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  1. I’m on vacation for the next two weeks down here, and would like to buy one local if possible. May consider trading my Daiwa Ballistic LT 5000 for one + cash to me. Or possible straight trade for thunnus.
  2. Sorry, completely forgot I bought one already. In a box in the garage. I must be getting old....
  3. Looking for one of the reels listed in preferably the 8000 size for Shimano, 6500 size for Penn, or something similar. Thanks.
  4. The Rod, Ninja Dagger, is a special carbon/glass blend and is super light weight for its 11’ size, so I wanted a lightweight reel. That’s why I went with the Ballistic LT. It weighs a total of 1lb 10oz together. For reference, my next lightest rod and smallest reel, Okuma Cedros CSX 10’ and Baitfeeder D 6000, weighs 1lb 15oz. It’s an extremely light setup for its size.
  5. Hahaha
  6. Truth
  7. Insert jokes here.... All kidding aside, I purchased a Daiwa Ballistic LT 6000 for my 11’ surf rod. Compared to my Other reels, it looks so small. Holds the same amount of line as some, and even more than others. But it just seems so small in comparison. I haven’t actually gotten a chance to use it yet. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Anyone have one? Is it just a design thing? Photo for reference
  8. Appreciate it brother, but really looking just looking for a bigger Baitrunner. Thank you anyway.
  9. I’d consider a reasonable offer.
  10. Bump
  11. I think it may be actually be 40lb power pro. I honestly don’t remember.
  12. Up
  13. I doubt I’m local. I’m never local to anyone lol. I’m in Northeast PA. Right on the border of NY, NJ and PA. 18336
  14. Understood.