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  1. Would you take $10 for the stubby and ship it with the poppers?
  2. I'll take these for asking.
  3. Thanks Retainer
  4. Spending Thanksgiving in Avon. Good to hear what is going on in Buxton. Hoping to get out later today.
  5. Thanks, Ghost.
  6. I was hoping someone who has been on the OBX in the past few days/weeks could tell me if there are still any sand fleas around. I love using them for bait but I didn't know if it was worth taking a rake this time of year or not. Any insights would be appreciated.
  7. I'll take that, Marc.
  8. I'll take these if you'll do $48 shipped to 30329
  9. Of course. I just wish I knew that area better to recommend spots. But there are a lot of folks on the site that know far more than I do. I'm sure they will chime in. Tight lines.
  10. I like the G Loomis travel rods but if you want something a little heavier St. Croix has some nice ones as well. Either would pair well with a VR-50 or if your more budget conscious a Penn Slammer III.
  11. I may have an extra 1023s. What is your price range?
  12. Forget the hip waders for Hatteras surf though. Unless you really like having them filled with water.
  13. 72-73 off nags Head today. Might be slightly cooler on the south facing beaches. But there is a 25 mph wind out of the NE so your call.
  14. VR50 New in box?
  15. Gold, silver and electric chicken are my go tos. Depends on water clarity - just My opinion though. Probably more important is tie it with a loop so it works how it's supposed to.