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  1. I’ll take the over, easy bet, might not get 100%, but 65 to 70 will be easy.
  2. Haven’t heard anything, which says something. Think everyone has switched over to bassing. Was at the bank for a whale watch the other day, perfect day, didn’t see one boat haddock fishing
  3. They were in more than a couple of spots. I wasn’t at that one, heard that too. I was far, far away, in another galaxy... We left fish to go home, but stopped at least 4 times on the way home as the fish kept smashing on the surface in front of us - took us 30 minutes longer to get home but it was well worth it.
  4. Well I would guess the Bay was better than any beach yesterday morning. Catching like a traditional early June Spring fishing day, fun, fun, fun.
  5. As an ex tackle shop owner. Year one - bought a ton of different stuff - like above - sold a ton of low and middle priced stuff. Van stahl, higher St Croix, lamiglass, Costa Del Mar sunglasses, custom wooden plugs, etc - all sat on the shelves collecting dust. Over the course of ten years reduced it all to my cost and below to make up for my initial mistake - not knowing your customer base. Year 2-10 - got a lot smarter with ordering - basic penn/Shimano reels, not high end, and no other brands, tsunami rods and a few others, entry level combos for beginners and vacationers, kastmasters, deadly dicks, and run of the mill lures, braid - green power pro, period, mono - Berkeley big game - that’s it, hats, t shirts, and bait. Gave 2-3 guys a relatively easy gig for 5 months a year for ten years, and let me run the charter boat. Didn’t get rich, but covered costs, paid some bills, and had some leftover to put under the mattress. Ton of reasons why we finally closed - personal and overall business conditions - but at the end we didn’t have $50,000 of leftover high end inventory. Point is any type of store will stock what they know they can sell - they want product which caters to 90% of their customers, not the 10%
  6. $20 daily launch fee, double wide concrete ramp excellent condition, parking for maybe 40 vehicle/trailers, if the striped bass or tuna bite is hot the lot fills up really fast, dead low tide is tough but a 20’ boat with tilting motor should be good 99% of the tide, Pamet to Wood End at Ptown a 5 mile shot, watch the southwest wind coming back to a Pamet late in the day - taking a 15 knot wind on your front starboard side will leave you soaked.
  7. Great show, some deals here and there, especially late on Sunday. Gets you cranked for Spring, see a lot of old friends, a lot of shooting the **** going on
  8. More than a few years ago the Seashore proposed poisoning the crows, as they were predators of the plovers. Got quite a bit of pushback from people out here at the tip. Probably rightly so, couldn’t you just see thousands of crows falling from the sky every day - would’ve been great for tourism. ‘Boy called by poisoned crow’
  9. I’m telling Nauset to launch first week in April - 6weeks away - that will go by fast. Haddock.
  10. Don’t know, will ask Tony when I see him. I believe we do the channels every year or two, but the basin hasn’t been done for four years, which is too long.
  11. County dredges made it to Pamet. Will dredge inner and outer channels for three days, cant dredge worst part, the basin, until May/June, still waiting permit. pics of dredge in Ptown Harbor
  12. Dredging Ptown in the area of the new wave attenuator, they are not going to dredge between the floating docks, which boats hit bottom at low tide. Then the dredge goes to Pamet to dredge the channels, but probably not the boat basin due to basin permit expiring 2/1. There are certain exceptions which might make it possible to do the basin, we will see, town working with multitude of agencies to try and make it happen
  13. Maybe For-2-na, or Fortuna. Had two boats, one a 35 foot white hulled Donelle, similar to Tyler’s old boat on wicked tuna. Then another smaller, older Downeaster which I think is for sale now.
  14. After alittle communication with the “bad” Dana after I read this, the pieces came together.