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  1. Make an offer; it doesn’t have to be respectful, just not insulting.
  2. Can’t do $250. Can do $295
  3. Only price drop; $295
  4. Thanks, but looking for cash to fund another purchase.
  5. I’ll take it. I can go to SI this weekend.
  6. Never used. Asking $325
  7. Deal done with hhager23 and beatonem.
  8. I think that could work. We just need to work out the particulars.
  9. I pretty much have everything covered, but I’ve never fished a CTS. What do you have?
  10. Price drop $295
  11. I’ll ship, but it may take me a few days to get it together.
  12. I’d be interested in a trade, but I have the 1325 rod type covered. What else do you have?
  13. About 17”
  14. Obviously, reel not included in sale.
  15. I bought the rod used, and the finish looked worn. Howard stripped it down, re-wrapped the same guides since they were perfect and put a new finish on it. He did a great job. I’ll post photos but I’m sure they won’t do it justice.