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  1. I saw it on another board (I'm not selling), not sure if it's OK for me to link to it or not or send a PM, what's ok? Actually it's right below the post you made 30 min. ago, on the other board,looking for a 10K.
  2. Any interest in a 2008 20K?
  3. Sweet, nice work!
  4. Nice! have a template .pdf? And where did you go for your replacement cushions?
  5. That looks good and no more cowling cracks. I have to ask, the holes don't look like rod holders and not big enough for cups?
  6. If it's 29700 financed and 26000 cash, is that 0% financing? Seems to me you're paying 3700 to pay over time.
  7. What lb. line on the VS VR50?
  8. I did my two 704's and a 706 25-30 years ago when it was a tip in the newsprint version of the LI Fisherman. Used a hand drill, worked fine.
  9. I'll take it for $375, PM sent.
  10. What's it spooled with? Any backing?
  11. I have a 2HP Mariner I got new around 1977 as a kicker for a ZEF sailboat and maybe used twice, can't remember, it's been sitting around ever since. Started it up around 4 years ago, ran fine. $350. I'm up by Norwalk, CT though.
  12. About $60. I have to ask this also. The handle on the VSB 100 is also longer by about 1/2" and is further out from the body. Is it a good idea to change the handle when swapping out to the longer stem? thanks, Rob
  13. That part is still available from VS? Ball park $$? I just spoke to Mike at Saltwaters, no problems doing that, thanks for the heads up.
  14. Alrighty then, thank you.
  15. Why the difference in stem length, or why is the 100 longer (100 on left, both reel seats flat on table)? I would think the 100 would go on a shorter setup, say 8-9ft where the first guide would be smaller and closer to the blank than a 150 on, let's say, a 10ft setup. What am I missing?