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  1. Well that’s good, because I just broke a second one. This was my fault, big blue, got him in the boat the right way, drag was still tight, fish went crazy, rod butt was stuck in corner, crack. I am a “guide: for St Croix so no issue for getting replacements
  2. Brand new St Croix 7 foot tidemaster broke 2 feet down yesterday. Never, ever forget to tell your customers LEAVE THE HOOKED FISH IN THE WATER, DO NOT LIFT FISH OUT OF WATER WITH YOUR FISHING ROD! Rod in basement, too tired to go get a pic!
  3. Hindsight is a great boat with a top notch crew
  4. no, Bobby Bluefish the sand eel raker which the previous posts have been about
  5. Have not seen nor heard of Bobby, probably doing concrete foundations still. Rumor was Chris gave it up too, not confirmed though. First year at Nelsons we would sell about 40-50 pound a day, 4-5 flats/boxes easy.
  6. A few casts at Pamet, nothing, too cold. Bobby Rice came in with his family, said it was real slow at the bank and a big fleet closer to Plymouth were crying about the lack of great action. But, they got enough for a dinner. Saw a few other Posts, seems like it was a slow pick, some fish but not crazy, sure their are a few exceptions
  7. If you are close by, outer cape, 2 lb bags, fresh fresh, $14/bag, $7/lb. Let me know I can get you contact info. Pretty sure Catatonic took advantage of this
  8. Next 7 days forecast doesn’t get close to 50 degrees
  9. I hate the people who walk by your house, yelling, getting your dogs barking, interrupting you and your wife while day drinking (as if 3 kids weren’t enough). (I’ll text you the haddock guy, got 14 lbs, $7/lb, right off boat)
  10. You probably are, unless LIFISH comes down, then youre number two
  11. Does that mean you are not working? Supervisors are non-essential
  12. You have to revisit your priorities old man. You need to spend more time on the water with your grandkids, get them salted down good.