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  1. Disregard - found one new in the box.
  2. As far as dries - Hatches are less prolific but you can certainly find feeding fish. Fish a high floating ISO in the riffles with a 16-18 pheasant tail or the like. Caddis in the slower seams. Have some flying ants just in case. 10-12 ISO's (Slate drake) 14-18 Caddis (tan mostly) 14-16 Light Cahills 18-22 Blue winged olives 16-18 flying ant patterns Nymphs - While I downsize big time in the summer, in the spring and fall it seems to me I can get away with using some bigger patterns (14-16's) Streamers are always good in higher/off color water. Sometimes if you downsize during clearer water you'll get some strikes. Later on in the fall the fish will certainly become more aggressive regarding streamers and it can be a great time. Regarding the weather - It should be shaping up to be a great fall with our water levels. The reservoirs are spilling... so unless we get a hurricane or more weeks of downpours things should settle in nicely. A lot of times coming out of summer we are hurting for water. This should be a great fall season up there. Looking forward to it.
  3. None of the corrosive liquids or contaminated soils were spilled from the cars, thank god. Only hazardous material we’re dealing with is diesel fuel
  4. I have to believe that it is your typical taxed household #2 diesel. Cant imagine why it would be anything else.
  5. I am curious about this too. Though I dont think any part of the diesel would make it down to the river bed. Only way I can see it affecting the riverbed is if it is saturated into the banks.
  6. Yea I am sure that there are tons of suspect areas along the river that rail conditions are terrible. ****** thing is they confirmed another 400 gallons or so leaked into the river during the removal operations. Fishermen have reported trout rising up through oil sheen. There have been several birds captured for rehabilitation by DEC and one confirmed dead canadian goose. I imagine there are many more animals affected that havent been seen or found. Its a MASSIVE stretch of river that was affected. I know everyone is breathing a sigh of relief (myself included) because of the high water, but I have a feeling this may leave a lasting impact for some time.
  7. Exactly - and with another 2-4" of rain in the forecast in the next week we couldn't ask for more help from mother nature. DEC has captured several birds (geese and merganser's) from the immediate spill site that are coated in fuel unfortunately. I can imagine all of the damn tall slapping beavers are probably saturated. But aside from trapping I dont see how they can get them to help them out.
  8. To all who fish the Upper D - "The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking everybody who spends time on or near the river to contact them if they see any evidence of impacts to wildife/habitat or fuel oil build-up, especially in the quiet eddies and pools near the riverbanks. Look for a reddish/brownish sheen on the surface of the river that looks similar to brake fluid or transmission fluid. Please take a picture of any observed impacts with GPS coordinates and send them to if you see negative impacts of the spill and we'll forward them to the NYSDEC"
  9. Yea we shifted our float from last Saturday to Sunday due to those storms. When I arrived Sat evening it was still chocolate milk and couldnt get anything to eat at dusk on the spey. Its been rough mid day. We had some tiny 20 BWO's coming off spotty throughout the day and were able to get a couple to eat on top. No sulphurs below Hale. Noted a few ISO's later in the day down lower. Early morning was cloudy and foggy and figured we would have had a few more on streamers but we didnt get a single one until right where the few train cars are in the water a few hundred yards above the hale eddy bridge. I swung up a NICE big fiesty brown at first light while waiting for my buddy to arrive. Thing took off jumping across like a rainbow. Didn't bring my net with me as I expected to fish for 2 minutes. Figures. He cam unbuttoned as I got him to shore. After we pulled out early evening I took a ride up to Stilesville and saw lots of anglers standing on the banks looking for risers. You could see tons of sulphurs coming off from the road but not a thing going on. Everyone just looking for targets. I sat in the truck and watched for a few minutes and spotted one rise at the head of a pool. Grabbed my rod and walked down and watched for like 15 minutes. He came up another 4-5 times. Asked if the guy sitting there minded if I took a shot at a fish I had my eye on. Got in position and he showed himself again. First cast I wiffed. Gave him a few minutes. Showed himself again. Put my flies right in his lane and he came up and took the 18 BWO cripple I had tailing behind my sulphur. Everything fell right into place for that fish from spotting him from the road to no one else spotting him from the banks. I called it a day and drove home with a smile on my face. Recent update as fer FUDR: "According to the NYS Office of Emergency Management (NYSDEC), the fuel oil spill to the river will have little to no damaging effects on the river and should dissipate rapidly due to the nature of its composition and the extremely high water flows in the river." Good news.
  10. Hoping the high water minimizes impact by increasing dilution 10 fold. How did you do last week Kim? We floated barking dog to Shehawkin Sunday. Had an "ok" day considering the temps. We caught on streamers nymphs and dries. Weekend prior was slow going.
  11. Terrible news this morning. A Train derailed due to flash flooding in the area of Hale Eddy. Thankfully no injuries but there are two cars in the water and they're estimating much of the 4000 gallons of fuel has leaked into the river. As per friends in the are the entire area stinks of diesel fuel all the way down the Main stem. Slicks have been seen as far down as long eddy and likely extend much further. The west crested last night around 6000 CFS at the Hale Eddy Gauge. The high water is making any type of containment unlikely. Most of the fuel is likely far downriver by now, and collected in eddy's and such. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for little to no impact on the wildlife. Just caught a nice brown under where the derailment is this past Sunday.
  12. Must be a newer reliable motor. Need a long shaft as it is for a framed raft. Built in gas tank is a must. Not really interested in the air cooled honda's. Want to stay below 4 HP due to weight. Needs to be portable. Dont really care 2 stroke vs 4 as long as its not 50 lbs.
  13. Yea I def wouldnt float with a hard boat below 600 on the west. I have an NRS raft. We walked it a few times Sunday at around 410 CFS. Any lower even with a raft its not worth it at all.
  14. Floating this saturday and up again the weekend of the 11th with the wives. Floated hale eddy to balls eddy Sunday and the wasnt much of anything going on. Super windy. Hoping the water drops to around 800-1000 by saturday and clears a bit.
  15. Kim whats the abdomen on that sulphur knockdown? Almost looks like d-rib or the trigger point fibers wound up. Doesn't look like dubbing. Happy the rivers are up for the moment. Hoping the water clears a bit by saturday. West is chocolate milk right now. Could be a good day to swing streamers on the spey rod and hopefully have some bugs in the afternoon in the slower water.