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  1. How important is it to send in the Warrantee Card when you buy the pole? If mine breaks that I bought last year, am I screwed because I didn't mail in the warantee card? Just wondering.....
  2. I have the 8 1/2 BD spinning, and I absolutly love that pole. I haven't had any thing go wrong yet, and I hope to have it a long time. This pole allows me to cast right where I want, and has increased my ability to reach the breaking fish. So far so good...
  3. One time last summer I fished a local inlet after work because I saw fish feeding on the surface and this guy comes up to me and asks the usual stupid questions, "Fish biting", "You get any" "What kind of fish", Blah, blah, blah.... Guy talked my ear off for about an hour. I decide to go back the next day to catch some more fish, and who's there with every possible thing the tackle shop owner could sell him, but my new friend. This guy is hysterical. He proceeds to show me all his new toys and then starts asking me what each one is for. I had to hold back the laughter by what he purchased to try and catch some albies and shad that were in the inlet. Shop owner sold this poor guy giant surface lures, spoons that you would use to troll offshore with, 6oz bucktails, etc... So I kind of felt bad, and then he started in with "What kind of fish do I catch on this pole" and I knew I was in trouble. This guy actually had me cracking up for about 3 days with the stuff he was saying. He's asking other guys on the rocks "What kind of a guy buys a pole like this" 5.5 foot boat pole with bright pink fishing line. I'm laughing pretty hard even right now. Hey "DanFromNJ", you remember that one??????
  4. Luke, Is the Lami still available or did I miss out?
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  6. What's a better choice of reel for chunking? Abu 7000 C3 or Penn 975 I feel spoiled to have either one, but I need to step up from my Corsair 200 I've been using. Thank you, Jay
  7. Thank you guys, I appreciate the great info. My B-Day was yesterday and the family set me up with a brand new St. Croix and the 7000C3. Since "LI" likes his 7000CS and "Vin" mentioned the St. Croix, I figure I'm in good shape with this setup. I hope to get out this weekend and put it to the test. I originally was set on the Penn 975 but I had heard from a local shop that some people were bringing them back due to the levelwinder jamming up along the sides of the reel. I thought that was kind of strange so I asked for the C3 instead. Maybe I'll take a quick peek at the Calcutta 400 tonight. Can't wait to give it a try and break it in on some fish. Here Fishy, Fishy...... Thanks again, Jay
  8. Does anyone know if Bob Hahn still makes plugs. Last year I was asking a local shop if he still carried Bob's plugs and he told me he wished he still had some, but Bob stopped making them a while back.
  9. Since Fall is freshest in my memory, I'd guess around 30 to 40 times. I live in Monmouth County about 3 miles from the shore. I did all my surf fishing in Nov and Dec. For me, Nov seemed to turn up more blues than bass during dusk, but 8-9pm I always picked up at least 1 short for the effort. I managed about 11 or 12 over 28 inches. I released all but 2. I have two trips that really stick out. (1) I walked from LB to Elberon chasing fish and had about 3.5 hours of non stop action,"What a Day" I'll bet I had 40 fish by myself. The only thing that slowed me down was taking the fish off the trebbles.(2) I decided to try a springtime favorite spot, and had three fish in 3 consecutive casts between 32 and 34 inches. That was simply amazing to me since it's only my 4th season. I have a good teacher!