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  1. Is the window supporting the beam?
  2. I'm a nosy pixel peeper....what's that hanging below the table top? Nice fish too!
  3. Wouldn't wearing latex gloves while slathering on the sunscreen/ bug juice, rather than each and every time rigging bait, be more better?
  4. Another vote for 3m 5200.
  5. Losing conservative voters to TX, TN, etc doesn't help...gaining them votes back, can.
  6. We DO need more conservatives in Commiefornia, so please come here!
  7. The Ecoboost "could" go 200k easy if for one stupid design decision using o-ring coolant fittings for the turbos and in water pump/hoses, having low life span...and stupid maintenance recommended interval. The owners manual should say oil change at 4k. Then most of the VCT issues would be prevented. If Ford did theses two extremely low impact fixes, longevity would skyrocket and reputation soar.
  8. I've tried many rod to satisfy this weight range, and keep going back to my Lamiglas X11 8'6" 3/8-1oz. It's $100 and casts the farthest so far.
  9. Duplicate... ....this is the only site i visit that will post and not show it until click send a bunch of times.
  10. Eye opening, going to the range with 7 different makes of .22. 10rds into separate targets really shows what each gun likes. My Savage rifle likes Herters best, followed closely by Winchester Power-X. The Browning Buckmark liked Remington Golden Bullets. Worst were CCI Tactical. Enormously high misfire rate of at least one dud per magazine and tons of light loads.
  11. That wouldn't be enough. They want no guns, full tilt....actually, i wonder what percentage of the left is in silent opposition to the far left?
  12. Ah, thank you. I failed to see that there can be drawbacks to concealed. Eliminating the opportunity to choose best is an infringement. As a newcomer to the 2A family, my experiences and perspective is clearly different than folks whom were able to grow up in it.
  13. I'm thinking, best case scenario, is laws changed to concealed carry only. Could be a win-win. I'm curious if folks here would be against that, should it happen? Personally, i feel having a widely visible firearm makes you a target to a variety of very different issues. If i could carry here in Commifornia, i'd go concealed.
  14. Oh yeah, we swim the streams in summer and it is indeed very cold. Mostly it will be mild water with only occasional strong currents.
  15. Good to know about the importance of physically fitting out prior to purchase. I was hoping masks were like rods, where one could suggest a "Penn Battalion" of a mask...good bang for the buck but not a true budget item.