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  1. Just getting into fly fishing with an old llbean freshwater rod and am looking for something to catch Stripers and Albies. Not looking to break the bank as I want to make sure It is something I want to commit to and not just play around with before making a big investment. Any help in getting pointed in the right direction is much appreciated.
  2. I just made a batch this weekend. Came out awesome and so easy to make. Kids were very impressed.
  3. Nice work T!!
  4. I have never targeted squid from a boat only have fished for them from a pier. I want to give it a try this year. What do you look for to target them? Rips, structure,?
  5. Terry is the best around, he may cost a bit more but well worth it!! He fishes hard and puts you on the fish.
  6. Thanks for the reply's I will check out cpt Pete
  7. Heading back to Deer Isle again. I hope the fishing has gotten better last time up we caught just 1 mac. The water does look like a great place to fish I just think the water is a little to cold for the bass. Let me know if anyone has any updates from the area. Thanks
  8. can you get blue crabs anywhere in Mass?
  9. From the album Forum Attachments

  10. Bad Fish in North Falmouth has a good selection of them. The guys in there are great too!
  11. Pick this one up Saturday in upper BB. Taped out at 31 inches.
  12. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know how I do. The water up there looks fishy..I am surpised that there are no cod or flounder
  13. Going be up in Deer isle this weekend and looking for some help catching some fish. Have caught mack's in the past but was hoping to find something else. Maybe live line a few macks or chunk them. We will have a boat and tend to go to Bear island and towards the bridge connecting the island to the main land. Any help would be much apricated
  14. Thanks for the help. I am thinking I am going to try to jig up a few fresh mac's and see what I can do. Sounds like finding a river is the key. We have a small boat and ussully hit up the various rock islands to cook out on, maybe I'll bring a rod and a few chunks with me to those and give it a shot
  15. Thanks Frosty. I was guessing that there had to be some other fish up there besides Mac's. Do you think live lineing or chunking up some of those Mac's is a good idea up there or should I stick to small artificalls.