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  1. I just checked this out at their site ... looks very nice, for $40 I'm going to try it (even though I use the existing rail method ...)
  2. Stripers ... this will be a one nighter ... don't get many chances to fish at night ...
  3. I have a '14 Outback ... I place the nose of the kayak on the indentation of the roof rail with the arms in place across the rails ... the indentation keeps the kayak from sliding off the rails while I push it up and then spin it 90 degrees across the arms. I don't have an Outback, but I do cartop a 78 pound SOT so it works.
  4. Which month tends to be better ... June or Sept?
  5. Gotta be cheaper than replacing a hull ... and safer too
  6. Nice ... I was checking out the on-line reviews & you-tubes ...impressive. The drive seems cleaner and simpler than the Mirage, but never owning one, I'm not sure. I like the insert =where the drive sits ... will this cure the crack problems seen in the Hobie? Didn't like the weight ... I was hoping the 85# would be the LOADED weight, but it doesn't seem so. Wonder what it is like to car-top?
  7. They are just rails, but anything that mounts with rails can use them ... go to Austin Kayak and search for rails
  8. I have a 2006 Tarpon 14 that is basically the same hull ... I added a rail for my YakAttack CellBlok battery box (has my FF mounted on top); I used two 6 inch aluminum rails from Austinkayak (two pieces allowed me to fit it to the curve of the gunnel). Mounted the rails right on top of the gunnel, they stick up but it isn't a problem for me. I'd take a picture but my yak is put away for the winter ... remind me in the spring
  9. She be a regular ... I think I saw her or a relative back in 2010
  10. It is a juvie Blandings, not the best pic to show the difference ... Mike almost stepped on it ...
  11. "I've got an itch to fish" ... awesome offer ... thanks
  12. Lets see ... 103,000,000 viewers, not counting those who stream ... not many
  13. Hey Mike ... how come you never spot 'em when you're with me???
  14. this video is the definition of a popsicle headache
  15. I don't know what is worse ... the song or the video