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  1. I wanted one real bad, but the $$$ was just too much when I was shopping. I ended up with a used Hydra Sports Vector CC. Used 23 Regs back 4 years were still in the 45-60k range in NJ. I test drove a couple, Fell in love, and then decided to wait until maybe my next boat in 7-10 years. They ride amazing in the ocean even on a nasty NE or SE wind. I always admire them when I see one.
  2. I purchased this a while back and never used it. It's still in the Penn reel bag and box the way I bought it. I'm looking for $200. I figure that's a fair price since they are closer to $300 in the store. It's has 300+ yards of mono on it. I'm calling it "New" because it's never been installed on a rod, casted or seen the water. I thought I needed it, but it turns out that the Penn 965 with a power handle is a better fit for me. The drag on this 975 LD is super strong. If you want to meet up somewhere near the 07712 zipcode I can do that. Otherwise I don't mind shipping it, You pay the actual shipping cost. I'm fine with paypal, money order, cash. Thanks for looking.
  3. Going to hold onto this for now. "Chief" hit me up in the future if you're still interested. I'm removing this item for now because of no interest and I don't want to have to keep searching for the item in the forum.
  4. ttt......$200 shipped to you.
  5. Guitar amp. Looking for a Marshall JCM 800 2204 50-watt tube head.
  6. Hey Guys, thanks for the interest. I've had this reel for almost a year, I may still have it in a few months, if it doesn't sell right away, hit me up in the future. I'm going to sell a Penn 550SG reel and a used Penn 965 with power handle. I just need to take some pics. My price may drop as time goes on also. I'm trying to fund the purchase of a new amp for my music interests, so I'm not looking for any trades right now. Thanks again.
  7. Had lunch at Stewart's today, and noticed a boat/barge setup pretty close to Pier Village. I know the pic is terrible, my phone sucks. Anyone else happen to see it? I recall talk of a new pier and possible NY Ferry from here.
  8. a 24' Hydra Sports VECTOR series is a kick a** boat. You should take a ride on a sloppy day in the ocean. You will be impressed. I have a 22.5' Hydra Sports VECTOR series CC with a single 200hp, and I LOVE it. Rides Great in snotty chop. I wish I could have afforded the 23' or 24' at the time, but mine is suiting my needs perfectly. I have seen the 25' Hydra Sports VECTOR series CC with dual 200's so I would think you're fine. Check the capacity plate on the helm, it will tell you for sure. Good luck with it if you got this route. Go for a ride on one, that will seal the deal for you.
  9. I'm towing 5700 lbs of boat + trailer with a 2001 1500 Silverado 5.3 v8, 4.10 rear 4x4. I haven't gone more than an hour in any direction, but this is my second boat trailer combo I've had since I bought the truck back in 2000. My first trailer had drum brakes on only one of the axles, and my second new trailer has disc brakes on both axles. I have never felt like the boat was pushing me when I try to stop. Granted, I've always had a controlled stop, Thank God! I have pulled the boat up and down hills but nothing the distances of the other responses. I go maybe 16miles round trip about 20-30 times a year. With the few places I launch, I know I need 4x4 for getting up the slick ramps at low tides. I used to just use the 4x4 high setting, but I think its better on the truck that I use the 4x4 low setting on some of the steep slippery grades. 4x4 LOW is really impressive when it comes to towing something under 5mph. Tremendous Torch.
  10. 2wd is enough for the ramp or ramps you frequent? I find that I need 4wd especially when the tide is out.
  11. Your alignment may need adjustment after you raise the nose up. Mine did. I went one step past turning the adjustment screw. I swapped out the torsion key for a model that allowed me to lift the front up to 3.5inches. Needless to say, I needed an alignment after that. It's like a whole new truck once you level it off. It does stiffen the ride a bit up front, but I think it's an improvement to be honest. Not sure if it accelerates front end wear of things like ball joints or tie rods, but I'm very happy with the look and feel of the truck now.
  12. Very sorry to hear your loss. God Bless your friend and his family. I lost a friend back in October who loved to fish with me. He was only 40, and it was unexpected also. It showed me you never know when your time is up. He was just getting into the stripers over the past year, and appreciated every moment on the water. I will miss him.
  13. Sounds like a bigger problem to me. Was it propped correctly? A 225 on a 22 CC Grady is a 45mph boat with 4 guys on it.
  14. I use "the short cut" any time it's mid to low tide. If I can count 4 boards above the water line on the railroad bridges bulkhead, I can fit. I have a t-top on my 22ft CC.
  15. I was buying a 1999 22' Grady Fisherman with a Yamaha 225 stroke on it about 4 years ago. That was a fast boat! I think it hit around 46mph on the GPS with 4 of us on it. I would think that a 150hp is just not enough. I would want at least a 200hp. Great ride on that hull though!!! Maybe you can do a trade in on a different motor if you are in love with the hull. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  16. The Jersey Shore is facing about 12 to 18 hours of stormy weather starting tonight, and likely beach erosion could worsen conditions in areas severely eroded by the Veterans Day nor'easter, according to the National Weather Service. last night in the dark I was fishing in MB, and I took one wrong step and was sinking in some type of quick sand. It was not a good feeling. I guess it will continue to happen with more erosion on it's way.
  17. Absolutely! I'm looking forward to it! Last Saturday we had fish all over bait on that strong NW/W wind. I just wish we could get some steady weather in the fall like we used to have years ago. Seems like so many of the past few years have clobbered us on NE blows right when the fishing was getting good and the spots were predictable. It's unbelievable how many sandeels we have around this year. In years past that wasn't the case, and if you were lucky enough to find them during the day, well, just head back at night and have a 25-40+ numbers kind of night. I miss that! I'm used to looking forward to it all year long and these long NE blows just kill our chances for a number of days. It takes a while for the bait to settle back in. You know what I mean.
  18. Fished 2 spots in NoMonCo from 6:15 to 8:30pm last night. Caught 2 within 15 mins on a clear sided, black back darter, then nadda until I ended up in the SFZ around 9:15pm and lost 1 in the wash. Moved around a little south, and still nadda. Stopped a place between those places and still nadda. Kinda dead night to say the least. Went home around 10:30pm. Water was super clear and clean, and that moon was big and bright. I figured if I came across the sandeels I'd find a bite since I was getting a few to bite here and there. I just never found what I was counting on. Moon wasn't helping, and neither was the super calm and low water conditions.
  19. Just adding some support for the quality of the truck Dan's selling. I've been in it a number of times. It rides very nice and it's in really nice shape. If you're thinking about it, you should definitly take a look and a ride in it. The nice thing I like about it is the ground clearance. It's not the typical lowered down version of the small blazer. It has the look of a slightly lifted truck, but it's straight from the factory Stock. I remember when it was new also. It came with a larger tire on it and it looked mean. I'm positive it would be great on the beach too. The 4.3 V6 from Chevy is a great motor. I had one years ago in my 1991 S10 Blazer. It had a ton of get up and go. I used to beat on my motor 4wheeling all over NJ. Anyway...Dan's Blazer is in Really Nice Condition!
  20. My bro called me up last night to let me know it was on. HOLY CRAP...He's still the same Super! That guy cracks me up man! He takes it so seriously, and then the most ridiculous stuff happens to him. I used to love that show. It has to be 20-25 years ago that it was on Showtime, right? The Joke of the week was hysterical.
  21. I watched the old episode of Super dave and Mr.T this morning on youtube. He called him Blubber Lang...LOL!!!
  22. Congrats to your Dad. Sorry to hear about your knee. Take it slow and do what rehab and doctors tell ya and you'll be ready for the Spring! Those are great pics. Congrats again.
  23. Looking for a Little Wonder or Billy Goat push/walk behind style leaf blower for my friend. He will soon be up to his ears in leaves. Thank you. I'm in central NJ.
  24. Thread closed. Thanks Sedge Man! Thanks SOL! The blower works great!!!!