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  1. Your legend is a bit shorter but based on the rating I'm assuming that strictly a swimbait rod. Both great deals man. I suppose the legend could be used for fluke jigging but the 12" from reel seat to butt is a bit short for me. Damn..
  2. yup that's why I asked. 8' is a bit long. It's a beauty though.
  3. Can you post a pic of the side of the box with the specs? Being an older model I can't locate some info. If not, no problem. Thanks!
  4. Is a camper required to be onsite?
  5. I'll take it
  6. What is it ...a soft plastics binder?
  7. Take $50 for the two Lil guys? $53 with shipping
  8. Length and weight? And is it new?
  9. No fish here
  10. Cool. PayPal coming.
  11. I'll take the SS. I don't see where the second CCW sold. Just want to confirm it is. If both CCWs are sold, I'll offer $35 for the BM and SS. Either way I'll take the SS.
  12. Offer 50 for the red head and spin
  13. Sounds good. Send a pm with pp address.
  14. Would u split the swimmer ?