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  1. Delaware Saltwater Fly Anglers. Great bunch of guys that know their stuff.
  2. Snuck out on a beer run. Caught one decent largemouth. The #4 Willow leaf Hog Killer spinnerbait has been doing it. I lost a huge one in the rain a couple weeks ago on the same bait. That was after catching four at another spot. Not sure what it is, but it’s consistent. Had to repaint the head already. Definitely prefer cloudy/partly cloudy days.
  3. Trout are definitely in. Wouldn’t touch a damn thing so we went old school with the seine net. Kids had a blast. Turned loose dozens. We’ll eat.
  4. Damn she's pretty.....
  5. So considering you haven't caught one in a dozen years, we're doing pretty good.
  6. I grew up on trout. It was one of the things we would wait all year for. Many fond memories of pitching worms like freshwater bass fishing and just crushing them. Earliest we caught was March 28th one year. Drifted the inlet with a friend and caught 8 that day .......fried fish never tasted so good. My brother has worked on a couple of tagging programs as well. NC State used my Dad's house as a staging area one year. There's still a couple big ones around. Traditionally, this is the best week of the year.
  7. My buddy and his girl the other night. Amazing pic.
  8. Not me....my brother and nephew. He's a skinny fella. Works for fisheries. Lots of days on the water.....and Marlboro lights.
  9. You must be low information “people” then. I’ve seen it and been part of it. Years of watching the good Dems pick up minorities and “helping” them with their votes as they get a neat little handout afterwards. I know nothing more irritating than the blatant disregard for what you people really are. Nothing is more racist than having a discussion with my 86 yo Democrat grandmother.....and she’s so old she doesn’t realize what it sounds like. It’s how she grew up. Seriously, shut the f*** up already.
  10. Then two days later in another area, they wouldn’t touch the Beaver or a jig. They wanted a slimmer, more salamander type profile. More appendages. I wasn’t there for that one.
  11. I got my butt handed to me the other day with a Reaction Baits Sweet Beaver. Short, chunky creature bait. Rigged on exactly the same type rod, but with a pegged weight about an inch or two away.....and flouro. I was tossing braid and I know some say it doesn’t matter, but I think it matters in most situations. We talked about it quite a bit. Originally I was a light line guy simply because I knew it made a difference. I’m thinking of switching to fluorocarbon or trying a short leader.
  12. I am/was the same. The original brewer is gone. It’s changed slightly since his departure. Supposedly it’s being produced again under a different label. I haven’t tried to find it. The current stuff seems malty. Not as crisp as the original imo.
  13. You guys up north need to look real close for the 22oz bottles put out by DFH. I was at Lake Placid when my buddy found two rare limited releases just sitting on the shelf. Couldn't find them anywhere at home.