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  1. Is there a way to stop the clicking sound on retrieve besides engaging the reverse option of the handle? Is there an option of manually flipping the bail over after the cast has been made rather than it clicking over on the start of the retrieve? Thanks for the help, Jay
  2. Just wanted to say thanks again, and let ya know I packed my 712Z with Superlube, and it's now silent on the retrieve. Thank you, Jay
  3. Pretty sure it's on at 10pm Eastern time. Looking forward to it.
  4. Fished the PP Canal last night with a few buddies, Worked hard with bucktails, small plugs, rubber shads and eels, but we all came up empty. It's been like that the last 4 trips now. Tonight, I'm going to a spot I hit a few stripes at last week. Hopefully I'll get some action tonight. If I can get just one fish tonight, I'll be happy. Catch and Release of course! Good luck to everyone, Jay
  5. Fished the PP Canal last night with a few buddies, Worked hard with bucktails, small plugs, rubber shads and eels, but we all came up empty. It's been like that the last 4 trips now. Tonight, I'm going to a spot I hit a few stripes at last week. Hopefully I'll get some action tonight. If I can get just one fish tonight, I'll be happy. Catch and Release of course! Good luck to everyone, Jay
  6. It's funny to me because when I know that there is only bass around, I tend to fish only 1 or 2 plugs, and 1 rubber shad, that's it! I carry half the tackle store in my surf bag and pockets, but since I continually hit fish on these three lures, that's what I use. I just have that thought in my head...I HATE being unprepared. But I could sure lighten my load if I try your approach.
  7. Thanks fellas, I appreciate all the good advise. I actually thought the clicking was good for monitoring my retrieve speed too, but I like being in Stealth mode. I'll give the waterproof greese a try. I picked up the reel about a week ago, and I love it. Since I fish braided line, I like being able to manually flip the bail over after each cast. I have the assurance the line is not in a loop or tangled on the top of the spool. You know what a mess that can be at night. I've been fishing a Penn 5500 for a few seasons, then tried the Stradic 4000, which I like a lot, but I don't know how it's going to hold up while I'm getting splashed by wet sandy water. I saw the Z series reel and wanted something under 15 ounces, so I grabbed the 712 before they were all gone. Is it true their discontinuing them?
  8. 29
  9. I've been able to find the bait pretty reguraly, but the fish are scarse. Last Friday afternoon SRI was loaded with bait, albacore, snappers, and medium sized blues"mid 20 inch marks". I found peanuts and spearing of the ends of a few Monmouth County jetty's and I can see the birds working offshore like you described, but not more than 4 baby stripers have I landed and returned in a month. I've gotten blues, but no weak's, and found a small congregation of hungry sea robins attacking the spearing off a jetty on Monday after work. They were entertaining on my small bucktails and deadly dicks. It's got to get better.
  10. Alberts were in great numbers in SRI "Shark River Inlet" on Friday Afternoon. I watched a guy with Fly gear land probably 7 or 8 albies while I was there. I tried all my small metal, and teasers, but I only got blues. It was great to watch the albies slashing through the water. It was a rush. I just wish I could have connected with one. I also went back on Saturday for sunrise, but nothing around but bait, Lot's of it! Tried Sunday, but nothing but a couple small blues for me. I hope I get another chance. Good luck to ya....and Meeeeee!!!!
  11. Last year was in December just days before Christmas. Year before that was same and I think in 1998 I had one the first couple days of Jan. I remember the one in January of 1998, becuase I could see them following the plug back to the jetty, then eventually I slowed down the retrieve enough and twitched it a few times and he took it. The fish was only about 15 inches long at best. Now that I think of it, Last year I was shopping for a specific plug for my brother-inlaw and as I came over the highlands bridge I noticed a giant swarm of birds working off the Hook. It was December 23rd. There wasn't one boat working them, but they were definitly there.
  12. Are there any plans to replenish the inventory of the online store?
  13. Awesome! I'm glad to hear he and his wife are doing well, I don't know them, but I was sad to hear the report of him being sick. You never like to hear someone's sick, so I'm glad he's doing well. I love his work and look forward to picking up a few plugs when they arrive. Thank you for the update.
  14. MrPogie, Same thing happened to me! My first creation went sailing towards England, and I was so close to swimming in after it, but it was mid November. Since it was a field test before I painted it, it wasn't as bad as loosing a completed plug, but it still was tuff to stomach. I felt the same way you did, I hoped no one would find it. Kinda silly now that I think of it, since looking back it wasn't one of my better creations. LOL! My fishing Buddy is pretty good at retrieving his snapped off plugs by using a popper to snag them on the surface. I'm always amazed when he gets it in 2 casts.
  15. I was fishing a jetty one morning in July when the shad were around in great numbers. There were a few guys trying for fluke and they seemed very puzzled about why I let all my fish go. The guy about 20 feet away catches a 24 or 25 inch fluke, and walks down to me and says, "Can I keep it?" He thought I knew something about not eating any fish from the spot since I let all mine go. I was polite in response, but I had a good laugh.
  16. About 4 miles to my favorite jetty. I Love the Ocean!
  17. I've fished PowerPro for 3 years now, and have switched back and forth from PP to Mono on my Corsair a bunch of times. They both work great on that reel, but This past Spring I decided to switch to 30lb Fireline on the Corsair, and after watching Ron's long distance casting video a few times, I got inspired to learn the art of dumping the reel on each cast. I can tell ya that with a 1.5oz sinker clipped onto the end of my line, the Corsair 400 with 30lb Fireline is a super smooth casting machine. This Spring I used it from a boat to catch a few nice Stripes from the Raritan. I think you'll like the way the Corsair casts with the braid. I'd suggest Fireline over PP for the reel. Just my 2 cents.
  18. Sure, fished last night 9 to 11pm. Found lots of bait, but no predators. Fished an inlet and south of it along the beach.
  19. Anyone hav a picture of this new 6500? I'd love to see it. Thanks. I couldn't find one on my own.
  20. I primarily fish the St. Croix SS86M2 with a Shimano Stradic 4000 loaded with 20# Fireline, and It's GREAT! I bought it early last Fall and really put it to the test between mid November to late December. I throw shad bodies on 1.5 oz lead heads, plastic and wood surfster plugs all the time. For me the pole is great for plugging because it really zings the lure out far with minimal effort, and the Stradic 4000 is so light and has a good drag. I used to use penn 5500 reels with 50lb Power Pro, but I like the Stradic much better for braid. It seems to lay the line on better and doesn't goof me up in the dark with loops or unwanted knotts on the spool. I was a little concerned for throwing the bigger lures, like the Gibs bottle plug, so I recently purchased a heavier and longer Lamiglass pole for those days, but I think you'll like the St. Croix SS86M2 for plugging. I also use a leader almost always set up with a teaser on a dropper loop, Some days it's just like money in the bank.....
  21. Hey Luke, Is the 8'6" Ben Doerr still available? I have a best friend who would take it for $60. If it's still available, is it in the same condition the 9 ft. Lami was I bought from you? Thanks, Jay
  22. Last October, I test drove the F150 extended cab and was ready to sign on the dotted line, but I decided to wait and drive the Chevy extended cab Z71 and that's when the decision was perfectly clear. The Z71 had much more acceleration, colder AC, more cab room and a smoother ride. If you interested in doing your own maintenance, the engine is laid out better in the Z71. Just my opinion, but I think the Z71 is a great truck. Good luck with which ever truck you choose