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  1. If I can ship for under $25, you have a deal at $375.
  2. When I get home tomorrow, I’ll check if I have a shipping tube. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the offer, and I’d like to make a deal, but shipping will be a real pain. The rod is 70/30 split.
  4. 24” from butt to reel stem
  5. No. Never.
  6. Built by Narrow River Custom Rods 3/4 - 4oz Only used a handful of times. Always rinsed. Excellent condition - a beauty. Asking $400 Westchester, CT, L.I., NYC
  7. PP sent. Thanks
  8. I’ll take “Kyak Fisherman”
  9. Going to be in Queens today with cash if you’re interested in meeting up.
  10. I have a Lamiglas RA1084-2, I’d be willing to trade with added money.
  11. Black Hole East Coast Special 10' rated 2-6oz. It's perfect for what you want and in your price range. I really like it. Good luck.
  12. Venmo ?
  13. I have one. Where are you?