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  1. I will take these. PM me.
  2. Great to hear! Will be up there the second week of June so I really appreciate hearing what is biting and what they are hitting. Thanks!
  3. Offer $40 for the squid.
  4. That is a GREAT idea! Kudos!
  5. Perfect! I'll take it. PM me for info. Thanks
  6. It is a two piece right? 50/50?
  7. Want to buy a Century Slingshot spinning rod shipped to GA (30360). Thanks.
  8. Yep, I'm hoping for good wind while at Frisco. I used to refuse to camp there because the bugs there have always been merciless - which wouldn't be a big issue except that DEET doesn't play nice with fishing equipment.
  9. Where were you fishing? I usually fish oceanside Hatteras but will be staying soundside in Frisco this go round.
  10. Thanks for the updates. Sounds like you had a great trip. Now I'm really excited about heading that way in 23 days
  11. Offer withdrawn.
  12. $70?
  13. Catch anything today? Can't rest on your laurels just cause you lucked into a big radial in the morning... Hate the crowd at the northern beaches. I will be there in 30 days - which will only seem like 60..
  14. Nice day out! Looks like you'll be in tuna and hoo for a little while. That storm behind you in the wahoo pic must have kept you moving.
  15. Spare? - should not cost you an offshore trip - you won't use it much on the water...