even though the fishing is probably much slower, usually a lot less people around and you can fish in more solitude. Was interesting that some off moon cycles hardly no one would be around but some of the "prime" cycles were exponentially more crowded even when compared to last year.
  15. I fish whatever moon phase is on the weekend. If the bait and fish are around, great! If not, then at least its the only exercise I get all week and nothing like sunrises and sunsets plus where else can you go and launch things (plugs) and pretend you are at the driving range except with a rod instead of clubs lol.