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  1. And im saying you're wrong. It's right there for you to read.
  2. The way of the liberal....everyone gets a medal.
  3. I'm going to go with thread fail...
  4. You mean "when"....
  5. To deny the fix was in......or ham sandwich protection wasn't running full steam, is a big reason many of you are ignored.
  6. When one of your own freaks calls you out.....
  7. Lots of talk about mens private parts from you. You're the one I probably feel the worst for.
  8. So you're saying it never happened?
  9. Much worse than a fish tank.
  10. Hot and hard to breaf in there
  11. Ever been in a commercial chicken house?
  12. The only nuts I see are the liberal ones he's been firing. Cleaning house.
  13. We see it on this forum as well.
  14. One Democrat. They know who he is and I bet he's on the chopping block. Try harder.