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  1. I think the majority when they say the Alberto they are referring the the Crazy. I guess it's like the Clinch Knot and the Improved Clinch Knot
  2. On the Alberto Knot the twists are run in one direction, on the Crazy Alberto Knot the twists are run in both directions. I use the Alberto to keep the knot compact so it can run through micro guides easier, and I also use it when I tie my braid to my mono backing so I don't get a significant hump when I'm spooling on my line (using less twists helps to) The Alberto Knot is plenty strong. I use this knot on my FW rigs, but I do use the Crazy Alberto in the surf... cause there are some big fish out there...
  3. Had to look up a slow pitch jig, lol. Yeah a similar idea.
  4. I haven't done it just wondering if folks have. I gave it alot more thought, and pretty much came up with what you said.
  5. I know this is the collectible section, but is there a section for any recent purchases may it be new or old lures and gear? I'm a big time large mouth angler and we enjoy seeing or hearing what we purchased through a season or stocking up for the upcoming season. Yeah, I'm a Striper noob so you folks maybe a different kind of breed, and don't reely care.... Just a thought....
  6. Anybody use them to to change out dressed hooks on Tin/ Metal lures? Instead of carrying multiple tins/ metals with different colored dressed hooks you can carry less and just swap out to a different colored dressed hook. Turn one lure into 2 or 3.
  7. That's a swinging rugby jig head. VMC makes them as well as others.
  8. I'm interested as well maybe spoons should be included? I'm trying to figure out what size bucktail single hook for 2-3oz spoons. (kastmaster and Krocs)