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  1. Bloods or grass shrimp. I live there. PM me.
  2. I think you really like the word "racist".
  3. A positive would be being able to borrow underwear from a neighbor. I think.
  4. Stop.....I’m getting turned on.
  5. Florida is too fun. Easy catching for us up north. I crushed the guys when we reef fished. Captain said “Damn you’re quick...”. I asked if they’ve ever tried to catch a tautog. Obvious answer was “no”.
  6. I need a new rod.....and I’m not man enough to make a decision on my own.
  7. Already has. It's either going to be a hair on fire day or, meh....nothing to see here.
  8. Excellent!
  9. He's much more than that. Check out the video of him and the late Jason Hairston of Kuiu. Stone sheep hunt at serious altitude. Hunting at it's most extreme.
  10. Adding another element of division? Honestly not really needed IMO. One side will be full of whining, complaining and finger pointing. The other side saying “I told you so....”
  11. Remember when Democrats were all about border security?
  12. There is no political issue with a wall. I doubt very seriously all fence/barrier/wall companies align behind one set of ideals, except....read it slowly.....keeping things in or out. Pretty simple really. Mostly it’s those that have nothing to protect that are against walls or barriers. Just saying.
  13. To a degree IMO. The other being the huge increase in scholarships particularly in the female sports. The HS I graduated from has a girls field hockey and lacrosse teams that are 8 or 9 time state champs....in a row. All those girls are writing their tickets. Some girls are sporting 8 rings for being duel sport athletes. My daughter is 10, soon to be 11. Second high scorer on her co Ed soccer team, high scorer both times she played club field hockey (only times she's played), and was my high scorer on the "boys" lacrosse team last year. I'm going to let her surf, skim and skateboard until her little hearts content. I fully expect her to play college athletics...if not, no biggie, she gets A's too.
  14. We were already rigged. Surprisingly enough I still had the same lure the next morning.