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  1. I'd rather have your aftermarket setup, though ...
  2. I am The Donald .... I have my Thule Hull-a-port (foldable) up against the driver-side very very end of the cross-bars. I put the Compass up against the hull-a-port and have enough space so the compass hull is fully on the cross-bars ... it is hull down so the top is facing up. I believe because of the curvature of the hull, all the bottom points are on the cross-bars even though some of the side extends beyond the top of the car. Secure this with both hull straps and bow-stern lines and it is solid. I believe the Compass is also 34 inches wide.
  3. Sure ... when I get a chance (don't hold your breath ...)
  4. Beg to differ ... I recently put my Hobie Compass hull down (flat) on the rails on my 2014 Outback factory rack, and put a Tarpon 140 on the J-Bars next to it ... drove from RI to Bourne and back, no issues whatsoever. Can be done ... BUT I also wouldn't put an OUTBACK up there. My total weight was a hair over 140#
  5. 3 weeks ago ... didn't catch them but they hit our offerings (topwater ... believe it or not) and followed right to our kayaks ... East Bay area. Very distinctive color.
  6. Give thought to what you NEED on your yak ... if you want all the amenities that go with the Outback, do it. If you want something more bare-bones, check out the Compass
  7. I'll admit I clicked on this post because of the really big word in the title ... I need to appear sophisticated and impotent
  8. I will recommend the Hobie Compass ... I'm 6-2, 250 and this is a great fit and ride for me ... super stable. The best virtue IMO is the weight ... 68 lbs so can be easily carried and cartopped. Pretty bare bones out of the box, but plenty of space and options to trick out. Very comfy seat, although I never tried the Outback seat. And its under $2K. Try it out
  9. You are better than that question & logic, Riddler ... I hate when someone uses a generality (top fisherman) to support or denounce a specific tool ... this is the Rod vs success debate (Walmart white Rod but still catches fish ...) BTW, your current Avitar ... is that Ted Danson playing Ric Flair? Just wondering ...
  10. In no particular order ... Red Snapper ... grilled for Good Friday dinner Pacific Halibut ... fish & chips in Juneau Alaska right off the boat (unbelievable) Squeteague ... pan fried when I was a kid in the 70's
  11. You think that's something that might be in the manual ...
  12. Another question ... There is a bungee with a single hook which is in front of the seat (not the seat holder bungee) ... any thoughts on what this is and how it's used? I'm sure it's critical to either the performance or safety of operation the Compass
  13. The seat adjustment/tension strap hooks into the eye plugs on the side of the hull ... there is another set of bungies with hooks which hold down the seat to the hull
  14. Thanks guys ... I believe the rudder issue was probably because of the wind and it was always when I was starting from a stop ... pretty sure the current and wind just prevented a "left" turn until up to speed. My dealer sent me 4 replacement eye plugs ... two newer style (rectangular not round). I also found someone on FB who mod the plugs with a steel eye bolt ... going to try with my broken plug
  15. Does this mean the CV Transducer will not work inside the Hobie Transducer well? It would have the plastic shield over it ... hmmm ...