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  1. I guess I should provide an update. The problem seems to lie with the type of fluorocarbon line i was using. Seguar fluoro premier makes for a great leader material, its got stretch to it and has pretty good abrasion resistance, but makes a poor main line for a dropper loop. I suppose the softness of the line contributes to the knots weakness relative to other line types. I've since switched my bucktail rigs to regular blue label fluorocarbon, and with the same test line, the dropper loop knot integrity seems to hold up.
  2. Triggerfish Seabass Fluke
  3. Isn't sonar technology directly responsible for the overfishing we see in cod stocks? It's been going on for decades.
  4. Yeah i'm thinking adult banded rudderfish, never got one so big so the lack of bars confused me
  5. I think you might be right, adult banded rudderfish lose their black bars
  6. Caught this drifting a live peanut bunker. Bigger than any banded rudderfish i've caught, probably around 3-4 lbs Amberjack? Edit: Forgot to mention, this was caught in brooklyn NY
  7. Yeah i'm curious as well, i want to put 30 lb maxcuatro any idea hm it will hold?
  8. Seems like the consensus is that the knot strength is not suited to lighter lines. I still wonder, because like said above skinner uses 20 lb test without an issue. Is it how i'm tieing? Too many turns? This isnt to say i havent been landing big fish, just noticing more breakoffs this year. I prefer to use lighter lines as i feel it makes for a better presentation and helps me use lighter bucktails.
  9. What i mean is the most drag ill use inshore fishing is 7-10 lbs i use way less when fluke fishing
  10. At this point i think its the knot strength itself which is to blame, I've used 20lb flouro for big fish without a problem, i hardly use more than 7-10 lbs of drag at the most for inshore species anyways. I might just resort to using lighter drag settings and size up to a heavier leader in the future
  11. I'm not too terribly torn because at least i saw the fish, but i think i'll have to go upto a 25-30 lb leader. Still don't know how many turns are optimal, i've read that dropper loops have 50% knot strength? Especially when pulling from the loop itself?
  12. So this is what my dropper loops look like Too many loops? I've always heard that more loops = better knot strength, is that not the case?
  13. How weak is the dropper loop knot? I've lost a few fish this year by either the loop breaking or the knot failing. I'm using 20 lb seaguar fluoro in my bucktail rigs, the line itself is perfectly capable of handling big fish, but so far in 2018 i can count on both hands the amount of times either the knot or loop has failed. Am i just chit at tieing it? Is fluoro bad for this type of knot? The catalyst for this post is i lost what looked like a 10lb fluke boatside after it made a run and the dropper loop knot failed. By the way my dropper loops is the standard 8 turn before cinching down Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I was fluke fishing off of Coney Island last week, i saw multiple sturgeon jumping for what must have been about 2 hours straight.
  15. Sheepshead are becoming common enough in the NY Bight that its become feasible to target them. Looks like most species are shifting north for whatever reason, it may not be because of better water quality or habitat.