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  1. (1) Penn 6500 SS $75 "SOLD" (1) Penn 712Z $40 "SOLD" (1) 8ft Ugly Stick, Spin, 2piece, model BWS 1100, M action, 10 -25lb. $40 (2) 6.6ft Ugly Sticks, Spin, 1 piece, model SP 1101, MH action, 8 - 20lb. $25 each "SOLD" (1) 7ft Ugly Stick, Cast, 1 piece, model BWC 1120, MH action, 12 - 20lb $35 "SOLD" All equipment is in very good condition. New stuff took it's place over the past couple years. Here's a few pics. [This message has been edited by JayC (edited 01-09-2003).] [This message has been edited by JayC (edited 01-09-2003).] [This message has been edited by JayC (edited 01-10-2003).] [This message has been edited by JayC (edited 01-12-2003).]
  2. LOL!!! Yea, I fished with it the first 2 years but I was a baby with it. I always washed it up nice and gave it some lube. "HeeeHeeeee, I said Lube!" Then I got sucked into the braided line by you guys and found it to be a little bothersome on the Penns, especially at night when I can't see what I'm doing. I then found you talking about the Shimano Stradic's and their braid friendly-ness, a few years ago. I bought one, tried it, loved it, and yes, I take good care of it too. I replaced my Penns with them for spinning gear and I have No Problem's Mon! Thanks for the hints and good advice along the way! Jay
  3. Here's a couple more shots of the Penn 6500 SS for ya "jwebber9"
  4. Thanks guys, If anyone is interested in the Penn 6500 SS reel or the 8ft Ugly Stick spinning rod they're still available. Just PM me any offers. Thanks again, Jay
  5. Thanks guys for you support. I sent you all PM's Jay
  6. Beautiful work. Love the paint jobs. MrPogie, I'm drooling on my keyboard. Very inspiring!!!
  7. The best part about the original, the one without the trebble hook" is it's ability to work through a rocky bottom without getting stuck. I love the full rubber nose and bottom. There is nothing to catch onto it. I picked up a number of stripers working through the rocky bottoms of inlets and jetty tips. I'm sure I wouldn't want a trebble hook on the bottom for that application. What I think would be really nice to have is a stinger hook built instide the tail of the lure so everytime a small blue bites the tail off, I get to reel him in, instead of just feeling the quick nip and there goes another tail. I can't tell you how many times that happened this fall. Those blues just wouldn't go away.
  8. So in 10 - 20 years all of our present Penn Reels will be collector items?
  9. Oh yea, I have the boot foot ones, It's just easier that way. They have a felt bottom, and it's pretty cool. No problem throwing Korkers on them either, but I tend not to do that. I wonder what the lace up boot foot ones are like. Possible a little more support. I tried neoprene, but I didn't like the wet suit type feeling, and I wanted to tuck my sweatshirt in and I felt like a big fatso with the neoprene on. Good luck.
  10. definitly go with breathables. I've had 2 pairs of the cheap rubber ones and they both were around $50, Both lasted a year or 2. I consistently washed them off with fresh water after each trip and hung them to dry, but both cracked in the seams of the crotch and legs where they were glued together. I made the jump to Orvis breathable, around $180 and Man am I happy with them. You can get them cheaper breathable brands from Cabella's or Bass Pro Shops, but I wanted the 4 year warrante, in case anything goes wrong. I figure I was spending that much in replacements year after year anyway, but the breathables are a major step up. They are cool in the spring, and to stay warm in the cold of December, just get a $19 pair of fleece lined pants from target and you'll be toasty warm. I've been out in 19 degree weather this winter and the fleece pants and breathable waders were perfect. The best part about them is you don't feel like your wearing waders. You can move around very easy. It's not like the rubber ones where you feel like you're buldozing your way through the sand. I took the advise on getting the breathables from the guys on SOL. Sure glad I went that route.
  11. I picked up a couple shorts at dusk yesterday. Lots of bait in the water. The way the water was moving I'd guess it was sandeels. Bass were holding right on the bottom underneath the wiggly water. Happy Holidays to all.
  12. Hey Tim, Are you selling the new Laptew Video in the online store?
  13. 98 was a great year, best I can remember in the last 5 years. I hope we have another 98 Fall run one of these years. I can dream can't I?
  14. I was one of the crazies out last night too. Had one quick hit that's it. My buddie got a short, but that wasn't enough to justify the trip last night. I wasn't cold except for my casting hand, since it had to keep coming out of it's glove to change lures and apply some smelly jelly. That's the first I can remember seing ice balls on my line and guides, not to mention the ice build up on my waders. Burrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
  15. One fish in the SFZ last night around 10:30, not a sole in sight. Fished the SR inlet briefly, then a bit north. Didn't get anything else, and again, not a sole in sight.
  16. Thill, Nice and healthy looking fish. I gotta get out there, sitting at this desk is killing me. Nice Fish!
  17. Yea, Boat was trecherous in those breakers. Too scary for catching blues, but I know I saw some bass in there.
  18. I pulled out my Laptew videos last night so I could see something over 22 inches with stripes. Nothing but a short or two for me so far. I hope it will get better this comming week, it's starting to feel more like fall fishing outside. I hope the fish feel the same.
  19. I've had 2 pairs of the rubber type with the boots attached, and they have both been repaired for leaks. I liked them, but I think I need a change from rubber, since my last pair broke open at the seam after 2 months of use. I always hose them off and hang them in my basement or garage. Both places I let them dry are insulated and I don't consider them cold enough to crack the rubber, but that's what it looks like happened. The original ones were 4 years old and my latest only a few months. Both were around the $50 range. I looked at the Pro Line neoprene last night and they're OK, but I think the spandex thing is a tough one for me to get over. I don't think I like the wet suit fit. I also looked at the Hodgman breathables and I like them, but I can't find them with the boots attached. Is there any pro's or con's to having to wear wading boots? I have no experience with them. Maybe they're good for me since I could keep my Korkers atached to my wading boots at all time, and use them even if I don't wear my waders. How are the breathables on warmth? I fish NJ surf 90% of the time and sometimes in January. The rubber ones blocked the wind well and I was never cold in them. Is there such a wader that's not spandex like that isn't rubber, that has a boot attached and I may be able to find them locally in NJ in a size 12? What do you guys prefer when it comes to waders and why?
  20. Just wanted to say thanks for all your good advice. My ORVIS Clearwater Breathable Bootfoot Waders were on my front steps last night when I came home. I absolutly love them. They fit great and are even better than I expected. I Hope to get out this weekend and test them out. I can't believe the difference in the comfortable fit they have as compared to my old rubber ones. I'll be able to run down the beach if I want, rather than bulldoze my way through the sand. Thanks again! I didn't realize they came with Felt Soles, but I don't think it's going to matter. I did a search here and found lot's of good reports for the felt soles being used on the sand and surf. It's funny, when I posted them being sold out, it's because the customer service person told me that over the phone, I was really puzzled since I called ORVIS directly. I was thinking, That's like Hershey running out of Chocolate. So I ordered them after I hung up with them on their site, since the site said in stock and available for delivery, and sure enough, they showed up the next afternoon.
  21. If it helps.... I get my brass grommets in 1/4 inch at Home Depot. I've had them on my lures I use in the salt for about a month now and no sign of rust yet. I think you get about 24 grommets for under $2.
  22. Would you believe I called Orvis and they are completely SOLD OUT of this model. I'm bumming unless I can find them locally.
  23. I found some local stores, thanks.
  24. Know of any stores in the Monmouth County area selling these bad boys?