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  1. I was at an inlet north of Salem last night. 3 schoolies at the bottom of the outgoing. Not lights out but also not a great tide at that spot.
  2. I got a good enough look to see something silver with a forked tail. First thought was Blues but I ran a popper over them to no avail. Then thought maybe something crazy like a bonito ( which had been caught in the area). Tried burning in a tin but no luck. I've seen Hicks feeding like that before and I'm fairly certain that's what they were. Also it was centered around balled up bait, not the random jumpings of sturgeon that scare the crap out of me on a moonless night.
  3. PI sound has been ice cold for me this month. This weekend I saw large schools of what I think were juvinile sand eels. Something feeding on them jumping clear out the water that I think were Hickory Shad. If that gives you any ideas? Juvi herring should be dumping out of the river systems and passing through but I didn't see any.
  4. Running Silver discusses the lifecycle and fate of river herring pretty thoroughly.
  5. I think a lot of places are getting rough and the police are reacting to that. Well some places at least. I fish Salem at night often, never been bothered by police. I stick to public parks or beaches and it seems fine. But all the people using drugs and drinking in public I see don't seem to be getting bothered either, so there is a trade off. The places I fish used to be empty 5 or so years ago, now they're practically drug dens.
  6. About 8 years ago my dad caught two on chunk mackerel, at night, during a full moon in a marsh system north of Boston. We tried but never managed to find them again. It would be some consolation if the same warming waters that are driving off the Cod and Winter Flounder attracted Fluke and Sea Bass...
  7. Not fishing related but I was reading a book about the Pacific war, it mentioned how fire in the water was a hazard to American ships operating at night. It would give away their position to the Japanese who were superb at night surface actions.
  8. I dont think it penetrated far. The story is it's a 6'6" CRB pink blank for my daughter. Rated 1/4-3/4 oz. The heaviest application would be lake trout from shore, and schoolie striper. I don't anticipate her cathing anything that would make it bend at the handle. I was trying to get an eva rear grip into place and got stuck. I cut it off with a razor. Despite being fully aware not to cut too deep, I still managed to leave a cut on the blank. There was no resistance. I had cut 6 inches off the butt and tested cutting that piece with a razor. I have to apply a fair amount of pressure in order to get any real penetration into the blank so I think my cut is superficial and I may have overreacted.
  9. I'm relatively new at this. I accidentally cut the blank vertically. It's in a spot where I can hide the cut under the reel seat. I would think that once slathered in epoxy and protected in the handle assembly it should be serviceable. My question is is it will it be? Or is the blank forever compromised? Am I better off getting a new blank?
  10. I've used google maps to target and mark productive spots on large featureless beaches. Also comes in handy for accessing depth charts when your on the move.
  11. The current rips through there pretty good. I think you'd have to be an elite swimmer to pull that swim off on a beautiful day in July, let alone in those conditions.
  12. Listen, it's obvious that the striper quota wasn't met because the commercial guys suck at fishing. DMF needs to make it as easy as possible for them. Commercial fishing 7 days a week, river herring harvest for commercial guys only and the recreational share cut in half. DMF knows damn well those fish are out there, it's just that those clueless commercials can't catch a fly....
  13. Nope not for me. The fun police are out in force for the district I work for...
  14. Was the attack provoked? Yes we placed an oil embargo on Japan. They needed to secure more oil reserves in order to continue their war in China. Was the embargo justified? Yes, the U.S. was never happy about Japan's assault on China but the embargo came after news of the rape of Nanking. Did the U.S. expect retaliation? Yes, but we underestimated Japan's reach and boldness.
  15. As a recreational fisherman I think it is year round. I have gotten them on small sabikis off of docks under Mackerel this time of year. Delicious fish.