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  1. .....Go fishing. I catch trout all winter long all over the country. Definitely give steelhead a shot. Its like fishing for crack. lol
  2. Still have not received payment or communication from the buyer of the Penn 650 SS. Waiting until 7 PM tonight and then it will be back up for sale if anyone else is interested.
  3. Alright I'll shoot you a PM. Mitchell is sold and paid for!
  4. edited as payment not yet received for 650 SS
  5. Cool, I'll send you a message in a bit!
  6. Moving far away from the salt so thinning out the herd. Two reels that work as they should. They won't win any awards visually as they've been fished. The Penn 650 SS is in good shape aside from some of the black paint that's come off near the reel seat. It's got powerpro on it but I forget what LB test. They go for around 100 bucks in better shape. So I'll let this one go for $50 shipped. The garcia 302 isn't worth much but if someone can use it, it functions as it should. 10 bucks shipped. Paypal works for me but can also accept personal check and ship once it clears. Also ok for pick up near Wayne NJ or Butler NJ. Also have some sand tubes. One with an aluminum stake. That's 2 bucks if someone wants to pick it up. The pvc tubes are free if picked up.
  7. Sold! Thanks!
  8. Jason. I'll go to $50 shippped. Let me know. Thanks!
  9. Gonna give it some time to sell as a set. I'll let you know if I decide to split or if someone wants the swimmer and the peanut speak up and we'll figure it out thanks!
  10. A couple better pictures showing size and color better.
  11. $55 shipped.
  12. Moving further away from the salt in a couple months. So won't get to use these. None have ever seen salt. 1 ounce peanut, a swimmer, and a Danny. 60 shipped to the lower 48 for all 3. If PayPal fee is on buyer. Selling as a lot. Can meet in person around Wayne or kinnelon areas
  13. You just gave him what he wanted. Fishing with the spey rod you can have 4 guys swing through a run and then the 5th guy gets smashed. Depends on what the fish wants and how its presented. You just did it right for that exact moment. Not much is going to hatch in the AM right now. Its a late afternoon/evening dry game right now. Though you may get sporadic olives or an iso here and there throughout the day. Streamers first thing, then nymph the riffles if there is nothing on top.
  14. On the real high side now. Hale eddy is up to 3340 cfs and climbing steadily. Go figure - were heading up for a few days Friday after work.