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  1. Picked one up. Didn’t need it but for the price as well as for how well Penn customer service treated me sending me a completely new reel and spool when I sent in a reel for repair, more than happy to give them my business.
  2. Agreed, only those involved in the peer review of whatever documents that are out there can approve or refute the data and modeling. Based on all of the observations from all who spend time on the water, I can only hope that the data shows and is approved to demonstrate the serious state that many of us believe the stocks are in, and that appropriate measures are taken.
  3. Yes, all of it is quite troubling. Have read a *few blurbs of text*. Excellent reads and gave me a much better appreciation for the amount of data gathering, analysis, and modeling that go into creating an assessment. Lot of unknowns and hard to collect data with so many variables, but the researchers and teams are really deserve much more credit for the work they do. Also was interesting that myco in CB bay was thought to have increased mortality. Looks like a 2018 study from VA fish had Myco in nearly every striped bass. Going to be a long steep climb, but hopefully this starts the ball rolling towards meaningful change so that 8-10 years down the road we have a much healthier and higher quality fishery if it’s not gone by then.
  4. Charles- Great post, scary stuff based on unofficial but credible leaks. One of the things most concerning to myself is that based on the 2016 ASMFC Memo, "According to the projections model, if a constant catch of 3,017,358 fish, i.e., 2015 total removals, was maintained during 2016-2018, the probability of SSB falling below the threshold is 0.39 in 2016 and declines to 0.20 by 2018" Thus, we somehow went from a 20% chance by 2018 of having over-fished stocks, to pretty much being confirmed to being some degree below the threshold (over-fished). I am very concerned that the next stock assessment could potentially be kicked down the road until its much too late to make changes. I understand there are a lot of statistics requiring a lot of data gathering, however we should push to ensure that the next stock assessment (regardless if the 2 model or 1 stock model is chosen) does not get pushed out too far. A lot of damage beyond irreversible repair could occur dramatic actions aren't made now and the next assessment is pushed too far into the future.
  5. Thresholds are also greatly exaggerated. Stocks are likely to show overfished in the official 2018 assessment but only slightly below the thresholds. Also said total abundance was near 1992 levels, also not accurate as chart is millions of pounds as opposed to metric tons.
  6. Be careful when articles are from fissure and not a published “scientific” site or report. This article has a lot of opinions and snipets and to be honest while doing a good job of raising the issue, potential does harm by overestating the decline. IMO the stocks have been and are in trouble based of reading and a lot of time on water I actually believe that the stocks are actually worse than what the scientific data will likely show. Time for us all to continue to try to make whatever changes we can and we need to get more organized and create an a stronger voice.
  7. Lots of great tips about how distance really is overrated (unless fish are breaking on top way out in the middle), learning spots, ect. I don't catch many fish but have tried quite a few rods out (most <$150 - $250 retail). Here are my dumb questions first since you mentioned you have a tough time feeling the bottom and getting distance. 1. Are you casting 15 to 30 degrees up-current? I'd assume so but you definitely want the jig to be near the bottom by about the time it is straight in front of you. 2. Try a few different style heads, I feel they all have different feels from savage/al gags/joe bags to generics. 3. Do you typically carry a couple rods or just one? I find that my jigging rod I hate trying to plug with and my plugging rod would not come close to the weights I jig with. 4. What's your estimate on how far a good cast goes for you? I'd say if you are hitting anywhere from ~75 yards yards up to 1/2 the distance of a normal section of the canal, you are doing pretty well. As others have mentioned, plenty of times the fish are sitting only 25-50 yards from shore. Remember, longer casts = more potential for others to tangle with you especially when its shoulder to shoulder. I'd say "upgrade" the rod as your last option. If you are intent on buying, try to get to a casting event (especially if held at the canal) to try some out in person. No such thing as a perfect rod (at least from my preferences and the low to mid priced rods I have tried). Would be interested to hear other's opinions, but to me, you can go more sensitive (i.e. lighter rated rod) or higher lure weight, if you go with a lighter rod, you may have some difficulty if you hook into a cow in heavy current. Go with a heavier jig, and you probably are going to wind up losing more jigs and more wear and tear on your arms/shoulders. Example is my favorite jigging rod is a TFO 10'6" 2-6, can cast down to 1.5-2 oz and up to 4 oz head plus a body (5.5 oz), but I guarantee that on plus tides with big fish, I definitely wish it had a bit more backbone. I have a Star VPR 11' 3-8, and while it isn't as sensitive especially around the 2/3/4 oz range, I have much more confidence in its large fish fighting ability. Definitely take into consideration warranty and customer service as well. Try some different heads and jig bodies, savage/joe baggs is more aerodynamic and will go farther than gags or can drop faster, but each profile has times when they work much better than others. Don't be afraid to try different depths as well, although the big girls spend a ton of time on the bottom, plenty of other times have found the fish higher up in the middle of the column. Good luck with your decision and keep using the resources here, lots of guys with a ton of knowledge and experience with what has worked for them and I know I've learned a ton.
  8. I am a fan of a stiffer rod when plugging. Really depends if you like a soft whippy top end or stiffer top tip. If you like stiffer rods, gonna recommend staying away from even the TFO 2-6 which is my favorite jigging rod. Big fan of the 11’ airwaves elite rated for plugging and is actually a really nice light rod for throwing small tins and metals as well as for bucktailing the beach. Go with the medium 1-4 or heavy 1-4.5 and not the one rated for less if you go that route. Star VPR was also on sale and a nice stiff rod but rated heavier at 3-8. Magic swimmer is gonna be tough unless you’ve got a 2-6 or 3-8 rod so I’d just throw that with the tica.
  9. @matt boyer Good stuff Matt! I’m usually fishing plastic swimbaits but good to see people having success using different techniques and knowledge. @HansB Found the threads from Dan and always appreciate learning about the situations and types of lures, and retrieves people like to use.
  10. Nice fish, any idea in the difference between the banana head and an Spro or kazuka style?
  11. Definitely photoshopped and obviously not from MA/RI/CT as there are no fish in the above! Another one on a tinman two tone so speaks the to fish catching ability of his BTs. Funny story is we left the waders in the car and expensive reel at home and only brought my heavy jigging gear with me (3-8 oz) with 50 lb braid, so definitely wasn’t fishing the right gear. Have been a bit bummed that I had failed to get him on more than 1-2 fish a trip despite him coming pretty much every weekend since May and actually begging me to get up in the wee hours. Awesome feeling with the surprise catches even though most were just barely in the 12-20” range. Caught more fish in 15-20 minutes than any of our trips this season. All fish released to swim again. Enjoy the rest of the season all, winter will be here before we know it.
  12. Here’s another vote for Dan Tinman. Very fair prices, quick turnaround, lots of styles and willing to customize. Big thanks from my oldest and I!
  13. Thanks all, all great and likely correct answers. Choggies/searobins last month makes sense with micros/snappers keyed in on tiny bait more recently. Spent a Friday casting into hordes for hours and only 2 small takes, 1 on a t-hex and one surprisingly on a 5” Hurley paddle tail. Beautiful night out and gonna take the opportunity to try something I’ve never tried next time by trying a teaser.
  14. Thanks for the replies all. Definitely agree peanuts and also some smaller bait around(herring fry or something smaller than silversides). Was some very small breaks on surface. Thinking not squid since it was midday and I actually saw some one of the brownish colored fish turn at the surface when it hit the pod. Other thoughts? Am around enough and will reply if I figure it out as well. Just was driving me and others crazy since it was definitely a pod of very small bait(probably peanuts lime you guys said) but very small 6-8” fish mixed in, brown colored fish is what really confused me.
  15. Was wondering if someone has been fishing recently and have any idea what the small breaks on small bait are. My observations, not mackerel or pogies since bigger gulls would be chasing/diving on top. Looks like just terns. Fish also appeared possibly brown in color and moving too slow to be albies. Splashes were also too small to be stripers unless only the 6” variety. My guesses would be sea robins or baby pollock/cod? Have only caught one sea robin at the ditch but would love to see some other guesses.