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  1. What did you catch?
  2. What are you looking for in trade? Reels, plugs ?
  3. Nothing compared to the ****show that the angler next to you will pitch if you cut his line.....
  4. Treasure that. My youngest will be 30 this year. It goes a lot faster than you think.
  5. Nice bluefish. Glad you're having some luck.
  6. Congas suck. Sorry, I just wanted to fish.
  7. No. Thank you but that is within $12 of a new one delivered. I don't need new but I would just as soon buy a second front pouch for my ODM bag - dual purpose perse. I appreciate the offer but I'm going to pass at this point.
  8. Well new ones run $90. The last one on here sold for $45. How about $65?
  9. Great! I look forward to seeing them.
  10. Braid will cut through monofilament.
  11. That is great! Something you will both always remember. My oldest caught her first fish (a kingfish) off the Hatteras Pier. We cooked it up on a hot plate in the Seagull Motel. Isabel erased most of that but the memories.
  12. Looking for a gear up bucktail pouch or equivalent. Anybody selling?
  13. I'd like that lights out pencil if you decide to split.
  14. Small lizardfish make good bait for kingfish.