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  1. I'll take one of the Sufix spools. or offer $33 for the two.
  2. Bottom two plugs in first pic, white popper and yellow bottle...would you split those two?
  3. I would take the black if you don't find a buyer for the pair and want to split
  4. He sells them retail? Wasn't aware. Glws
  5. Offer $30..
  6. Thanks to those who offered up plugs! Closing this thread. Thanks SOL
  7. Did he stamp the lip on all his plugs? Or only some / later plugs?
  8. Shoot me a pm
  9. I don't see the vs lanyard. If you have one I'll take it
  10. Pics?
  11. Nick - Been away all week. I'll get back to you Saturday. Thx
  12. South bend fish obite on the bottom
  13. Can you do $40 for the genesis and the floater?
  14. Ok. Thanks for clarifying. That changes things. The two Macks above the genesis...are they both sinking? Do you know the difference between those two? They appear to be different sizes.
  15. Thanks but I'll pass. They're 25 new. Glws.