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  1. I remember the boat picture but not the details , She's not bad looking and if I were a 14 year old with raging hormones I'd hit every chance I could , I'd surely keep my mouth shut and do it for as long as possible . The fact that it's in Florida doesn't surprise me , The land of trailer park DNA
  2. I'll pass Thank You , Not because of the marks , I looked up the specs and it's way more than I'll use.
  3. Any scratch's or nick's on them ?
  4. Had to do a run to Sam's Club today and I got done and it was lunch time and I thought I'd give their Hot Dog and drink for a Buck and half a try , I like Costco Dog's but the Costco isn't done yet , the sign says August and I'll looking forward to their Italian with onions and peppers , but today was dogs , I have to say not bad , There's better but at a buck and half it's very doable .
  5. The "Duke" Today marks 40 years since John Wayne passed , I was at Ft.Knox Ky. a still wet behind the ears Private in the Army , We were 3rd shift Class's and had just gotten back to the barracks , 50 guys in a open bay getting ready to go out , When the Boombox blasting load on top of a wall locker stop playing music and announced that John Wayne had passed away . The whole room fell silent , It stayed quite , I'll never forget that moment . Those icons of the silver screen started to pass and the ones we have today pale in comparison .