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  1. That really sucks when you break a Lammi.
  2. LOL I agree fun fight I was waiting for my old pole to snap but she held.. Tight lines & be safe.
  3. Usually it's the sea robins and blues. Never encountered a dog fish before. On a light 7 ft pole it put up quite a fight. It just seamed to take line whenever it wanted even though my drag was tight. Kinda comical.
  4. Thanks
  5. Which one is it? Smooth Dogfish Shark Spiny Dogfish Shark Sandbar Shark Caught off Sunken Meadow and safely released.
  6. Edited. Please read the rules pinned at the top of the forum that you are suppose to read before posting in here. Thanks.
  7. Went back for another recon walk on Saturday. It was just a private residence building a seawall. The amount of erosion is amazing.
  8. Anyone have any idea have either the Town or Army Corp. is doing on Long Beach west of the first bathhouse. It looks like the dunes took a tremendous beating this year. There is heavy machinery on the beach and they are placing large boulders everywhere.
  9. Rinse with fresh water and let air dry. Swap out and rotted hooks for circle rings. Its eventually gonna happen its saltwater.
  10. I use braid, with a top shot of mono.
  11. Gotta love the Old Bronco's. American steel is great.
  12. Hope you meant 4wd truck and not car. Basically wash everything down when you get on terrafirma. Salt is evil on everything.
  13. I use large bins and a 5 gallon bucket. Rods are on the roof (locked)
  14. 50 foot recovery strap air compressor with line air gauge Jack with Jack board Shovel prob should something else but not where to put everything (getting tight)
  15. Great advice, lets be safe out there to fish another day.