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  1. Up
  2. I doubt I’m local. I’m never local to anyone lol. I’m in Northeast PA. Right on the border of NY, NJ and PA. 18336
  3. Understood.
  4. I didn’t think I was hijacking because I wasn’t trying to take anything away from the Original Poster. Was only interested if something was left after he got what he wanted. My apologies. Won’t happen again.
  5. Can post some pics tomorrow, but I’m looking to trade my 6000D for an 8000D, Thunnus 8000, or similar. Reel was only used for two weeks last fall. Still has box. Extremely clean and working properly. I’m very particular about my equipment. It’s Currently spooled with 30lb Power Pro. CONUS only please.
  6. PMd you
  7. If you wanna do $155 + $10 for shipping if you’re located in the US, I’ll do it.
  8. Gonna pass on those. Thank you though.
  9. Sorry but that’s too low for me. I think my price is pretty fair compared to what I have seen. Thank you.
  10. Realized I never put a sale price. $175 shipped CONUS.
  11. thanks for the offer, but not really looking for any more sunglasses at this point. Think have about 15 - 20 pairs as it is lol
  12. Sorry for the delayed response. I think I’m gonna repost and just try to sell. I think I wanna try and fund either a Shimano Big Baitrunner or a Penn Conflict 2 Long Cast. Unless you’re okay adding like $50 for the Slammer. Then I may just keep your 8000 to replace my 6000, and sell my 6000. How’s the Condition of yours? Any issues?
  13. Kind of a feeler. Looking to possibly trade my Penn Slammer III 5500 for a Shimano Thunnus 6K or 8K, Baitrunner 8000D + Cash to me, or maybe a different Penn or Shimano Surf reel. Would prefer at least 5500 size or larger for my 11’ rod. My Slammer is in Brand New Condition. The member I bought it from said it was brand new, and I believe that’s true. I don’t see any signs of use. It’s currently spooled with 50lb power pro. Lemme know what you have. Worst I can say is no.
  14. Fair point, but won’t adjusting and readjusting the drag all the time add wear and tear? Won’t the reel break down faster?