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  1. Finally some time to hit the beach.....been out of the game the last couple weeks and will be back this weekend and all next week. Whats the news?
  2. That was me until I met Chris and put his magic lures in my bag. Never in my life have I had 3 consecutive hook ups and fish but his stuff is truly a blessing and made it fun. Thanks Winch!
  3. Hit the spot I have been fishing the last couple days before work and had 3 fish literally on 3 consecutive casts . Had to take this one home as it was bleeding bad... Work and life schedule will not get me back out there until early next week.
  4. I thought I'm the only one that has that metal lip.....Nice one!
  5. Fished from 6:15 pm to around 7:30 pm yesterday. Managed to land 6 and harvested one because she was bleeding. I started throwing a Kastmaster because of tons of weed and for some reason I fish the salad better with the metal.
  6. Early limits. Actually fished the morning catching salmon and getting skunked on the beaches for Stripers. Weed everywhere yesterday.
  7. I was lucky I was leaving. Literally over a 100 people maybe more trying to register at the tent at around 615 am...
  8. I was invaded on the beach this morning with the Youtbe dude and his followers. WTF? Before the invasion 2 landed and released on Winch Pikie.....Stay away today its a zoo.
  9. Fished PM and Nada. I do have some leaking waders now and need to exchange. I have been using Patagonia Skeena River waders and need to exchange. What waders you all wearing?
  10. I love hearing this. Persistence and keep at it is the key. I have been fishing every day for the last several weeks. AM and PM today and I learn every day. Even when you don't catch fish you are learning. Good job brother.
  11. Was at it early today and fished from 5:30am to 8:30am. Caught 3 with the Winch magic plugs. Being the nob I dropped my I-phone XS max in the sand and and was lucky it survived. While trying to get this photo some dude took my spot and landed a nice one. Note to myself need to buy a Boga grip and something to weigh and measure these fish. Will be out again this afternoon and if you see the big guy with the big O hat its me. Thanks for all the tips and advice as I might be turning the corner and now have some confidence back.
  12. I will take it. Please send PM with Paypal details. Thanks!
  13. Would you have some pictures? How is the condition?
  14. Thank You Sir. Med Bag. Can hold 8-10 plugs Unlimited budget Location: San Francisco Bay
  15. Take your used ones,,,