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  1. Fan of all reel companies from VS, Penn, Daiwa. But always appreciative of the Shimano service. Reel didn’t feel too bad when I sent it but big thanks to whoever did my service!
  2. Looks nice! Will pick one out and try it out, have bought lures with far worse action.
  3. I'm in. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I've tried Avon Skin so soft and just wind up smelling like a girl and still getting eaten alive. Someone taught me a recipe of listerine tea tree oil and seemed to work somewhat decently. Any other good suggestions for greenhead repellent?
  5. Heading to the RI show by any chance?
  6. Sorry wrong forum, any mods that can move to plugs WTB?
  7. Just seeing if anyone has some Charlie graves real tins to sell. Picked some of the new ones but was disappointed they were the chrome over lead ones .
  8. Not exactly what you want, but going to give you some advice, spend a lot of time going/casting/observing and hopefully learning. Couple of great threads here here for both jigging and etiquette that have a wealth of information. With fish quality fish becoming harder to find and the popularity always increasing, people are rightfully protective of information. Buy some paddle tail bodies and cheap jig heads and fish the bottom and different depths. Big fish are lazy/opportunistic and behave much differently than smaller fish so your techniques need to be different. Don’t forget about trying to fish closer to your new home as well, plenty of quality areas to fish and the less time you spend driving, the more time you can spend on water/learning. Don’t get discouraged, normal trips you might be hard pressed to fish for hours on end and only get 1-2 hits the entire time so a lot of the videos and photos online are only a snapshot of many other times that are much less productive or fishless. Bottom line is that the better way is to go out there and fish more than those around you, will be much more rewarding when you hook up. Don’t forget about safety as the rocks are super slippery without studded boots. GL and I’m sure people are willing to give some additional help via PM.
  9. I So many factors. Price, Weight capability, rod length, sensitivity, fish fighting ability, durability, ease/ability to impart action, guide layout, reel weight/balance Not to mention early, mid, late season for fish size, moon tide/current strength, plug/jig weight, and probably tons of other factors I’m missing. Lots of great older rods that people will ever try, and a lot of newer rods brands that will be interesting over the years how they stack up to tried and true rods. Good time for variety and availability of rods/reels/plus/jigs and probably some great values to be had due to the state of the stocks and people who upgrade or decide something no longer fits their needs.
  10. Thanks again! Reel received in great shape today and just going out for a pre-season tune-up.
  11. No worries! Nice jig heads. Big fan of these two types, wish Dan T had a mold for either as I don’t like the bullet heads.
  12. Nice jig heads RR. You sell any of them commercially here? Very sad that Mike from M&D's sold the store as he was my go to for picking up jig heads for the savage tails and Gags bodies.
  13. I’ll take this.
  14. Paraflex 10’ 1-5.5 backup rod I’d trade for the Stradic. Guides are clean but some wear on the handle, outside of a couple of guides, and flex coat. Could meet at the PI show, RI show, or early in R.I. for the spring run.
  15. Thanks all, much appreciated for the advice. Will skip the R-Kelly tip though since I prefer whizzing on myself if I get stung by a jellyfish lol. Will be taking it pretty easy and not going too hardcore with the beach driving but wanted to get some more time on water with the boys and this seems like a decent way to get them a shorter walking distance/ability to warm up or cool down for a few minutes. Thanks again!