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  1. Manhandled aboard a record sturgeon twice the previous record, took time to tag and take pictures, awing at its size before (presumably) manhandling it overboard.
  2. "Conservation" crew huh? Sure looks like they did an awful lot to hinder a healthy release, but i've no idea how tough Sturgeon are.
  3. BLM website said they were "donations to charity" yet in an aired interview she said "BLM is not a charity".
  4. It now casts infinitely quieter! I now realize why the test casts stripped off the taped on guides (i think)...when pulling the line off the reel to thread it through the guides, it was binding hard on itself. The fresh Fireline (14#) is rather stiff and more flat than other, true braids. Coils were likely somewhat overlapping just a bit? No issues during or after actual use, having softened a bit.
  5. I"d sure like to wrap a rod in snakeskin.
  6. thinking out loud...could it be block sanded straight, and once rotating with wet epoxy, use a credit card super-carefully as a straight edge to push the epoxy down flat? Possibly, just before it starts to set, coat the card in alcohol and do another quick pass (although that could quickly go awry, overworking the epoxy when it can no longer self level.)
  7. I'd love to get stoned then go shoot some fish. CA is pretty big. Different fisheries north/mid/south too.
  8. All i can catch are sand crabs...and at low tide, hermit crabs. Oh, caught a baby octopus on washed up kelp once.
  9. My biggest Striper ever (from a lake though) was only 22"....what's a guess for the weight of it?
  10. Without perfect concentricity of the seat, wrapping thread up to it might even make it more noticeable., a difference of 1/4" on a 3' part is less noticeable than 1/4" difference between 3" parts. I'd try epoxy only. Edited to add: based on no building experience, just thinking aloud.
  11. I got in a few test casts this weekend. It's infinitely quieter with the line flying through the guides now instead of beating their way through. Thanks for the input, folks.
  12. Cop should say he identifies as a woman, then report the cuffed one for hate crime assault.
  13. Probably a bad idea, but what about multiple thin strips? How visible are the seams when butted together? Would have been drop dead gorgeous had that first try worked.
  14. Would a true conical section with a straight taper be visually unappealing? It could allow for a better application of the abalone, but i can't imagine the stress in getting the two ends to align perfectly when only one single point of contact is the starting point.
  15. I'm overall pleased with the guide wraps, although the metallic was difficult to get the tag cleanly out and trimmed close at the end. I double, triple, quadruple checked all the guides, yet somehow managed to get the bottom two guides off-kilter and epoxied forever, crooked. This weekend's test cast will determine what happens next.