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  1. There are fewer like him everyday, God Bless him . Hope your kids have those genes too
  2. Have 4 Remington Knives in this group. R3-W Big Game R1178 1991 Bullet knife Mini-Trapper Both new in box R1 Upland new no box R7 Turkey Hunter no box At one point in time I thought about collecting and started but other things were taking my interest 120.00 for the lot PayPal, shipped 2nd day All are unused , factory edge. Made in USA
  3. price drop 50.00
  4. Any fans in the tavern? I've watched it from the start but now that one of the ships officers come's out of the closet a lesbian , why does that Have To Be In Every TV Show Now!! I don't need to see it 24/7 on TV ,
  5. Who's the hottie in the background?
  6. And the gift that keeps on giving ...Clap Clap Clap
  7. Do you all use Ethanol free gas (real gasoline ) treated with stabilizer or that corn $hitmix
  8. For that kind of money it better leave you with a stupid smile on your face and wanting a smoke and a wet spot
  9. Maybe a other Women ,
  10. Well that opens the door for Crabs now , They'll want to tok up before their Steam bath .
  11. Any Pictures
  12. They hunting Beaver
  13. Those are very nice , Do you make them any other guns like S&W J frame .
  14. Yes they are, no box for the silver one, black one is in the box . None of them in this group have ever been used .