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  1. Anyone got one?
  2. This has been an ongoing problem on Cape Hatteras for years....
  3. No pity here.
  4. Thanks, Snuffy. I guess I will just keep raking and hoping for a sheephead as nice as yours.
  5. Baking powder NOT baking soda if you are trying to bake crispy wings. Never needed it on the grill though.
  6. That is a stupid question and if you are serious then it is not worth explaining to you.
  7. Yes, they did have those rights but the government of the time squashed them. Simply because government does not recoginze nor acknowledge rights does not mean that they do not exist.
  8. And there we have it - the typical liberal belief that all rights come from govt.
  9. Good to know. The fleas off 55 were tiny - 1/2"-3/4" a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Beautiful moth
  11. Good eats.