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  1. That is the worst ... I too have glasses and there is nothing as bad as mist. Ruined the one night I traveled to Nauset Beach for some night fishing ... tried to walk the beach but was wiping my glasses every 15-20 seconds. If you don't have contacts there isn't anything I know of that can be done ...
  2. IMO, I think that the actual number of bad experiences is far outnumbered by the neutral or good experiences's just those bad ones are typically what stands out in your mind ... like sports talk radio with the really negative vocal minority owning the airwaves ... Can't say that I've had a really bad time at the ditch; and I've met more than a handful of very helpful guys there. My trips are somewhat limited (1/2 dozen per year) so my sample size is smaller. Most memorable was 3 years ago and 1st time I got into any fish ... pulled into the East End, and everyone, I mean everyone had a fish. Walked down the the jetty, and there was a guy with his 2 nephews in their 20s fishing at the beginning of the jetty ... invited me to fish next to them. I hooked up and the kids scrambled down the rip rap to unhook the fish for me ... being 58 at the time I appreciated that tremendously. Caught my 1st plus 20#s that day (four of them ...)
  3. Drive 1 hour and you have access to everything you could want ... South County beaches/jetties, Newport rocks, Cape Cod Canal. Plenty of spots inside of that ... get yourself a copy of Fishing New England: A RI Shore Guide
  4. Actually it is quite a bit different ... today you can actually count the fish because it is what is in your possession. No way for that to happen regarding tracking a running total over a period of time
  5. LE - "Hey, how many Stripers have you kept this year?" Fisherman - "Why none, sir ..." LE - "OK, your good to go ..." Don't see any flaws in this system ...
  6. I have a Tsunami Airwave Elite ... it's 10.6 but I'd recommend the 8.8 or the 9.6 for you ... pair it with a BG 4000 and you'll have a nice light setup. I have an 8 foot Powerstick from BassPro that is also nice (and cheap ... under $80) that I have with a Penn Conflict 5000, although I'd put the BG 4000 on it for a better pair. If you don't mind spending some more, go with the St. Croix Mojo Surf; a friend let me cast his 9 footer and it was in a different class than the Tsunami. If you want to throw really light bucktails and plastics, use a casting egg
  7. That is GREAT to see ... Box Turtles reproducing is a really nice find. Did you see the DBT in Barrington or someplace else? (don't be specific) ... I have seen them nesting in Barrington at a well-known location.
  8. Vinny, I appreciate your thoughtful response ... you could have jumped down my throat for my misunderstanding but instead chose to explain ... thank you. BTW, I too believe in teach HOW to fish and not just show them spots ...
  9. Your explanation is fine with your clarification ... but how is someone who fishes "public beaches, parks, etc"supposed to understand this? The first sentence of Vinney's post is pretty harsh ...
  10. I agree with this ... I understood the post to be something else ... along the line lines of I don't share anything with anybody ... so I apologize for any misunderstanding.
  11. If that's what you meant to say then my apologies ... your post came across, in my eyes, as a very negative anti-social expression. Perhaps I read into it too much ... sorry
  12. Seriously? Did you end up taking him to spots that held no fish so he'd learn about getting skunked? I find this kind of pathetic, and representative of everything that's wrong with the fishing community. I think when this thread's author brought up "ego" he actually meant THIS attitude (might be putting words in his mouth ... sorry). It's not ego per se, but a kind of ridiculous anti-social selfish "hazing" attitude that is way too prevalent in my opinion. It should be clear that info sharing isn't black/white ... if you are kayaking and a boat or two pulls up to your spot, yeah, make's sense not to share much so you aren't crowded out. But if you are walking the beach and a single fisherman/gal walks by, why wouldn't you share? Walking back to your car? Why not ... help the next guy out a bit ... And for God's sake ... your closest friend? wouldn't want to deprive him the opportunity to EARN his stripes and get skunked 5 or 10 times ... jeez
  13. This is an interesting albeit unfortunate happening and worthy of some discussion regarding the quality of the drive ... HOWEVER, this is not what I was trying to focus on. My question was regarding the properties of a Fin Drive vs a Prop Drive and how it stresses the HULL of a kayak. This also isn't necessarily about the QUALITY of Hobie Hulls in particular ... it just seems (anecdotal evidence only) that the Hobies using the Mirage drive experience a greater ABSOLUTE number of hull failures ... please note that this isn't implying quality issues or statistically unacceptable tolerance failures. Factors such as extreme use certainly may be in play ... but all I'm trying to ascertain is whether the design of drive type may lead to higher stress. It seems so based on the conversation.
  14. Excellent explanation ATV! ... intuitively the back and forth motion appears to be more stressful ON THE HULL (that's all I'm focusing on here ...) ... more probability that the hull will develop cracks.