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  1. VR50 New in box?
  2. Gold, silver and electric chicken are my go tos. Depends on water clarity - just My opinion though. Probably more important is tie it with a loop so it works how it's supposed to.
  3. First preference is whatever you can catch in the area you are fishing with a castnet. I know its a dying art but it is what the fish there are looking for. Fiddler crabs and sandfleas work well too especially for flounder. Jig from the piers or fish in the first trench from shore. Second choice would be shrimp or squid (which stays on the hook better). I live in Atlanta now but one of my brothers is a marine biologist, worked for VIMS and still lives in Williamsburg. I will ask him if he has any suggestions on local spots, But he has far too many boats so he may or may not have any shore based locations. You might investigate New Quarter Park. It borders Queens Creek and used to have some access to the creek and an older pier - at one time. Its off the parkway closer to Williamsburg - follow the signs for Queens Lake neighborhood.
  4. I have fished the Gloucester Pier with mixed success. You can also get pretty near some of the bridge pilings depending on your casting skills but you are not allowed to fish from the shore closest to them. The couple of spots on the parkway are worth checking out both Poley point and Sandy point. I have had better luck there chunking than casting. There is also a pier in Yorktown but I've never fished there.
  5. It is a large lot and probably fairly priced. I don't know about others potential buyers but $650 is a large chunk to spend on plugs. I think you would probably get more than that if you broke it up. And I would love a shot at the bag if you do decide to split.
  6. PP sent. Thank you, Charlie for the knife and for serving.
  7. Respectfully offer $125. Very nice knife but that's all I can afford.
  8. You might find this helpful. https://www.reddrumtackle.com/fishing-reports/
  9. Squid lot please for asking
  10. I don't know exactly what you are looking for or to spend but I have been very happy with several racks I have bought from Plattinum Products. You might want to check them out. https://plattinumproducts.com/
  11. Offer $225 PP shipped to 30329.
  12. excuse my ignorance but what is that lever below the reel seat?
  13. Thank you, nightsurf. I would be interested in the bag if you decide to split.
  14. Looks like you had a great time. We are looking forward to heading that way in November. Good to hear you had luck in the surf.
  15. Pictures of the VS bag please.