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  1. No... I've perused this site enough. I am a humble guy whom simply tosses a hook once in awhile, and feel that "here" is way too different from the communities of which I am used to. There is way more vitriol here in SOL in one day than an entire year in my other hobby.... So I'd like to exit, stage right.
  2. TimS... I messaged you earlier to delete my account here... I dunno how to do so otherwise. It's a weird draw, to look ahead to a nothingness one knows is there, yet keeps clicking on it. I no longer want to be associated with the online part of SOL...
  3. No, no it is not. I am a different person online versus real life. I post in two hobby is model airplanes and the internet has lots of info sharing. I joined SOL hoping for info, and have gotten pretty close to nothing....why am I here anyway? I dunno. I guess i should cancel myself.
  4. I will not, ever, recognize someone as a "youtube star". The internet is not real life, nor are the personas of actual people on the internet. I do not, and will not, have internet/cable available in my home with my 9yr old boy. The internet is not real life. He and I exist without even a passing thought of the home-internet (despite having it at his mother's house) because real life has too much to offer than "reality tv" could ever offer. ... Sorry for the tangent. Schools are suddenly asking our kids to be "wired in" and I won"t stand for it.
  5. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode...
  6. I'm struggling between the desire to know what areas are open to fishing if the right path is known, against spot burning. Locally, if people even stop to sit and look at the ocean, cops browbeat them against leaving germs for others.
  7. The number of cases are going up exponentually because the actual numbers of tests have increased exponentially. ... But come on, today, after all this craziness, San Francisco announced its FIRST death and of course he had many underlying health issue already. Sounds like a regular flu woulda done him in.
  8. Driving alone, to go fishing alone, under a gigantic diffusing atmosphere of open air with a breeze from the ocean, is surely the best thing do be doing at a time like this?
  9. Thank you for the info. I work about a mile away from a SCZ beach (which is also the closest from SJ) so I often fish the evenings there... Last summer i was catching dozens each trip, but have caught only one in 5 months. A new weekend spot (north) leaving from SJ is what I'm after, but certainly not asking for "spot info".
  10. It's an hour and a half just to get to Moss Landing without any traffic in the early A.M. I'm not at all liking a drive further south. San Jose is known for being only 4hours away from nearly any possible California ecosystem, which is not great for merely day trips. San Gregario is the next closest beach to try....i think.
  11. Ah, silly me. I was thinking stops along the way along hwy 280 from home. SCZ is 40 minutes from south SJ, then driving up the coast, which is more feasible now with tourist numbers lower. I need to check the maps as i know several areas are no-fishing zones. SCZ area has silly-flat beaches. Only one has significant "structure"... Another reason why i want to try more northerly beaches facing "open" ocean.
  12. "make a few stops on the way"... Whatcha mean?
  13. Anybody know if San Gregario is open? I haven't been there before and might give it a try. Seems to be no fish at all in my local waters around Santa Cruz.
  14. I've no idea... But i feel there is a gap in tools. Sometimes i've catefully tried prying with a sharp tool knowing it was foolish yet STILL cut myself. I've dug, reaching the angular limits of the digging tool and wished I'd had a "straight ahead" poking-type tool. My everyday job requires making tools to fit, sometimes, where the supposedly standard tool simply cannot work. ... And when the zombies are here, well.......
  15. That Ka-Bar would be sweet if not for that giant weak spot near the tip where the cord cutter is... Pricey too. Now an Abalone tool looks like JUST the ticket! If only i could handle one in person first... But it's far cheaper than the Ka-Bar. Thank you!