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  1. Never heard back
  2. What are the latest prices ?
  3. Nevermind. No pp and asking price from another..
  4. I'll do $40. I'll be home in an hour. I'll send pp.
  5. Offer $35 for the Luna
  6. Offer 45
  7. Cblue- you're up. I need to pass. While I would like a GoPro and this one is priced right, this is the type of buy I'll regret because I'm technologically challenged. I would need all boxes, manuals and a professor to get me up and running. NMurray- thanks for the photo and for the opportunity. Good luck guys!
  8. Would you do $10?
  9. That will work. Can you post a photo of everything included? Thanks
  10. Any estimation on shipping to 02816?
  11. Sounds good. Pm coming
  12. Sounds good. I saw you had them listed previously at $25 so I offered that amount.