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  1. Highly appreciate the detail in you looking to narrow down my search. This rod will be primarily for Steelhead, which is why I'm leaning towards a 7wt. I am experienced with fly fishing for steel but this will be my first switch rod and first attempt at spey casting. Living on Long Island I am sure I will try to use it in the surf but it is not a must. My price range is from $100-$300. I will also need a new reel to match the rod but that is not as important right now. Thanks again.
  2. Looking for a 7wt Switch Rod preferably over 11ft.
  3. Well I'll say one thing. That one push of big fish is already long gone/ or deep in the rips. There is just not enough bait to hold the fish there. BUT whos to say there isnt another body of fish making its way there as we speak...? You wont know unless you go.
  4. It's like that every year... Opens up in the fall
  5. It definitely has to do with the challenge. But for me, I love the techniques you have to use. Including light tackle and plastics. Also, I think they're the prettiest fish we have on the island.
  6. Thanks everyone for the great tips. I went out last night and struck out on the weakfish. But I managed to stumble upon a great striper bite on the pink zoom fluke. Had around 5 or 6 keeper bass and lost 2 real good ones due to my ultra light tackle. I might hold off on the weakfish for a few nights and come back to the same spot with some heavier tackle and live eels. Thanks again for the tips, I didnt know about their weak mouths.
  7. Has anyone had any luck with weakies yet? I'm going to be spending the next week or two targeting weakfish only. As everyone knows now until early June is the best time to hook into a true tiderunner. But the only problem is... I've never caught one. I'm going to be prowling around the Jones Beach backbays with a bag full of pink plastics and teasers. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. Deal.
  9. 0
  10. Schoolies I'm guessing?
  11. Thanks Tim! Love this site.
  12. Hey MtnTempo, it doesnt let me message you, but im going to be in Dominical for a few days, let me know if you want to fish!
  13. Im heading to manuel antonio for the 4th time on August 16th. Going to be surfcasting as well, bringing a ton of poppers