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  1. Actually quite easy to further restrict parking/access and jam things and make things more crowded. Its coming and if you guys don’t see it, you are out of your minds. Too many inconsiderate loud mouths ready to start fights, too many people leaving trash, too many with not enough respect for anyone or anything. Time to make some changes, start letting people know they are being watched and that we won’t stand for d-bag behavior. Stop spreading spots on social media letting those who won’t put work in catch, take away the easy fishing and they won’t stick it out. Respect to the true stewards out there who care more about making a positive influence over catching or “likes.”
  2. Won’t fish anything other than suffix 832, line is so strong and 99% of the time breaks at the TA clip. Very little cost difference if any when on sale and if I hook into the fish of a lifetime, I’d rather know I tried my best to minimize all weak points from rod, reel, line, clips, and hooks. Bought a reel with what looks like PP and had a lot of small frays and always snaps at the braid instead of the TA clip. Checked the rod eyes and line roller and don’t see any issues so guessing not a great batch of PP.
  3. Slow go for me this AM east end. Super pumped that my oldest was pumped to actually come down and though since he’s been not wanting to come this year. No takers on the jigs but he crushed the choggies and was bragging about beating me 14-0 so all in all a good morning.
  4. I’ll vote for the 14th, day closer to the full moon but I’d be up for either date.
  5. I am on vacation and will be out most mornings next week, feel free to shoot me a pm if you want to join.
  6. Can catch them at times on sabikis, it’s been a really poor year for them so far though so much so that it hasn’t been worth the time to try.
  7. I’ve got Marriott points as well. Should be a new Hampton opening up hopefully by August closer to the ditch. Point rates are pretty high but you can get a 5th free night if you book 4 and want to extend your trip by a day.
  8. Hi Rich, I’ll take two sets of 7.
  9. Thanks, same to you. Good to put some more faces to screen names.
  10. No luck, someone online did find a bag mid canal if someone lost one.
  11. Ah, was to the right of you next to the guy fishing an eel. Those boats were awesome watching go through. Good fishing with you even though it was a slow day/night.
  12. No luck just after high yesterday. Ocean front had a real nasty sewage smell to it, didn’t think it rained Friday but definitely different than the typical experience at the beach there.
  13. The ones I know are a bunch of honest guys, will ask around this coming weekend and post if anyone found one.
  14. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your spring! Oldest has been having a fun time at soccer and will be starting kindergarten this year. Youngest has been having a great time keeping me company on Friday fishing trips the last few weeks. Hopefully will be starting to clean up around the house and list to hopefully be within a 1 hour drive from the cape. Been a real slow start to my season even when compared to just last season but going to keep at and spend some more time doing some more exploring and keeping logs. Hope we all can get together again, cookout would be fun and I'm up for bringing burgers or a cooler with drinks.
  15. Thanks!! Exactly the response I was looking for.