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  1. For discontinued VM 150 spinning reel. Can’t find them used nor new, will call Van Staal Monday but not hopefull.
  2. On the charter boat I had the lower van stalls and lived them, good price, 3 for price of 2, when they discontinued them. Now the replacement is $100 more per reel. I said BS to the “name” etc, and am transitioning to Penn slammers and SS again. Charter customers don’t need van stahl.
  3. FYI, my first appt was early November, but I had to cancel and reschedule. When I rescheduled to mid-December I was asking about a surgery date, and the older sounding lady asked if I was “sure” I was getting a hip replacement, so I said yes. She penciled me in for Jan. 6th. Might be worth a shot to call back and see if you can schedule a surgery date even before you go to your appt.
  4. Due to COVID every room is a private room there now
  5. Dr Ward and I are scheduled for Jan.6
  6. I heard some people in Truro with two scrawny looking cattle/sheep dogs, the half breed kind, were letting them run around the Bay beaches scaring seagulls, small kids, and crapping everywhere. The surrounding towns, sensing the owners might be similar to the dogs, especially crapping on the beaches, put up the signs to ensure the owners or any offspring won’t migrate their way.
  7. Thanks, I stated looking at 24 tripp anglers, then 26 fortiers, then the dyers. Found a pretty nice one, needed a lot of labor, but nothing major, just time consuming. Another 1-2 weeks, with this weather, to splash her.
  8. Captain on OUPV vessels with Beth Ann Charters, Provincetown. We have been in business for 15 years and do approximately 150 charters/year, but have acquired a second vessel with a goal of 100 charters/year. Successful candidate will be primarily assigned to our 29 Dyer, responsible for 4 hour whale watching or striped bass fishing charters for up to six passengers or 2 hour harbor/sunset cruises or fishing charters. Dependent upon skills potentially be assigned to charters on our 38 Wesmac. Dependent upon trip type, vessel, number of passengers etc a mate may or may not be assigned to the charter. Charters located on MacMillan Pier, Provincetown Harbor, and departure times vary from morning, afternoon, to evening trips. Actual final scheduling dependent upon desires of candidates as well as existing Captains and owner. Primary need is for Captains with fishing experience, but other trips such as whale watch, harbor cruises, etc are also available. Availability most desired is morning fishing charters, then full days, with a mix of morning and afternoon charters, and potentially an evening charter (but not absolutely required). All days currently available excepting Tuesdays/Thursdays. Would like successful candidates to have minimal availability of at least 3 days, if not more. Full insurance provided, rate per hour dependent upon qualifications, potential for additional compensation via tips. Visit for information about us, and our website is being revised to include the 29 Dyer, new to us this year. How to Apply Submit resume/background experience sheet to , or text/call Captain Rich Wood at cell 860-716-0202 for additional information/questions.
  9. So jealous, loved fluke fishing up in truro/ptown
  10. I would say maybe 6-7 years ago, not sure, the small ones came in close at Race Pt for awhile and more than a few were caught from shore. My guess is nary a one made it back into the water. I can’t remember who it was but a customer at the shop came in and said he caught one, but left it on the beach. I “convinced “ him to get the hell back there ASAP!, had sushi that night.
  11. Let’s launch Oceanside. Going to do a long stroll this afternoon with rod in hand
  12. Yes I have seen you slightly upset once or twice! Yes, with the boat out for repairs, I ventured out on the sand. Only had an older 8 ft st Croix but it was nice, got some fish, a real nice walk, it actually was relaxing. Heard you were seen on the bike wearing your waders, and not at the canal either - too funny
  13. The hackles go up on the back of Johns neck! Shut the f up he shouts!
  14. Thanks. Since I don’t have a man cave, I wanted to preserve them in some way. A few others went to relatives of some of these guys.