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  1. Did not see any or hear of any but the spotted trout bite was hot.
  2. Got a few last week in the sound & kept the 18-24" - best eating imo.
  3. Blue fish are delicious. Bleed, ice, fillet, cut out the blood line. Try them layered between two layers of sliced onions, butter and Old Bay. Cover with foil 400F for 20 minutes.
  4. Keep in mind that bridges and 60 miles can do lot for distancing concerns and rearranging priorities. Ocracoke is very different than Hatteras. Far fewer self employed, far greater reliance on tourism, far fewer natives left, and too many damn golf carts and golf cart types. Not to mention it is in a different county. I love the Ocracoke beaches but the town itself is a tourist mecca. BTW calling oneself a democrat does not obligate you to vote for them. The old southern democrats were far more conservative than today's socialist version.
  5. While your original question sounds like a bit of a rant I believe you are over thinking the reason a lot of Hatteras residents support Trump. IMO its pretty simple - most the residents are strong individualists. They have to be. Living in that area appeals to a more rugged self reliant breed. They are a strong supportive community that looks after their own. The handouts, lies, and intrusive governmental policies offered by the democrats don't play well there and government in general is viewed as a quasi necessary evil. It is no surprise that Hatteras residents would favor smaller government and less interference in their daily lives.
  6. Those look well over slot.
  7. Spyderco Siren
  8. Never had an issue with the Seagar blue label.
  9. No worries get with me Monday.
  10. I think I have a new 5600L but won't be able to check until Monday.
  11. Is the whole pier state employees? I would think that would be aquarium workers. I would like to think the pier itself is still a private business but I don't know.
  12. I don't know if that is because of the aquarium connection or not but that is a big pier. Social distancing seems a poor excuse. Up in the OBX now and at least south of Nags Head it doesn't seem to be a big problem.
  13. Sorry, buddy. Its not easy - but be thankful that at least she's not bringing home dog food...
  14. No. You scrape the hide before butchering. BTW there are some pretty significant differences in butchering a pig and a deer. In addition to the size difference you need to be a lot more careful in handling the organ removal for one.
  15. Greetings Bizz13, Will be down there (60 miles south in Frisco/Hatteras) with south facing beaches and Frisco soundside the two weeks prior. Will let you know how it goes. Don't stress. Ask in at the local tackle shops.