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  1. Make it $55 and you have a deal
  2. I have a small dot on my 640 but I like the bigger one better, My 640 also has a Crimson Trace laser grip and is a night stand gun . Hope the picture helps
  3. Glock 43 or 19 , S&W 442 and 360J The 360J I just got back from having a XS Large Dot night sight installed
  4. Did you find the Benelli tubes or gave up. I got rooting around in my safe and I have a extra set , Full ,Imp Mod , Mod , IC . If your interested let me know and I'll  come up with a fair price 



  5. Lot of looking but no offers so I'll drop the price a bit to 57.00 and will lock it at the end of the week
  6. Dropped to 60.00
  7. Truly a class act , RIP , 89 is a good run
  8. I heard it passed in Congress . But making through the Senate is a crap shoot. I hope it doesn't happen
  9. Those sneaky ba$terd$ , As I read their lists and I don't think they missed anything .
  10. TTT
  11. I have used Aero , Rock River , CMMG , Stag , and Anderson and others all without a problem , But if you mix Uppers and lowers from different makers the color will likely be off , Other than that it's LEGO's for men.
  12. Went out to get the winning MEGA Millions ticket so I stopped by my Deli for some Crab Salad so Crab Salad sandwiches for lunch
  13. Got one in the picture behind the blue round bench block , Very handy to have
  14. I've kept them from reusing a burrow that one had dug under my shed by taking a old garden hose and running it down the hole a pouring ammonia down it then fill it in and put some large rocks in it . Never had a problem with them after that .
  15. I found that over the years I've acquired a number of different types of bench vice/ bench tools. Hockey pucks can be very versatile, cut ,drilled, trimmed. Bench blocks both hard nylon and steel have there uses. Clamp type M16/AR15 upper receiver blocks works very well. Aluminum barrel clamps with strips of leather works well. Mag well block is a big help.