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  1. Thanks pm sent. Closing this thread
  2. Great pair for the start at the season. $24 shipped
  3. Are the jig n eels and the crystal minnows still available?
  4. Weekend bump! $40 shipped for both remaining pencils
  5. Sorry bud, almost forgot about this thread. Pencil in yours for $20 shipped. Or take both for $30
  6. Sorry but gonna let it sit for a bit. I'll keep you posted tho.
  7. Pogie goes to Joel. Thanks pm inbound Still $25 each or both for $45 shipped
  8. Bump $35 shipped
  9. Sold to inbound
  10. Both new. Carried but not thrown. Afterhours is the blue pencil and yozuri is the pink and yellow over white. Take both for $40 shipped. PayPal only please
  11. Gibbs pencils new in package. Just took em out for pics. Canal special is 3 1/8oz. Pogie is 2 3/4 and the redhead is 2 3/4oz. $25 each or the whole lot for $70 shipped. PayPal only please.
  12. That's cool, pm coming.
  13. Consider trading for a used Vr175? If not no worries, good luck with sale.