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  1. He should have added a ticket for Driving without a License regardless of the picture on her phone , Everyone knows you have to have it on you if your driving ,
  2. I'm in Brother , But make it 2 weeks , There's just too many fools for only a week .
  3. Please let us know how it works out
  4. It's also had to justify the cost of schooling and shop start up costs in a time when your industry could be greatly limited by new gun laws .
  5. What make is the Red Dot ? , That looks like the Crimson Trace logo on it and they will stand by there stuff if it craps out
  6. I haven't seen or had "Shake and Bake " since they landed on the Moon , Didn't know it was still around
  7. I grilled some steaks last night and got this sauce a few days ago and put some in small pan to warm on the grill, I hate to pour or dip Cold sauce on anything. It's not really hot but the flavor is great dosen't over power. I'm going to Mix it with some mayonnaise when I grill some fish I don't know if you can find it any stores , I ordered it from there website they have a lot of other good stuff also