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  1. Look at the Compass ... 68 lbs stripped down, easily transportable. Much less expensive option
  2. Forgot to add that an older Revo 13 is great choice as a light(er) weight option for PEDDLE yak ... I opted for a Compass as it has more stability but is generally viewed as less open-ocean worthy vs the Revo, although I haven't used mine yet so don't know 1st hand
  3. Blackdogfish makes some very good points ... last year I did a bunch of research on replacing my Future Beach Angler 160, which sounds a bit like your Pescador Pro ... this is a barge with lots of stability, room and framework for mods and personalization, but heavy and challenging to paddle in chop and wind. I ended up with an older Tarpon 140, and while it is a wet ride (hey, it's a kayak ... if your intent is to stay dry than fish from shore or a real boat ...), it paddle much better than the Angler and is 8 lbs lighter ... world of difference. The weight of the hull is my #1 concern ... lighter the better for car-topping, carrying, paddling. Given that your plan is mostly short trips and inshore situations, which is mine also, a 12 yak is a reasonable length. I recommend you check out a Tarpon 120 on the used market. Another yak I put at the top of my list was the Ocean Kayak Prowler which is a tried and true light weight ride (not the Big Game II, which is heavy). You might check that out. Why is storage a big issue with you, if you don't mind me asking? I am in the mode now, after 6 years of kayak fishing, to pair down the amount of stuff I take on an outing ... if it doesn't fit in my crate or in a rod hold I don't need it. One plano of lures is really all you need ... and since you are not launching in the surf you really don't need to store rods or big things. I can fit rain/wet gear in a water-tight bag in my crate. I
  4. More $$$ on fishing gear is less singles lying around for "stripper bait" ... she'll like that ...
  5. I have yet to take home a fish from my kayak trips ... mostly because I target stripers, blues or albies. But next month I will be targeting Black Sea Bass for the 'frige ... looking for techniques you use to bleed a fish when on a kayak
  6. The rod was less than $40 ... sorry for the confusion
  7. Ergonomically different ... the Mirage (Hobie) drive is like an elliptical machine where your feet go back and forth; the PDL is like a bicycle. The other consideration is the salt water worthiness/water resistance ... the PDL isn't rated as water tight so there may be some corrosion of components over a quicker timespan ... check out Riddlers post on his recent (last year) Old Town purchase. I have no 1st hand experience so only going by what I read. Although I have to say the Onthewater episodes where the boys fish from yaks using the Predator PDL is enticing! Check out the listing of the 2014 Revo in the Classified Section here ... KingHong is selling his and he is in Jersey
  8. How do you like the weight? I thought it was a bit heavier than an Outback. Do you cartop? Old Town is a great name ... I have a canoe we bought 20 years ago, indestructible and a nice paddle (17 feet). 2 kids, 2 adults, no problem.
  9. Tsunami Five Star 7 foot Medium ... I've had mine for 5 years, perfect for the lure weights you are planning to use. I started with a Penn Fierce 400 (fell apart reeling in a bass from my kayak); put a Penn Conflict 4000 for 3 years, and switched to a BG 3000 this past year. LESS THAN $40 ... use it from kayak and from shore and wading for schoolies throwing small jigs and poppers. LESS THAN $40 ... Did I mention it was less than $40?
  10. Thanks for responding Can you expand on the "grease" procedure?
  11. Riddler has a Revo and I quizzed him a bunch on his experience in it ... not a stability problem for him. He's a kayak animal though ... I bet he's pushing it and has quite a bit of experience with sea paddling. Now, I recently went from a Future Beach Angler 160, which is a super stable super dry barge, to a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140, which has similar dimensions to the Revo, so it a like comparison (Revo to Compass). Transition to the Tarpon did not take long, but I was well aware of the change in stability ... a little disconcerting as my first outing was into the ocean at Newport RI. Not quite as confident. I would assume the same between the Compass and the Revo ... the Compass should be stabler in protected waters, the Revo better in open ocean.
  12. I just bought my 1st peddle yak after paddling for the past 5 years ... chose a Hobie Compass. Got a demo at a really good price. I researched and found I liked the Hobies due to the longevity in the market (basically tried and true), and the Compass due to the simplicity and weight vs the Outback. A bit lighter than a Revo. I am bigger than you, so I was a little bit concerned about stability, even though a number of experienced yakkers here like the Revo a lot. Compass should excel in protected water ... Revo may be better on the open ocean. Highly suggest you look at Craiglist and Facebook for used boats ... Revo can be had for $1500; not a lot of Compass' on the used market due to their newness.
  13. Ending up getting a Spinfisher VI 4500 at the price of a BG ... a guy who does reel maint near me recommended this over the other two, confirming what a number of you posted as opinions. Many thanks
  14. New Compass owner ... looking for a checklist of regular post-outing maintenance I should perform on my kayak
  15. OK ... looking for an INEXPENSIVE reel for a new 9 foot St Croix Triumph for schoolie fishing ... plastics, swimmers, small poppers ... expecting some splashing and an occasional dunk wading the beaches. 4000 or possibly 5000 size. Was originally thinking thinking of a Daiwa BG 4000 (I have a 3000 for my 7 foot light setup ... new last Aug so not much use yet) but concerned about wet-ish fishing and some comments I heard about BGs not liking wet. I have a Spinfisher 5500 on my bigger setup it it's done me well for 3 years. Wondering if the "water resistant" features of a Shield put it at the top of this list? And no, I'm not considering a Van Staal at this time ... despite understanding you get what you pay for Thanks for your thoughts.