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  1. Now that’s a good week!
  2. Jim, you busy and fishy!
  3. Brossi made me a sweet rod after fling. Picked it up yesterday at 2000 hrs. By 2130 hrs, I was back on my beach and caught 3. Love the rod, just what I was looking for. Thanx Bro!
  4. Finally got the 25 lber. Unfortunately it was divided by 3.
  5. Like everyone, had a blast. I Spent to much money. Thanks Guy for all the hard work.
  6. And I got I got the video proof. Just to nice to post. But I might be willing to share at the fling. I’m not above bribery.
  7. Exactly why I don’t keep fish that are close to size limit. I usually give the fish 2 inches over to make sure. I also personally measure and count all the fish that come aboard my boat. Also, how you measure a fish matters. Hanging vs flat. I use a hawg trough which is way more accurate. Most fish and game violations are misdemeanors but are treated as infractions. Meaning: infraction-only pay a fine Vs. misdemeanor-fine and or possible jail time Wobblers allow the judge the discretion to decide. Usually LEO go for the higher crime, misdemeanor rather than infraction so judge can reduce it. I believe something like this was brought up before on the forum. Search it! Look into fish shrinkage after being caught/ icing. Hope this helps and take it as a lesson learned.
  8. Done. Pm sent
  9. Thanx but I’ll pass. Wife would kill me as it is.
  10. How about $200 for the lot shipped to 93933 ?
  11. Day 2. Best deckhands ever. Now for a break, brine and smoke.
  12. I use a promar promesh net. The fish lost scales bc my brother was taking pics and he was banging them around. Usually can have almost no scale loss.
  13. Got a few with my brother and son.
  14. Pretty sure I’ll be there. Will try to figure out what to bring.