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  1. Noseeums were brutal out there yesterday, bring some home made spray as the typical “off” doesn’t work against them.
  2. Fished the east side 3 to 6 PM Sat, no blue bullets. Went to west for around the last 30-40 of the tide but nada. Finished the night back east and lost what must’ve been a diaper striper as it barely felt like 6-8” before it got off. All in all, a beautiful weekend waiting for some things to pick up but great seeing a few familiar faces. Have managed to inadvertently c&r some herring while jigging for macks the last few trips out but run has been pretty bare of alewives the times I’ve looked. Happy Spring all.
  3. Nice. Been only fishing RI so far. Didn’t catch stripers any at a popular early season location on the 24th. New to squidding and caught just one in 2 other RI trips, but tried spots that will definitely be adding to the rotation later this season in the Fall. Will be hitting the ditch and will be great to catch up with the regulars (socially distanced) as it’s been far too long since catching up.
  4. Yup, best is when people say, “bit too early” or “bit too late” when passing by and you just smile since whether you get skunked or catch a rat or two, it’s still better than waiting weeks for the season to start or pack up your gear early at the end of of the season whether you are at the ditch or some desolate beach.
  5. You forgot the end of your story that you woke up from your dream. There are no fish in RI. Good for you for getting out, big tide, high tide at 9/10, and storm coming in, definitely kicking myself for not getting out to at least try for some squid.
  6. Yup, sounds great. Can you pm me your shipping address when you get a chance?
  7. Hi Mark, let me know if you need any more pictures. Small hook rash near the tail hook and above the belly treble but overall in pretty good shape.
  8. Hi Mark- Would you be interested in trading the yellow and bunker unknown Polaris styles for a 7” herring mambo? Can post pics if you are interested.
  9. Keeping the energy drink companies in business 8-9 months out of the year. Constantly second guessing if you picked the right location even if you are sure it will be based on wind, tide, current, bait, moon phase based on your past records Putting all the moon phases in your calendar for the season Researching fishing locations, best time to fish, and what kind of fish you can catch each time your wife suggests a new vacation location Having your body naturally wake up at 1/2 in the AM without any need for an alarm. Having more fun catching bait sometimes than catching your target species.
  10. Hey bud, will take the rod. You make it to the ditch or RI at all?
  11. Skunk streak at the chu remains but we did find a cool new friend.
  12. Just 3-4 in the bournedale run over the weekend.
  13. Good meeting and chatting with you. See you out on the water and hope you enjoy your season!
  14. Hey bud, I’ll take it. Let me know when/where you want to meet up. Will probably try to head out fishing Sun or Sat and Sun this weekend if you will be around.
  15. Revised wheel (HP)-Offer for ditch witch, pikie, jointed, bottle darter, and wide mouth. Vesuvian- Would trade 1:1 Shivan- Would trade 1:1 Underground or Volcanic would be much closer to a lot of the collection. If you have some specifics you’d want to trade 1:1 or 2 cards for 1 plug $40 value, I’d be open as well and if you want to throw some names out, I can check what else I have.