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  1. It doesn't work worth a crap. He is still getting out.
  2. Most hoaxes eventually expire - no matter how many grants and bureaucracy are in place to prop it up and market it.
  3. The shed is pretty quick. A bait bucket with an aerator would have sufficed.
  4. The "jetties" I hear referred to most often are at the end of old lighthouse road a little northeast of the beach there - pretty much straight off the end of the parking lot. Which sounds to me like the area being warned about.
  5. Avoid swimming, wading or fishing in this area in Buxton at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, from approximately 46285 Old Lighthouse Road, to and including, the first jetty until further notice. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/NCDARECOUNTY/bulletins/3726ed8
  6. I hang them in a milk crate and hit them with the hose. Let hang until dry.
  7. Yes, it does but you should change the thread title.
  8. I agree. But there is no reason Gov. workers should get paid during a shutdown. They do enough damage when the government is operating. They sure as heck don't deserve anything when it isn't.
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