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  1. Yes they did , My FIL , Now Captain USCG RET . was there over seeing Loran C towers being setup.
  2. Glad She's ok, as for the key , they said they would get you one , hold there feet to the fire, after all it's worthless to have only one. Do what it takes , Car salesman are on one degree from a Politician and thats the lowest form of life
  3. Sorry too hear of your loss,
  4. And how was it prepared, spicy or mild
  5. Are you a Veterinarian or Cooking Korean food
  6. 1979-1983 101st Abn. Ft. Campbell Ky. 1983-1986 172nd.Inf. ( Separate ) Ft Wainwright Ak. 1986-1990 US Army IRR 1990-1991 Gulf War Sergeant ,for a short time Staff Sergeant , Warrant Officer Candidate Best Times of my Life
  7. What kind of condition 306 you looking for ? The one I have isn't mint be it's all their , the drag knob is locked up never messed with it a 20.00 bill and shipping and it's yours
  8. I have a good number of shotguns in my safes ,SXS O/U Pumps Autos but over the last twenty years I've taken my old Benelli M1 Super 90 on more hunts than any other except if I know it's a Hot Dove Shoot than I have a 28 ga. O/U for that . My Super 90 came to me as their LE Tactical gun 20' with mag extension and pistol grip stock . Didn't like the pistol grip after using it in some training , so than I ordered the regular stock and that the same time a 26'' bird barrel , Since then she has gone everywhere with me , I even found a nice Wood stock and forend so she wouldn't look Tactical on the clay fields . I've handled and shot all the other Benelli Family guns and Stoger and Franchi and they use a similar Inertia recoil system they aren't the same thing , In fact they have changed designs a number of times were Benelli has only make minor updates and almost all have been to the stocks to lesson recoil . You can pick up a used M1 or M2 for around 600.00 if you shop and probably sell it for that if you have to and not have lost money . Benelli's will always cost more and always have a demand
  9. I've got some family in Florida (Yankee transplants ) on the East Coast and there must be something about the climate there because they aren't the same people I grew up with up north Hate the place
  10. Olives , tomatoes , onion , garlic , garlic (can't have to much ) peppers , fresh buffalo mazzarella anchovies ,
  11. 7X57mm. A true classic, no recoil to speek of, inherently accurate , Find a Ruger 1-A or RSI model, that way when you slip it out of the case at camp you make the statement that you only need one shot and you won't have to say a word.
  12. what do you need to get for the 3000 , I've no interest in the other
  13. As a young man I and a shooting buddy were invited over to watch Monday night football at a friends house I almost blew it off till he said he has someone coming over that he wants me to meet and I should meet him . So we get their at the appointed time , We were greeted by his wife at the door and told they were in the Den and to join them . We go in and sitting there was Col. Jeff Cooper we were introduced and sat down and started to talk , I couldn't help notice the 1911 on the table next to him , a nice Colt with no mods expect the safety and sights . He gets up to hit the rest room and picks up the pistol and holsters in and off he goes . When he got back I asked about the pistol and what he said has always been with me "When you need it you better have it with you because there is no time to go get it " "If there coming through the window or door there's no time left " . I may not carry a 1911 everywhere but I have a gun on me at all times , That's the best one
  14. Cold Steel Knife Co. has some really good "Walking Sticks" that are defense tools and not to expensive .
  15. SNL Has hit a new low ,