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  1. That's fine , I gave them to the guy that cuts my grass a few minutes ago
  2. We started doing that for family get together's , I use Zaterans Crab Boil and a old Army buddy from Louisiana told me to up my game by adding a whole head of garlic and 3 or 4 lemons cut in half and a orange , That made the shrimp really great and the taters too. Also if adding crab legs and a cup of vinegar so the shells don't get rubber like and crack like they should
  3. I looked at their website so I'll do 38.00+ shipping
  4. I'll do it for 42.00
  5. That sounds great if I can get my hands on some I'll try it , But this far from the sea it will have to wait until I can smell Salt Air again .
  6. Wes Unseld , Hall of Fame member , played from 1968 till 1981 with the Washington Bullets , Gone at 74
  7. I wouldn't shoot that ammo , Only because finding more is harder than finding a honest politician . You can handload for it if you can find brass , They are cool old Winchesters and a lot were used by Prisons back in the day
  8. The Head Stamp of L C 53 indicates Lake City and the 53 is the year it was made 1953 , Not WWII ammo
  9. I wonder how they will deal with the whole Social Distance thing at a gun show , If still using the same venue would they spread the vendors out and have less of them , Maybe it could go back to the days when all the tables sold guns and associated gear and get rid of the Tee Shirts and Jerky sales
  10. TTT
  11. Nice shoes , nice price
  12. Size 12 , Didn't think to list that since it is on the box but I guess it's hard to see ,