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  1. I used the vr50 for two seasons with no problems; it’s a great reel.
  2. I’ll take: Penn Ande Plano
  3. Sold
  4. Sounds good. I’ll pm you.
  5. $200 is the lowest I’ll go.
  6. How about $250
  7. Rod is in beautiful shape (the photos my wife Objection loaded up may not do it justice). Rod was used a handful of times and fresh water rinsed after every use. I paid $380 new.
  8. I’m in NJ often. Teaneck area. Where are you?
  9. Real beauty. Throws light stuff a mile (slight execration). Excellent condition. 1 piece, so no shipping. In White Plains - can meet up within reason. Not graphene model. Looking for $295 Will post photos if interest. Thanks
  10. Where in NJ? 1piece?
  11. Have one. Photos posted on locked thread below looking for Blitz Bag
  12. I have on in very good shape I’ll let go for $100
  13. Take em
  14. As you can see, it’s in pretty excellent shape. Never dunked. How about $100 PP shipped