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  1. Hey, it's my PB, 7-4oz. that's enough for me.
  2. Not really, just smart. Makes them easier to unhook and bleed. Never too old to learn. Well, maybe you are...
  3. No, bitten.
  4. Brown....
  5. I use pruning snips to cut gills, safer than a knife on a rolling boat.
  6. I'm gonna be 64 in August, I have always taken care of my equipment, I still have all my Penn 200's, 704 & 710Z's, 500's, 49, and Senators from 30 years ago along with the state of the art fiberglass rods of the time. I kept them in good condition and still use them to this day. Having said that, about 12 years ago I met a local guy on a CT fishing BBS, he invited me out on his boat and 12 years later we fish together regularly. He's about 15 years younger than me and came to salt fishing later so all of his equipment is much newer than mine. At first I figured he out-fished me because he's younger, better reflexes, etc., I'm sure that has something to do with it. Lately I have started investing in modern reels and rods and have upgraded the drags in all my old Penns and Abus and Newells. He still out-fishes me but I can no longer blame it on the stuff is just so much better than older stuff, especially rods, the sensitivity and power of new rods is just incredible. But I still drag out the old gear, especially for bottom fishing/trolling.
  7. I always used Shoe Goo. BTW, in a completely dark room put a bright flashlight inside the wader and you should see the light come through where the leaks are. Bring a Sharpie to circle them.
  8. I have gotten tired of coolers breaking so I decided to go with a roto-molded for durability. Certainly didn't want to pay the price of the Yeti class so I started to look around and I found Cascade Mountain coolers at Costco. They only had the 45qt but it seemed well built so I ordered the 80qt direct from Cascade Mountain Tech, they have free shipping, no sales tax and gave me 15% off as a first time customer. Realistically for me if it keeps ice for 3 days that's all I need. Cost was $230 delivered for 80qt.
  9. Years ago I caught one while vacationing in Maine. We filleted it on the boat. That evening when I took the fillets out of the bag they were still moving. I soaked them in milk, and they were still moving. When I put them in the hot pan, still moving. Stopped moving on the dinner plate but my little sister was too creeped out to eat. Gotta love the primitive nervous system in sharks.
  10. I went moose hunting in 2016, the guide brought it 3 large igloos just for ice since it was early season. Regular old Igloos except he sealed the lid seam shut with duct tape. 5 days later we were bringing out my moose, the ice bags were about 90% fresh. That's something else these high end cooler do well is seal shut. BTW, Costco has had Cascade Mountain 45 for $120 and 80 for $180 recently.
  11. I have a Stella 14000 that I'll be using for the first time, hopefully this Wed., offshore. I got a good price and the research told me it was the best for the application. Having said that, I'm still an old school guy, I'm used to the idea ingrained in me by my Penn 704Z's, that I can always get parts. The idea that a $900 reel might be rendered inoperable in 10 years because of a lack of parts certainly gives me pause to think.
  12. You know, the commercial stuff we wear on boats when it's gonna get messy...
  13. Not necessarily, I would think that most just go up the south shore of Long Island. This either came all the way in from Montauck or swam up the East River in Manhattan.
  14. How about that! Guess it could have mauled that striper...
  15. Montauk Monster...