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  1. Looking to get my hands on some vision surf eels. Preferably Pearl . Down to my last pack. I know some of you hoarders have some lying around . Give up the goods !!
  2. These stoopid things have been occupying my thoughts and time!!! My son his friend and tlagana made short work of it.
  3. No kidding. People are going nuts with the pricing !
  4. Let me know if anyone runs across any at a tackle shop.
  5. Looking for nomad madmacs in 200 size. Any colors. In the off chance someone has em or knows where I can get em . Tough to find any on the left coast. The tuna are hopefully.gonna show up in my area any day now.
  6. Good times and scored some goodies! Wish I didn’t have to bail early. Already looking forward to next year.
  7. How about some chips. Sounds like Tony is indulging us in chili dogs again. Maybe some butt wipes for afterwards!
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