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  1. I fish live eels with 7/0 inline circles too and have not had any issues with gut hooking at all. I much prefer using circles now over J hooks, the fish are in a much better condition upon release and I feel like my hook-up ratio has increased if anything. Are you fishing a slack line?
  2. Fascinating stuff. I could imagine populations waxing and waning over decades or centuries, but a sudden crash unrelated to any broader scale environmental shift seems odd, until you remember the massive seine operations that existed back then. Now as was then, the culprit seems to be overfishing coupled with environmental degradation. Hard to believe rec fisherman alone could overfish bass back in the 1890's Also, pretty incredible that bass can reach 80-90 lbs + if left alone, I wonder how old that 120 lb fish was.
  3. I started using circle hooks with the new regs and have come to really love them. Not only do they hook themselves in the corner of the mouth 95% of the time, I feel like I lose less fish because I'm letting the hook do the work for me. I'll admit I was skeptical about using them, but the catch rate combined with MUCH the lesser incidence of gut hooking really seals it for me.
  4. I've seen guys clamming in Jamaica Bay which is a protected wildlife refuge that prohibits clamming, in full view of the Belt Parkway. Those shellfish are likely toxic. Absolutely no shame
  5. I've already begun my surfcasting season for 2021, I went down to a local creek and fished for herring, with limited success, but I did catch a few and it really was a rewarding experience overall. Are there any white perch around locally or are they more spread around LI? I'd appreciate any tips.
  6. I'll definitely be giving it my best shot this season, I hope to improve my fishing skills in the process.
  7. I use a tranx 200 reel and I love it for shallow water fluke, does really well with porgies, seabass and tog too.
  8. I stand corrected . . .
  9. Saw one in Jbay this year, just sitting there on the shoreline Bonus: Seen an osprey(I think?) flying with a bunker in its talons
  10. My main gripe is that the shoreline in Brooklyn has been so engineered that the soft structure that would consistently hold bait and fish are almost non existent. Take Coney Island for example, originally a barrier island with salt marshes on it's leeward side, is now almost completely artificial, the sandy bottom almost featureless, at least from the surf. This doesn't mean fish don't pass through, of course they do. But I would say it's not prime surfcasting locale. Contrast that with the beaches on Long Island, which are largely pristine, and retain the soft bottom structure that these fish use to hunt. Maybe I'm wrong, I would sure hope so.
  11. That's awesome, those are some nice catches. Any reason you use Squid/Shrimp instead of bunker? I fished at night maybe half a dozen times with a friend, we mostly caught dogfish with a sprinkling of bluefish. The one time I didn't go my friend caught a nice keeper bass, and this is in the middle of August, which is not the best month for bass in the NY Bight, especially from shore. For me, I think I want the added challenge, the hunt so to speak. It felt great to catch those blues from shore, and I think I'll dedicate some more time this season to learning my local shores.
  12. Well, I'm specifically talking about the Brooklyn shoreline. I live in South Brooklyn, so I'm very close to the water. I know full well what kind of fishing there is during the year.. from boat. I've only dabbled in surfcasting and am intrigued by what I could learn is all.
  13. I fished the bay a ton this year, and did pretty well. What I really want to know is whether surfcasting in my area is really worth trying, but I guess that's up to me to find out.
  14. I fish mainly from a boat. This year I had some repair work done in August and for a couple weeks tried my hand at surf fishing in the interim. I'm very familiar with my local waters, Rockaway Inlet and Gravesend/Jamaica bay and the various creeks. I even came across a bluefish blitz on peanuts in one of the back bay creeks. I fished at night a bunch of times, mostly with chunks and caught a couple blues among many many dogfish. I had a friend fish the same spot as I during August and he came up with a keeper bass, so I know they're around and targetable from the shore. I'd like to get more into surfcasting in Brooklyn, but I want to know if its a worthy endeavor. Would appreciate a pm if someone would like to discuss it in more detail. Thanks,