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  1. Awesome, will check hockey calendar but thinking closer to end of Oct hoping for a Halloween blitz.
  2. Hey, I’ll take this. Will front the $40 and we can just meet up when I take a drive down to NJ in OCT.
  3. My little guy hooked one and had a real solid run but then he tried to lock down the drag and snapped it off. Going to chase again before the storm here as weekend looks bad and next weekend is also a no go for me. Hit was on a white Hurley mini squid. So close to our first, 0-2 so far.
  4. You are right about the “moratorium” being when there just aren’t enough fish left in the future that people just stop fishing for them or chasing something else. Already a petition to abort the emergency action based on the overestimation of MRIP. Without an overwhelming voice and push for stronger conservation efforts, we will be in for a long road to recovery. At least there wasn’t huge pogy schools this year in some of the traditional areas for tons of bycatch but unfortunately for the stock, one huge biomass seems like it was hammered to fill the quota.
  5. Numbers a bit high, sure. But speculation of this being other than the theft it was are a bit lame. Hope you guys don’t get your gear stolen and people wondering if you had alterior “motives”. I used to keep my rods and reels on my roof racks when I lived in a far “seedier” area than Milford, kind of a hassle to stick them in the garage and worry about waking the wife up at 2/3 AM. I’ve since gotten a bit more cautious, but maybe he just felt safe leaving them on top and felt safe and confident that something wouldn’t happen in that town.
  6. I have an older 18’ key largo and new to boating with no previous experience. At 40k, I’d really take a look at your options as you should be able to get some other brands. Impressions- Older style had a really small livewell and also a low notched transom, bad for taking waves over the back. Rides pretty well and does a good job breaking waves at 45 deg angles. Great for quietly sneaking in on fish and sips gas, I can run it for most trips at only 5-10 gallons a pop. By far the best purchase I’ve made just to be able to fish for more things. Will be looking to upgrade down the road, but really a perfect boat for a beginner to see what I liked and didn’t like. If I had the $, I’d go bigger. 18’ is real small out on the ocean especially when you start getting waves over 5-10, large wakes from sport fishers and party boats. Also really think about expenses, you’ve got ethanol shield, gas, launch access fees, storage for winter, spring tune up, new boat rods and reels, gulp, and probably most importantly things like seatow/towus (I have both), handheld radio, life vests, flare gun, extinguisher. Also the new fish finders are amazing but will def help in finding fish because a lot of empty/fish less water out there. Definitely do your research and there is no “perfect boat”, you are going to sacrifice comfort, mpg, or something no matter that you choose. But def let us know how it goes, definitely will love getting out, but most importantly be safe as both weather, current, boaters, underground rocks and wrecks. Ps. Drain plug, drain plug, drain plug… Drain plug!
  7. Always enjoy your weather evaluations rst3. Was sitting in my basement trying to figure out what the heck Twitter into X happened just to try to figure out if we were in the clear or not, should’ve just tuned in here.
  8. No moratorium is going to happen this time, too many states and impacted user groups. As much as people poo poo the commercial guys, some are legitimately counting on it as a 1st or 2nd income as opposed to those just looking to offset some costs, as well as the charter industry. The stock would need to fall so far off the cliff that ALL user groups would need to call for an immediate moratorium instead of just the conservation minded. Until then, it’ll be a slow circling of the drain with inconsistent fishing, the boat crowd and those fishing the remaining hot spots saying the fishing “has never been better” while those without ability to access the remaining stocks, waiting for the next re-assessment and better days which are going to be years away due to the poor yoy and slow growth rate for the species. I’m happy that this has been my best year since ‘17 but have given up “the fight” for getting invested in conservation. I still call into the ASMFC calls and am glad for the emergency action this year and next, and will still release my fish and follow the regulations, but will rely on the scientists and pro-conservation groups and pro-cons comissioners to fight the battle. MRIP estimates were estimated too high, going to be interested as to how it factors into effort as well as biomass estimates, but waiting on a moratorium that isn’t coming is a bit of wishful thinking.
  9. Swear I saw a single hop out of the water closer to shore yesterday. Must’ve been the lack of fish playing with my mind. Good news if true as didn’t see many around in this place last year. Hoping to target some by boat this year as haven’t caught one yet as the only one I’ve hooked, managed to spit the hook.
  10. Looking to pick up a 10’ black hole heavy surf 2 in the cape cod area if anyone doesn’t fish it anymore. Looking to spend $250.
  11. Hey, I’m around most weekends and usually head over to the fish pier to hear some corny jokes with some of the regulars. Send me a PM and we can try to link up, I’m definitely no expert but can see what you are doing and if anything sticks out. Definitely a lot of different ways to do it from slow rolling and basically dead sticking it across the bottom, to the hard jig up and trying to imitate a fluttering/dying baitfish to something as simple as a straight retrieve if the fish are suspended up in the water column. Lots of different spots to fish as well as a lot of spots may have a specific hole/drop off/rip that you want to try to fish on a specific current or part of the tide. Lastly, your success is really going to vary a lot as even jigging a ton (which I feel is the most consistent way to catch quality fish) the fishing in my opinion has gotten very inconsistent with much shorter bites in much more localized areas where in the past you might get a bite for an our or two along multiple sections, now you might get a 15 minute bite in one specific area although granted I’ve not put in the hours I would’ve in years past. Are you fishing paddle tails, i fish just the 5 oz but others certainly have been successful fishing different weights or even sluggos, bucktails, loaded Cordell’s.
  12. Beautiful boat. You are going to love it, bought a smallish used boat last year and by far the best purchase I’ve ever made. Probably doesn’t need to be said, but all the safety gear (life jackets, shutoff key, fire extinguisher, portable jump starter, towing insurance). Also depending on the areas you are fishing, definitely watch wave heights and wind against current, as well as how quickly underwater rocks can sneak up on you once you leave the channels.
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