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  1. It'll never stop being potent. It's easily hitting 90%+ THC in some varieties. The live resins, extracted before the plant is "dead" is unbelievable. Think craft beer and wine. That's where it's going. As far as those finding relief from CBD, I've yet to meet one that it did not work for.
  2. Awesome pic! Two days left in our gun season. Been fun but no big boys yet. Tonight could be it.
  3. Prayers to your Dad Jase. That’s a picture of a happy man. Love hearing about the rabbit dogs. I’ve only done it a handful of times but it’s magical. There were times I wouldn’t shoot just because I wanted to hear the dogs.
  4. That last one is a bruiser....congrats. Mom stayed out with the girls last night and my daughter didn’t want to go this morning. Haven’t seen anything with any size. Boarderline buck last night on the search. The temp dropped and we’re getting some big wind today. It’s gun season but I think I’ll bow hunt. Should be a good couple days.
  5. He’s trolling....... “Just part of freedom”.
  6. Legal in my state as a "pistol" cartridge. Slug guns will become near extinct I believe. Anyone switched over? I've got a Ruger American Go Wild coming.
  7. No, he’s right. I read your crap the same way.
  8. Still a registered D. My wife is registered I. We painted that stripe red. I hope I'm one they counted wrong in the polls. Feel the pain!
  9. .450 Bushmaster. Going to look at some this evening. Very economical in either the CVA v2 or the Ruger American. Legal for straight wall pistol states.
  10. Did just that for many years until I wisened up. Saw one last night. Don't know where he came from but he staged in a thick field edge. I got to watch him check the field from inside the woods until dark. Amazing to watch them do what they do.
  11. The older I get, the more I appreciate a good ground blind.
  12. Took this pic two days ago. Sitting in a ground blind about 80 yards inside that dark hole at the upper left.
  13. Stupid cartoon. Completely out of touch with reality.
  14. I’m completely okay with never meeting you.....just sayin.
  15. Try one of those fleece hand muffs. They’re on a belt and you can spin it behind you when not in use. They usually can hold a hand warmer for really cold conditions.