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  1. Dragged boat down south and found some BFT that wanted to play! We saw single fish jump 2 different times throughout the day. Threw everything including topwater. They only wanted live bait. Some people saw foamers and got em to go on lures but not us. Friend fought a fish for 1.5 hrs and lost it boat side . Heartbreak !
  2. Dragged boat down south and found some BFT that wanted to play!
  3. Not the 08 version
  4. How about a trade for a Stella 5000sw ?
  5. Note to self, don’t turn your back while they are conducting the raffle. It will be over by the time you turn around . Or in my case, testing rods. F-ers !
  6. Ginger bringing the heat with the rods. That might get some of the lazy asses to join in. Chili dogs will add to it or at least make the ride home a bit more pungent!
  7. Nice work! do you do other sizes ?
  8. I’m in and will be bringing my appetite!
  9. 2nd the motion. It became my favorite lure here on the west coast. I used the 7 inch almost exclusively when our night bite started. Killed it for me. Be careful , the older 6 inchers were not through wired . Don’t ask me how I know. The new ones are.
  10. Looking for odm 3.5 tube . Let me know what you got. Needs to be shipped.
  11. Looking for 3 tube bag. Let me know what you got. Shipped to Ca.
  12. If you decide to split, interested in the gear up 3 tube.
  13. Listing elsewhere . Please close.