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  1. I change all my hooks to owner stinger st36 size 6. Hasn’t changed the action. Like the rest of you, Usually only use LC when targeting perch or butts. I’ve caught bass up to 10 pds on em though.
  2. Thanx but I’ll have to pass on these. I’m on west coast and these are mostly different than what I fish. Except the poppers. Anything else?
  3. Pops is the man !!!!! I can’t wait to get him on the boat so he can outfish all of us.
  4. They only come in one size. I also need large framed glasses and they fit me perfectly.
  5. Damnnnnnnn!!!!!!
  6. I’ve got mine paired with a Daiwa ballistic LT 5000 with 20 pd 832. Super light setup and casts like a dream. Been using it for almost a year and it’s one of my favorite rods.
  7. Fresh one !!!
  8. Last bump then going to try somewhere else .
  9. Looking for plier sheath for 7’ and 5’ pliers. Let me know what you got.
  10. Area is bounded by kelp beds. No real striped bass In that area. Nearest fishy areas for bass is Carmel bay or Monterey areas. Pebble beach is good for shore based rock cod. West coast version.
  11. They Are the thin glass lenses. Scare up some pics.
  12. I’m in
  13. I’m Interested in the bench, vise, plugs and hogy. I’m just getting into tying my own buck tails and teasers.