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  1. Structure is still there.
  2. Nice job Multicast !!!
  3. Yeah, I pretty much only chase after perch in the winter and I find them to be bigger. But then again, I’m chasing stripers most of the time.
  4. After going through plenty of backpacks in the surf , I finally broke down and got the grundens rum runner . It has lasted me 3 years so far. Easy to clean. Mesh compartments hold just enough tackle containers. Best investment I’ve made in backpacks for fishing.
  5. That’s a fatty !!
  6. Darn you! Never caught a sheep head . D685DA05-521A-48AB-85BE-9C6C965A6CD8.mp4
  7. Kirby34, you are right on. We usually stay at kanapali beach club. We were just scouting areas looking for turtles when we found this small stretch of beach.
  8. Finally got into em . Before and after.
  9. Maui. sorta west coast
  10. I’m in
  11. Point Sur trip today. Grandpa is missing from the pic. He was pooped from pulling on fish .
  12. Could have been a bat ray, at least on Monterey side. I snagged 2 batrays the other day while chasing stripers. One on bucktail and other on sp minnow. Lots of em being caught, Never seen so many. I’ve even been catching a few bass.
  13. Yeah I feel like I’m butchering fish after seeing spearos fillet jobs.
  14. Couple small bass and my first ever legal Butt from the surf. 26 inches. Hit a swarter at my feet. Got to watch him swirl on it.
  15. Ditto what mike said ! My first meet and greet . Won’t be my last. Learned a lot, put faces to names and scored lots of goodies. Thanks again linesideslayer.