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  1. Like what? I've been struggling with this question. I live on the N shore of Mass. I haven't seen Blues constistently in my area in 8 years. Winter flounder from a pier? I've tried it no luck. Saw a black sea bass caught once six years ago. Actually got some fluke one hot summer 7 years ago. Mackerel get scarce from shore from June-September. So what species could I target for dinner from shore? I think a striper moratorium may be warranted but with the idea of getting it back to a harvestable population.
  2. A manta ray washed up in Salem Ma a decade ago so I'm sure the occasional bull wanders up here when the currents and weather allow.
  3. It was almost assuredly an Alewife. I've gotten them mixed with shad. They fight pretty good and targeting them with the lightest of gear would be kinda fun if it were legal. The size difference between Alewife and Shad is striking. You won't see a Shad as small as an alewife on the spawning run.
  4. They head deep before migrating to the Bay of Fundy. You can find Hickory Shad inshore throughout the summer. They seem to be increasing in numbers in these parts.
  5. Large Sea Herring, Silversides and Macks south of Cape Anne.
  6. Thats true but guys have been catching. I'm gonna start trying tides that would normally be considered bad. I think the high water may be affecting how things fish.
  7. Or the best if the winds not bad. I like dark skies for shad.
  8. I've seen them on the Plum Island refuge this time of year. They look like flying skunks.
  9. Catch and release only but the indian head river in Pembroke has a shad run. The Charles has a burgeoning shad run as well. Couple years ago I was watching 30 lb striper murder 5 lb shad trapped in the Charles Locks.
  10. Ah that makes sense. Looking at the reports on SOL and the fishing magazines I was under the impression numbers were up across the board. But I can easily imagine how the small runs are still struggling.
  11. Why were they expecting a decline? It seemed like the runs had been taking off the last few years.
  12. They allready had an episode on Merrimack Shad in season six. I've never seen it, I'm hoping it gets posted on youtube soon. Judging by how they've been developing their youtube page season six will be up in the next few months.
  13. Out of curiosity what were the other 5 species?
  14. I go there all the time. From the opposite shoreline. Good place to find a mix of schoolies, macks, and Hicks this time of year.
  15. Nice! The shellfish part would be awesome. I've been wanting to do that but the permitting process has deterred me.