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  1. Awesome guys, Thanks for all the good comments. I'll be sure to give you all an update on Tuesday. Thanks again. Here Fishy Fishy..
  2. Thanks guys. Just a couple quick ?'s Newell Guy, What is Bert's, what road is it on? John O', What are you using on Whitehorse Beach, Saturday afternoon. Lures?, Bait? I'm dying to test out some of my homemade surfster lures. jettyjockey18, I'm definitly going to give The Ditch a try Friday. Should I only use herring, or can I get away with rubber or bucktails with finn-s on them or pork. Do lures work there, Wood lures????? Thanks guys!
  3. I learned a lot from this forum, and I just wanted to share a couple of my first attempts. I purchased the Grizzly "mini lathe" model 8690 20" between centers and it's a lot of fun. Ok here ya go....
  4. Oh Yea, I guess I forgot the Ho-ing aspect of this post. I knew I was in trouble from the moment I posted, but I'm a good sport. I figured Bassmaster would "go for the kill", but it looks like AdamR beat him to it.... Sooooooo...Which one you want Bubba???? LOL! Send me a PM. Hopefully you'll catch some fish on it and give us a good report. I think that would be very cool. Jay
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for all the nice comments. I'd love to participate in the swaps and someday meet up with you guys at a plug making fling. Yes these are some of my first plugs I made on the lathe, but they are 3 out of probably 15 others. I guess I've been playing with the lathe for about a month now. I tried the belt sander in the past, but the lathe is really much easier, and consistent for me. I received the Grizzly on a Thursday night, and I just went nuts. I made a couple plain poppers, a few polaris style poppers, and about 20 surfster style bodies. A friend of mine gave me a Hahn lure as a gift, and once I saw some of the work here on the site, I just had to try and copy it. You guys also made it much easier for me since you spelled out where to get the supplies and how to get started. I thank you all for the info. There is some awesome talent here. I turned some out of cedar 2*2*4 deck spindles, 2*2*4 mahagony, and some of those Home Depot hardwood dowls. I used nickel finished Colorado Blades for the lips on these, and I have some with Plug Builders lips also. I bought the stainless wire from McMaster-Carr, the nickel plated belly grommets from Walmart, and stainless tail washers from West marine. I pre-drill the centers on a drill press as far as I can go, then finish off with a cordless drill and brad point bits. I have it down now, but I messed up a few nice bodies along the way. That always hurts, especially at 12am when your tired. I haven't had the chance to try them on any fish yet, but they have a great wiggle, at both a slow creep or a fast retrieve. I swear, these Colorado blades make for a great wiggle on the plug. I really hope they catch some fish. That's the true test, and it's going to feel great when I get something on a homemade.
  6. My 30th birthday is comming up in June, and I'd love to come up to Massachusetts and catch some stripers. I'm a night surf fisherman at heart, but after watching Mike Laptew's Videos, I gotta take a trip to Martha's Vinyard or the Cape for some stripers this summer. I practice 99% Catch & Release, so keeping a fish isn't important to me, I just like catching them. Can someone recommend a charter for me and 3 friends. Light tackle fishing is preferred, Live bait is great too. I've never been to Massachusetts to fish, so if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. Thanks guys, JayC
  7. Anyone want to get together and do some surf fishing in June. I'm planning on making a long weekend out of my trip. I haven't picked the date yet, but it would be nice to meet some of you guys if ya have the chance. Since I've never fished in Mass, it would be great to have a buddy to give me a clue of some descent spots. If not, no biggie. JayC
  8. Thanks for all the good recommendations! I love this site!
  9. Thank you Capt. Johnny B, I just sent you a note. Jay
  10. I just received a "Tent Sale" catalog from Grizzly.com, 5/1/2002. The little Grizzly mini-lathe (12" between centers according to the catalog) is on sale for $119. Normally sells for $140. Just an FYI.
  11. I Love this Lure! Awesome work Mr.Pogie!!!!
  12. Thanks a lot, I'll check-em out.
  13. So how tough is it going to be to buy a Lefty Lure? I hear the lines are very long, start before it even opens and they're around $20. Any thoughts? I appreciate it.
  14. Where can I buy the Devron 30 minute epoxy?? Thanks.
  15. Here is a link to todays Asbury Park Press front page article on the Bunker Bill. http://www.app.com/app2001/story/0,21133,490025,00.html
  16. I guess I'm done also. The last couple times out have been cold and no fish, so I think I'll do some equipment maint. and dive into some plug building to pass the time. Looking forward to the Spring.
  17. Outdoor Sportman's Show show this weekend. Thurs-Sun. http://www.showoffice.com/sportscon/15annual.html
  18. Thank you to everyone!!!!!
  19. Isn't it ironic how we can spend tons of money on poles, reels, line, you name it, and you take someone with ya that has the "Snoopy Special", and they land a 32lb striper with ease. I was throwing away a pole I was given at age 10, it had rusty guides, and weighed a ton. It was maybe 6 feet long at best. Well Pops decided to keep it, put an O'l klunker of a reel on it, 14lb mono that was probably laying around for 12 years, and give it to the cousin from Penn, who never fished a day in his life for a striper. That reel had the worst drag you ever seen on it. I remember it wouldn't even work half the time, well, it did that day, and I had a good laugh at it. He went home with a 32 pounder bass that day, Me Nothing! I not saying cheap stuff is better, I just think it's funny that the crap I was throwing away turned out to work so well for someone who didn't know the difference.
  20. I kept only "1" fish this year. It was 2 days before Christmas and I wanted fresh bass for the table. I can only take a guess at how many I cught, but I think it's in the range of 140, maybe more. From now on I'm keeping track by writting it down on the calendar next to were I hang my pole after each trip. I think I only had about 18 over 28 inches. with the largest this season around 25 pounds. Here is a shot of me and the 1 fish I kept this Year. It weighed in at Captain Bills, Belmar at 19.09lbs. I caught it on a home made light green teaser. December 22, 2001, Long Branch area. I appreciate stripers so much, and it makes me very happy to know I'm doing my part to preserve their lives. Catch,Photo,Release works great for me.
  21. I'd love to try those babies out, Thanks and count me in.
  22. Smelly Jelly on plastic baits is awesome! Smear some on a plastic shad the next time the bite has slowed up. It work like a charm! It masks the smell of the rubber a bit and any human smells are covered up. Just my opinion, but I love the stuff. Sometimes just a little on a plastic bomber will really attract them as well.
  23. Kudos to Dan, I also had one of the best striper meals I ever had last night: Here is what I did. Dan's Recipe as best I could remember it, Man it was delicious!!! 3 filets in a baking dish pour 1 can of red clam sauce over them. cook in oven, uncovered, at 375 to 400 for about 35 - 40 min. Serve over linguinie. It's AMAZING!!!!!!!
  24. Unbelievable Day, NO JOKE!!!!!! Saturday was one of the best days of striper fishing I've ever had. We filled a camera with shots of our fish, I can't wait to see them. I have no idea how many fish we landed, but it was a steady pick from 8am till 3pm. Some of the fish that followed up our fish we were reeling in had to be 35, maybe 40 lbs. I kept only 1 fish this season and I have to say it was an awesome catch for me. I nailed it on a little teaser in front of a rubber shad. It weighed in at Captain Bills at 19.09lbs, and it certainly wasn't the largest fish I had that day. I can't wait to see those pictures. I started to measures some of the fish I was getting, but when they were all larger than the YARD stick, I figured why bother! Dan and I had a day that we'll remember for many years. It was AMAZING!!!