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  1. And which one of these three is improved with Xiden?
  2. He must not be looking very hard. https://www.smartmarineguide.com/boats-for-sale/row-boat
  3. Anybody else going to be in the area then?
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Children need their own space to growwwl up properly
  6. We didn't need books on raising kids and they did fine.
  7. I am vastly disappointed that the Cottageville training did not take. Don't bother to send him back. We got too many more where he came from anyway.
  8. Here we go again.... https://www.obxtoday.com/cape-point-closes-to-orvs-pedestrian-corridor-now-open-after-shorebird-nest-hatches/
  9. The women in your house went to philadelphia for a basketball tournament? Does not compute....
  10. If you really want to mess with the nanobots get an MRI.
  11. Run for the hills! With a US population of 332,643,210 that's a whopping .0018% or one WS per 55,400 people. NAACP membership is over 300,000 - .09% or one NAACPer per 11,009 people.
  12. Wear the magnet! It keeps the nanobots from spreading.
  13. No problem. I was halfway through my own hissy fit before I noticed the cutouts. Of course once you put them on a dowel they will free spin so I ended up labeling the leader size on the outside of the leader box and using a large rubber band to secure the leader pulled through the openings and keep it from retracting back into the box. Then I leave the whole thing at home and only take 3-4 rolls of sizes I am most likely to use.