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  1. Back in the early 80's I was at Ft. Wainwright Ak. living on post when a new couple moved in our court , After they got settled in we had a welcome barbecue for them and all the others that moved in over the winter . All the families would bring a dish in a category drawn randomly , Main , Side , Dessert , We setup in the middle of the court with tables and grills and coolers of beer and soda . All the food gets put out on tables and you have at , Well the newest family puts out a huge bowl of spaghetti , the card said Spaghetti with Cincinnati Chilli , Having never been to Cincinnati I had no idea what that was so everyone was trying it so I did to , I couldn't put my finger on what the flavor I was tasting , All the women were talking about it so finally someone asked her , Well she was from Cincinnati and that was how they did it there and it was cinnamon that we had been tasting but we couldn't figure it out because it wasn't something we usually used in chilli, Haven't had it since then in fact I'd forgotten about it till this thread . I liked it but I wasn't nuts over it .