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  1. Passing this along for a friend and a good cause: The Bayshore Watershed Council is seeking volunteers to help install a new osprey platform along Raritan Bay on Sunday, March 25, 2018. We will meet at 7am at Lakeside Manor located near NATCO Lake in Hazlet Township. We plan to relocate the old osprey platform from NATCO Lake to a better nesting site along the edge of Raritan Bay. The early meeting time corresponds to an early morning outgoing tide. Low tide is around 9:30am. In order for this event to happen. We will need about 15 to 20 volunteers. As the nesting pole is heavy, plus there are other tools to carry and we need a person to videotape the event. Date: Sunday, March 25, 2018 Time: 7:00am Meeting Location: Lakeside Manor parking lot near the entrance to NATCO Lake Park in Hazlet Township on Highway 36. GPS address: 410 NJ Highway 36 Hazlet NJ 07730 We need at least 15 to 20 volunteers to help carry a nesting platform and pole, carry tools, dig holes, or take pictures and video. Please bring knee boots, hip or chest waders to wear and a pair of work gloves. Conditions will be muddy and wet. Please bring a post-hole digger, shovels, and rope.
  2. Habitat For Humanity a volunteer organization would like to sell a lathe locally in Long Branch NJ for $100. I can put you in contact with them if anyone is interested. Just wanted to pass on the info. All proceeds benefit local Sandy Repair efforts
  3. saw a few fish break the surface last night in the SFZ and some of that cool glowing algie in the water as I walked onto the bars. No fishy fishy for me though
  4. 2 weeks ago, around 6:30, right before a 3 day storm.....Hit the lure right as it hit the surface. Near a rock pile. Man this fall is SLOW!!
  5. Caught a short last night around 6:30pm in Monmouth County. I didn't see any bait or other signs of life.
  6. Looking to unload some stuff so I can buy a new yak, I know it's a lot to sift through, but please have a look.... (1) Penn 550SG used, and in good shape. $50 or B/O...SOLD (1) Penn 5500SS used, and in good shape. $50 or B/O...SOLD (1) Penn 965 with Power Handle and regular handle. filled with line, but never used. Kept as a backup $180 or B/O (1) Penn 975 LD spooled, but never used. Kept as a backup $220 or B/O (1) Explorer Surf Bag, NEW, 2 Rows of connected tubes, side pouch and side planno holder with shoulder strap. $35...SOLD (1) Planno box, fits in surf bag side pocket, comes with assorted clips, swivels, 3 jigs, 3 teasers, and a few odds and ends in there, NEW $5...SOLD Bomber assorted lures, NEW(black, chicken scratch, schoolbus, chrome side-black back, chartruse, red head, large black, large chrome sides-black back, golden yellow) $5 each (3 hook discontinued versions) Pending Sale. to BaconFat...SOLD Assorted used lures (Yo-Zuri popper, red hed cotton cordell, rattle traps, poppers, different sized plugs)$SOLD (1) Very Large Crocodile Jig $5...SOLD (36) tied fluke hooks on leaders. size 3/0 $SOLD (2) NEW Pink Fin-s packs $4 (2) NEW large black Power Bait Grub packs $4 (2) NEW Tsunami rigged shads, like Storm Lures. $SOLD (3) loose shads(black/pearl, custom fish printed on body, custom fish printed on larger shad) $6 for all (7) Assorted jigs with salt shakers and fin-s bodies $SOLD (1) NEW pack of circle hooks 5/0 Gamakatsu $SOLD (1) NEW Rapalla Super Shad Rap $5 (1) NEW Rapalla rattle trap $2 (1) Power Stone, battery operated hook sharpener. $5 (3) NEW Packs of lunker lights.$1...SOLD (2) NEW TakTix plastic plugs (red head, and silver side-black back-red belly) w/VMC hooks $3 each...SOLD I know I have missed some things, so if you see something you like, feel free to point it out to me. Shipping will be whatever it's actual cost is plus a couple dollars for a box. mutual pick up spots can always be arranged as well to bypass any shipping costs. Thanks SOL Everything is SOLD excpet the 2 Penn International reels(975LD, and 965), fin-s, a few other bags of black grubs, a new Black bomber, Silver side black back bomber, golden sides bomber, super shad rap, and a couple rattle traps. I'm going to shut his thread down on Monday, and maybe relist the bombers and Maybe the Penn 975LD, I think I'm keeping the 965, I just like it too much to let it go. Thank you everyone! [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2195733/width/519/height/410] [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2195737/width/413/height/386] [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2195740/width/579/height/385][img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2195744/width/600/height/387][img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2195748/width/600/height/409] [ATTACHMENT=2439]Spinners.jpg (5,618k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2440]Penn960s1.jpg (5,684k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2441]Penn960s2.jpg (5,775k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2442]Assorted1.jpg (5,876k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2443]Assorted2.jpg (5,855k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2444]Assorted3.jpg (5,745k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2445]Planno.jpg (5,549k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2447]SurfBag.jpg (5,878k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  7. Looking for a Tarpon Sit on top 120 kayak. If anyone has anything similar, I'm all ears.....Basically looking for a descent 12ft model I can use in the lakes and maybe along the beach or bay on a calm day. Thank you
  8. Is it similar to the native watercraft manta ray 12 sit on top kayak that comes up on a Google search? What color? What's your asking price?? Do you have any pics? Thank you :-)
  9. Anyone? I was hoping someone was looking to upgrade...I'll head to the stores this weekend.Thanks
  10. Everything is SOLD excpet the 2 Penn International reels(975LD, and 965), fin-s, a few other bags of black grubs, a new Black bomber, Silver side black back bomber, golden sides bomber, super shad rap, and a couple rattle traps. I'm going to shut his thread down on Monday, and maybe relist the bombers and Maybe the Penn 975LD, I think I'm keeping the 965, I just like it too much to let it go. Thank you everyone!
  11. My Best offer is $75 for the pair, and I can meet you in Monmouth County, I live in Ocean Twp, Thanks!
  12. Cool, this year we have to get out together and catch some fish.
  13. thienpham: I can do that. You got it. Send me a PM to coordinate, and thanks!
  14. Absolutely....I'll throw a little something extra in for ya. I think I have more hooks in packs like the ones you bought. Thanks Tom!
  15. Monmouth County, it's yours if you want it. pm me your address, paypal ok?
  16. Reduced prices and added more pics. Thanks for looking.
  17. Josh, Could you circle the bombers and rebel that you want? I just want to make sure the 1st guys here didn't already grab them. The 7) Assorted jigs with salt shakers and fin-s bodies $10 are definitly yours! Thanks!
  18. ZMKM, they're yours! Send me a PM and I'll talk to you soon. Thanks Again!
  19. Bacon...they're yours. PM me, and we can meet up. Tfisher...they're yours. PM me and we can swap info. Thank you Anyone else? Got some nice things here...
  20. Found this for the "saltiga s-extreme" For the first time a jigging reel made for Australia, designed in collaboration with Daiwa Japan and Daiwa Australia, the Saltiga S-Extreme spinning reels represent the ultimate jigging reel. Taking the best of the best features from the extensive range of Saltiga spinning reels to build one new high performance series for Australia, the new Saltiga S-Extreme is Daiwa’s best heavy duty spinning reel. Incorporating Daiwa’s famous engineering technology, the Saltiga S-Extreme series utilizes the strongest gearing in the world, Hyper Digigear, made from C6191 marine bronze which is digitally cut for perfect meshing and incredible strength. With the ultimate in gear design, reels like this need to be backed up by one of the strongest smoothest drag systems featured in any reel available today. Sealed for performance and protection, the newly developed for Australia only, S-Extreme hyper tournament wet drag system, exudes upwards of an incredible 30 kilograms of pressure on the 6500 size and 10kg on the 4500 size with ease. For increased cranking power the S-Extreme reels feature a new improved handle design and machined custom jigging ball knob for increased power and comfort. These amazing reels just need the ultimate rods, designed to match the performance of the new reels, these awesome new rods. For the best performance money can buy the new Saltiga S-Extreme spinning reels are guaranteed to set the new standard of ultimate performance. Saltiga GAME Features: Digigear™ — Digitally designed stainless and bronze alloy gears Dual, full-time Infinite Anti-Reverse Zero Friction Mainshaft design for smoother, more powerful retrieve Nitrided lip Twist Buster® line twist reduction Oversized, Titanium Nitrided, ball bearing line roller Rigid aluminum alloy body, sideplate and rotor Tubular stainless Air Bail™ Ultra-tough, machined aluminum alloy handle 14 ball bearings plus roller bearing Bail lock prevents handle and rotor turning during a cast Machined ABS aluminum spool with Titanium Manual bail rip for reliability Sealed, water-resistant drag and body Digigear® Digital gear design ensures a perfect mesh. Air Bail Strong, hollow-stainless Air Bail™ smoothly transfers line to massive Twist Buster® roller. Heavy-gauge, ultra-precision components. Model Number Action FW / SW Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per Handle Turn (cm/inch) Wt. (gram/oz.) Line Capacity ( PE/ m) Drag Max (kg) Heavy Action Spinning Reels S-EX 4500Z - / MH 13BB, 1RB 4.9 : 1 94/37.0 570/20.10 PE 3/300m, 4/220m 10 S-EX 6500Z - / MH 13BB, 1RB 4.3 : 1 101/39.76 820/28.92 PE 5/500m, 6/400m 30 S-EX 4500H MAVERICK - / H 13BB, 1RB 5.7 : 1 108/42.51 570/20.10 PE 3/300m, 4/220m 10 S-EX 6500H MAVERICK - / H 13BB, 1RB 6.2 : 1 142/55.90 830/28.92 PE 5/500m, 6/400m 30