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  1. I tried to add fluid, but maybe I wasn't doing it correctly. Here is what I did: Raised the motor up and down all the way about 5 times, and then raised it all the way up. I opened the cap on the fluid reservoir and the oil started to pour out. I quickly shut it and figured that it was full otherwise why would it spill out? What did I miss? The motor boat sits on a trailer at my house, has maybe 150hrs on it. This was the 3rd full replacement. It was the shaking on the way down that had me asking for the units to be swapped out. Noise is OK, but the shaking of my transom wasn't acceptable to me.
  2. Well, I dropped the boat off on a Wednesday, and it was all ready to go on Friday. The tilt/trim motor assembly was swapped out for a new one. This one is working like brand new, the way I had hoped it would. The mechanic at the dealer reiterated to me that they ALL seem to have some noise, some much more than others. This is my "3rd" full replacement on this motor, and the last one back in October was bad from day 1. I have a video to show it, but not sure how to upload it since my cell phone service requires QuickTime PRO version to save the video from their secure site. If it was the normal squeals I wouldn't have any issue with it, but the shaking on the way down is just not acceptable. It's not air in the lines, the system is self bleeding. All the pivot points had been greased multiple times, and the mechanic said it's just the way some of the E-TECs are. He said they have a new part out now, (I currently have installed).. and it's supposed to have fixed the problem. I really hope this is behind me now. If not, I may be trading in for a different brand. I'm surprised no other E-TEC owners on SOL have this issue, since the dealer and BRP said it's a common one. Maybe they just haven't seen this thread. I didn't get to talk with the dealer about possibly switching the tilt/trim for a different brand. I'll see how this one goes and hope I never have to have that conversation.
  3. If mine just made a squeel I wouldn't mind. It's the shaking it does, like it's falling down before it gets to the pistons, then it's normal one it gets to the pistons. Maybe I'll take a video to show you.
  4. Well, FPC, the extended warranty company has approved my request for a new tilt/trim assembly. I'll let you know how it works out. Should be done next Thursday. I'm going to ask about the swapping out for a different brands tilt/trim motor assembly. I'm curious as to what the service department will say. I'm hoping this new part from BRP does the trick, but it hasn't in the past.
  5. aaaaaaaah...I see what you're saying now. Your right...I totally missed your point. I'll mention it to the Dealer. He services Yamaha also, so perhaps there is something he can come up with.
  6. Supposed to be $25 out of pocket for me. I went over the contract last night to double check what the dealer and BRP told me. I didn't realize when I was buying it back in 2005 that the extra 4years BRP was giving to sweeten the deal was through a 3rd party warranty company. I don't know that I like that so much. I'll let you know soon. BRP was super quick to fix any issues I had, but now I have to deal with the other company. My wife said the same thing to me, "You had them replace it 2 times and it didn't fix the problem, why spend more down time and money for the same outcome" Man I hope this is not the case. Everythng else I really like about the motor. I couldn't be happier with it's performance, this is more of an annoying thing then a real problem. It does bug me though when it does the chatter on the way down. I'm sure you can tell....
  7. OK, I'm going to pass on the Pinnacle. I'm looking for a match to one I already have. I just checked its specs...6ft 20-50 Coastal Power Tip. Thank you for your patience.
  8. I've never seen one with mutiple speeds before. Mine only has one. This problem seems to come and go. If I let the boat sit for a while, it seems to be much easier to reproduce. I used to think it was tied to a weakened battery, because charging them up would make it go away, but I now have 2 fully charged 1000CCA batteries and it's doing it again. Probably has nothing to do with it. I stopped by the dealer this afternoon. He called BRP, explained that I have had the entire assembly changed 2 other times and it's still not fixing the issue. BRP proceeded to tell him I'm no longer under warranty with them. My 3 years have passed and my additional 4 years is with a 3rd party named FPC. So we called them and ended up faxing over an estimate for a new tilt trim assembly. Hopefully, they will grant me the replacement. The extended warranty comes with a $25 deductable that I wasn't aware of, but that's a small price to pay considering the job costs of $1300. What bugs me is this has been a problem for me the past 2 years I've had the motor. I wish they could just get it right this time. I've had it in the shop for this issue at least 5 times. Sometimes they replaced it, sometimes they claimed I had a loose nut on my ground on my battery or the motors bolts were too tight causing the tilt /trim to chatter. They greased it up and that same day 1 hour later the problem was back. The long story short is it seems to be a common problem for the larger E-TECS, and BRP Techs along with multiple dealers agree it's a known issue. They think it's a check valve in the assembly that intermittently fails. I forget the rest of the description except the fact that it's a design flaw that requires a replacement of the entire assembly. Hopefully the problem goes away soon. I'll let you guys know how I make out. Nobody else has this problem??
  9. Is this rod a flat back color with a few strands of gold thread wraps where each eye is epoxied on the rod? Is the Gimbal End a black plastic piece? If so, I'd take it. Thanks. 1 Pinnacle Coastal Power Boat Rod With Gimbal End Serious Meat Stick 6'6 15-40lb. Class No Lure Rating On Rod One Peice Foam Handle Sell for $25
  10. WOW...thats Awesome!! I hope he took a quick picture. That's one Big O'l Bass!!
  11. They sell the XD100 oil at any of the Evinrude dealers. In Monmouth County area, I know of 3. The one I go to has a nice deal. If you save the original containers, they will refill from a 55 gallon drum for a discounted price. I think I paid $30 each. The XD100 lasts a long time. You will see a difference from the standard 2 stroke oil consumption. Good luck with your new ride.
  12. LOL!! That's a funny one. I just read it out loud for my office to hear and they were all cracking up pretty good. They said what made it even funnier is the voices I used for the Mexican and the Arab!!! HaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa, I had a good laugh at this one! Thanks!!!!!
  13. 3 years ago I had both of mine replaced on my boat for about $75 -$100 by the dealer. I didn't own a flange tool, and I figured let the pros do it for $100.
  14. Go look at Evinrude E-TEC BRP makes them.
  15. One time my family convinced me to go to the hospital. That was a waste of time. The basically told me there was nothing they could do, besides a CAT scan and sedate me and send me home. They told me,"Headaches are not a medical condition". Man!! If you have ever suffered from them at Migraine strength, you would surely think it's a medical condition. You sometimes think you're checking out. No?
  16. No, I only tried the Imitrex inhaler. My Neurologist said the pills didn't work fast enough to eliminate the headache at the onset of it. The inhaler would give me the best benefits she said. I haven't had them in almost 3 years now. I'm almost 37 now. I get a little one here or there, but Advil can knock them out pretty quick. The cluster headaches I had 3+ years ago were terrible. Like a migraine but sitting still or lying down made them intensify. I would lift weights, play volleyball, or even go for a jog to get them to a dull roar. Sometimes nothing worked. The 5 days of prednisone was the only thing that took them away, followed up by the 10mg of topomax each night before bed. I do remember tingling in my right arm every once in a while, but nothing that wouldn't go away in a couple mins time. Sort of like it "falling asleep". I really hope they never return. That was a very tough time for me. Day in and out I'd get them. I sit at a computer all day, so that made it even worse. I had all kinds of MRI's MRA's blood tests, ear/nose/throat, lymes disease tests, everything I and the Dr's could think off. They classified it for me as cluster headaches. Happens to men, usually in the 3rd decade of life, headache starts on one side of head, usually behind one eye, the eye may droop, and the sinuses may fill up during the attack. Sitting still makes it worse and many times they come on around the same time of day or night. They sometimes wake you out of your sleep. It's a 5% chance in white males. That's the abbreviated version that I can remember.
  17. I was on an Imatrex inhaler prior to topomax. It would abort the headache if I caught it within the 1st 15min. Otherwise, it didn't work. That stuff had a nasty taste about 3mins after inhaling it. Gross stuff. It was a temporary solution. Those type of headaches are the absolute worst.
  18. About 3.5years ago, I was on 10mg a day. I had been suffering from what multiple neurologists called cluster headaches. After 3 months of agony, I was put on prednisone for 5 days and then onto Topomax. It worked for me. I was on Topomax almost a year. I stopped it for an ACL surgery, and never went back on it. The only side effect I experienced was soda tasting like metal, so I stopped drinking soda. I didn't loose weight or feel sluggish or stupid. I was pleased with the drugs ability to keep those headaches away. They were very painful for me.
  19. Anyone use the Optima Batteries? I was considering buying 2 Optima Marine 34M this year. If they really last twice as long, they may be worth it. Vibration resistant is nice also.
  20. I feel like that's been on the pump house wall for close to 7-8 years now. I remember coming down to fish one night and feeling sad seeing that on the wall. I think there was the same thing written up in MB or SB also. It's been there a number of years though.
  21. I have a 1999 22.5 Hydra Sports Vector CC with an 2006 200 HO E-TEC. I paid 15k for the hull, and 14k for the motor back in Dec 2005. Trailer was $2400 with 4 wheel disc, 4700lb roller made by Load Right. I bought the engine and trailer brand new at the time. The hull was in perfect condition and I had been on a sister hull a number of times with a friend, so I knew it was the exact ride I wanted and the price was right for me. Gas miledge obviously varies with conditions. I'm in the Ocean 99.9% of the time, so I wanted that Deep V 22 degrees + the Vector Kevlar hull. The ride is awesome for a 22' boat when the seas kick up. We cruise 29mph easily into the seas. Where I go, it's like a guaranteed 3ft South Swell with a snotty ride home every afternoon. At least it seems that way. I 100% recommend the Vector Series hulls. Very nice ride for a small boat in the ocean. I figure to average around 2.5 mpg for me in the Ocean. I base that on 50 mile round trip/2.5 = 20 gallons at the gas station on the way home to top off my tank. When it's a flat day on the ocean, the gas consumption goes down. I may even have gotten close to 3mpg a few times out. I tend to want to go fast from fishing spot to the next spot, so I know I'm not getting the best mpg, but it's way better than my old 1981 Evinrude. Given my boat is now 10 years old and my engine and trailer 3, I guess it's close to 22k in value. So I think around 18-20k for you. Don't forget to factor in if it has newer electronics, canvas enclosure, new batteries, and if it's obviously been cared for and maintained. I'm sure the engine has a warranty also. I have 4 more years to go on mine. Best of luck to you.
  22. Beautiful Work!!!!! He comes up with some really unique lures. I love that one at the top of this thread.
  23. Genuine Evinrude BRP OMC 14.5 x 19 aluminum prop in the box. standard single outboard rotation. Used one time, not a mark on it except where the nut holds the prop onto the motor. Once installed you won't see a scratch. I'll post a picture later tonight. I paid around $150. Selling for $125, pickup in 07712, or you pay the shipping. Selling because I like the Stainless performance better on my boat. Thanks SOL.
  24. will be removed tomorrow. Thanks