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  1. Ok, I’m heading out tomorrow to Bristol, any and all local reports will be appreciated, I’m also hearing that Bonito are in the area, any good hot spots to look at
  2. Five days, mostly with the family but my son and I will get some fishing in.
  3. Thanks, will try.
  4. I know where I’m going
  5. I forgot to mention the dates, July 19-23, will there be Bonito around.
  6. Thanks, July 19-23
  7. I had to switch my annual trip to Block Island, we will be staying in Bristol instead, are there fish in the harbor and can someone direct me in the general direction of some public accessible fishing areas, conventional rod and reel and will be trying out my new two handed fly rod.
  8. Thanks, I’m actually more concerned with parking and access than hot spots, fish move, there one day, gone the next, thanks again.
  9. Hey, I live upstate NY and do all of my Fall fishing on the western south shore of Long Island, looking to take my kid to Jersey tomorrow to do some fishing, being well aware of the spot burning and all that, will someone direct me to a public beach with parking, via PM will work, I don’t mind scouting, done it for years, it time and weather limits that this time of the year, thanks. If you’re into fly fishing for Wild Trout, I can help you out
  10. Fish only, closer to water and a good fishing spot the better, bringing a flyrod too.
  11. Looking to hit the Cape next week, first time going and would like recommendations for locations with hotel to fish
  12. How much or link to ad.
  13. $100-$200, I wouldn’t mind a used one either.
  14. Hey guys Flyfisherman here, I recently got back into saltwater and the surf can be a little bit of a pain in the ass with a Flyrod as far as distance of fish and wind conditions. I own an Okuma 9’ and reel that I bought as a combo for about $100’, the rod feels like a broom stick and I’m not happy with the distance that it cast, I’m looking to upgrade to something to cast 2-3oz plugs and such, preferably just a rod as I’m pretty happy with the reel. I am looking at an Ugly Stick but welcome any recommendations, thanks.
  15. I have a Galvan Grip 8 with a 9wt. Intermediate line and a blank warranty card and a Sage Approach 9wt 4 piece lightly used. I have a Thomas and Thomas Exocet 10 wt. so I need to get rid of one. $600. I am also willing to trade for two handed set up of equal value.