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  1. Not necessarily, I would think that most just go up the south shore of Long Island. This either came all the way in from Montauck or swam up the East River in Manhattan.
  2. How about that! Guess it could have mauled that striper...
  3. Montauk Monster...
  4. Well, that would mean this fish came down the Hudson into NY Harbor, got hit by thresher, and... either went along the south shore, around Montauk and back in to the Norwalk area, or... went back up the East River, through Hell Gate and into LI Sound. I suppose either is likely but usually the simplest explanation is the best, got whacked by one of those Norwalk seals. You know Mike, I tried to get the SPH together again for this year, no interest, I think everyone's feeling old.
  5. Because we have threshers in the Hudson Mike? I see seals all the time in Norwalk, no sharks...
  6. Yep, other side was clean. Tough life, being a fish...
  7. I thought propeller also but then thought that would explain the gash on the back but not the ones on the belly, I'm going with seal.
  8. This morning on LI Sound, 31" fish with some bad juju...we figure it may have had a run in with a seal?
  9. Well played sir, well played!
  10. I bought a galvanized Loadrite in 2007, turns out the axle wasn't galvanized and broke on my way home from pulling the boat out for the winter. Luckily I had trailer insurance from Boat US. It was a 1200# rated, not big deal for new axle and springs. I'm getting ready to upgrade the trailer under my GW 180 right now, will be fun with the boat still on it. If you can find somewhere to leave the boat while you work on the trailer it will be easier.
  11. Catch and release is what we do, you should too.
  12. I was surprised also, they have a separate schematic for each model. Thanks for the good wishes.
  13. I've fished manuals in the surf for years, starting with my 704's and right through to VS's. I was just surprised when I saw a bail trip lever in the parts list. thanks, Rob
  14. 24.3 without line, I'll be using it for tuna jigging, not surf.