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  1. Since I have moved to Florida please let the first person who asks have it. Thanks
  2. Thanks Herb Can you tell me if this the Tropical version?
  3. My name is John Collette and I use Rio Outbounds.....what weight is it? Since I have moved from Atlanta to Florida (and moved again) it could have been me.
  4. I don't know why I am following this inane thread,,,,,but I did count the total parts of both reels; Alutecnos= 26, Tibor=51, Over and out,
  5. I think you are beating this to death, there are no "fiddly bits" on this reel compared to the others mentioned....maybe half as many as on a Tibor, and I have never heard of drag knob detents freezing up as long as they are lubed,
  6. 0830 is asking for a comparison; Alutecnos vs Abel, Tibor and Islander, all of which cost considerably more. Also, Alutecnos is well known for top of the line big-game reels, and their engineering is as good as it gets for a draw bar reel, and execution, fit and finish is A-1
  7. Just google "alutecnos fly reel schematic". It is on line. Also, you may be able to purchase directly from the distributor in Miami,
  8. I first learned about these reels from the Just Reels site a few years ago, There they were touted as the equal of the reels you mention, After having used them for a season, they replaced my Abels and my Tibor, Fit and finish is as good as anything out there and engineering-wise a one way drag disc bearing replaces pawls, springs, etc, The discs, two are supplied; both cork and carbon, is flipped over to change retrieve direction, Parts and service are available from Alutecnos in Miami,
  9. I was fishing the jetty at Indian River Del some years ago. There must have fifteen guys crowding the tip throwing white bucktails, swimmers, live bait. It was a circus. One guy had a white bucktail with a big purple skirt and had a weakie on almost every cast. Everyone else was skunked.
  10. Been using the tropical version on two handed rods.....long lasting with no problems.
  11. Red Ball....what else?
  12. Failed to mention that I was not the original owner..........
  13. I broke the tip section of the original 7/8 surf rod and was told that tips were no longer available. Solution was to send me a new Opal 7/8 for $300 and the old rod.
  14. My interest in fly reel began recently compared to others on this post. The first purchase, based on appearance was a Fin Nor Fr 10 large arbor cork drag reel, due solely on the he Fin Nor history. Second was a Alutecnos 10 wt based on Jr Spey's recommendation on his Just Reels website. I really loved these reels and happily fished them in the Florida surf. Sadly, I bought into the ultra light weight, sealed drag, hi tech concepts and sold them for a couple of Lamsons. Lamsons are very good reel you understand, but f were simply uninvolved (but competent) fishing tools. I missed the occasional maintenance required, the elegant engineering and the beauty of those cork drag reels and finally realized that, for me, the pleasure of fishing with them was a bonus. I have since used Tibors and Abels, both of which are fine reels, but have searched out a pair of the original Fin Nor and Alutecnos models which are now my go to fishing tools. I would rate both, especially the Alutecnos (made in Italy by the folks that produce the highly rated big game reels) at least the equal of the current crop of highly regarded cork drag reels.
  15. Looking for a new or near new Alutecnos 10 or 12W
  16. Wore a pair of Costas with glass rx lenses for 20 years....had eye surgery and no longer could use the prescription lenses.....called Costa about replacing the glass and was told my frames were discontinued and lenses were no longer available. But....if I chose another frame they would send a new pair to me with upgraded 580 glass for $90. Can't beat that!
  17. I used to night fish at Sandy Hook in the 70's and we would often bring a beach lounge chair for a snooze while waiting for a tide turn. Usually dragged the chair up against the jetty rocks. Awaking to check my watch, I felt something around my legs, turned on my head light and saw a swarm of rats all around me and on my lap. Went crazy nuts screaming, tried to get up and landed on top of them. I actually wet my pants that night.....and never tried that again.
  18. ......stopped making AFAW or just discontinued the Universal mode.?
  19. OBS intermediate short....10 wt....blue/clear white running line.
  20. Depends on the Old Lady.......
  21. Does anyone remember Tod aka High Plains Drifter? He basically started the Mexican Pacific thing, touted these rods, and led groups to El Rinconcito for epic rooster trips.
  22. You are right about Steve Austin.....I bought mine from him! I also remember Tommy Farmer, a long distance caster was involved in importing them.
  23. Slurp em down raw with lemon juice and a little red sauce.