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  1. It really depends on your priorities ... mine is portability, so weight is the primary concern. I really like my Compass, and yes, it's the 1st Hobie I've owned. But I don't care how comfortable the Outback is or how many bells and whistles or on it, it's weight is a complete turn off. But that's just me ...
  2. I'm guessing a WS Tarpon 120 would be a good choice for paddling ... I have the 140 but I'm thinking the 2 feet less on the 120 would help in the Marshes and backwaters. A 12 footer should track fine in the open Bay ... a compromise as you stated some time in each water environment. It's light and portable. Plus there are plenty on the used markets so you could find a sweet deal if you look over the next few months. If you have your heart set on a Pedal Power machine, look at the Hobie Compass. It's relatively light (68# stripped) so it's also portable. Super stable so you can handle the open Bay. Plus it's only 12 feet so it's reasonable in the bayous and backwaters. New at about $2K. I also have this and really like it.
  3. My Old Town Discovery 17 is about 20 years old but in great shape. Took my 2 girls out all the time along with my wife ... wide and super stable ... only stability issue I ever had was taking down a moderately riflery river when we flipped it as it was pinned against a rock. Otherwise it was rock solid. Never took it out into the open ocean or Bays though ... fresh water mostly. It's about 80 lbs but too long to handle by myself. Maybe a 14-15 foot version?
  4. Good advice here already ... I'll second the Tarpon as a good choice that you can find used pretty easily. I picked one up as my 2nd kayak a few years ago as an upgrade from a Future Beach Angler 160 (Job Lot special ... under $400), largely from advice here particularly Gellfex (thanks). I got into kayak fishing 7 years ago ... bought the cheap Future Beach and learned on it. It was a good choice ... basic platform, stable, relatively dry for a seat-on-hull (which I like better than the lawn chair style for stability), can be tricked out over time ... I added after-market seat, trolling rod holder, Fish Finder, crate, cart ... would have upgraded my paddle but just upgraded to a Hobie Compass. The FB served me well ... it's a bit of a beast to paddle, but I've taken it for a few 5 hour 7 mile outings (I'm 62 and not a marathon runner if you know what I mean...). The Tarpon is a noticeably easier paddle, but way wetter ... but no big deal as I don't expect to be dry in a kayak in the ocean ... it's also not as stable as it rolls more than the FB ... just takes getting used to. Beside the safety equipment the only thing I started with was one rod, a plano of lures, pre-tied leaders, pliers & lip gripers (you need these). You can build from there. I'd look on the used market for a Tarpon 120/140, an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 ... they are available used
  5. That's what I did ... see my comments earlier in this thread
  6. Might want to give a Compass a try ... i'm 260 and there is a whole lot more on my Compass that would accommodate bigger people ... lots of leg room. I believe the seat has similar dimensions to the Outback's Vantage seat
  7. See, now that’s a story worth hearing. Zzzzzzacktly what I’m talkin’ about. It might be worth hearing the story from the wife ...
  8. Traveled from RI to the Cape house yesterday to turn stuff on and tend to the lawn ... no hot chicks greating me at the Bridge ... what's up with that?
  9. So are you using the bucket or the FF Battery Holder?
  10. Seriously? ... really ...Seriously? People dying, losing jobs, businesses going under, and you're bitching about the lack of a porta potty that you would like somewhere that most sane people are trying to keep from becoming a mob scene ... BTW I'm sure a public porta potty wouldn't be the kind of spot that would propagate infection of COVID19. No wonder the public thinks so highly of the fishing community ...
  11. (big huge sigh) .... I will assume that since this is your first post here you are not trolling ... No, you are not supposed to travel to RI just to fish (or play golf or hike a trail on a town conservation property). If you are coming to RI you need to quarantine for 14 days before you venture out in public to shop for food or any other essential items, or anything recreational in public. This is to keep people from out-of-state (and from COVID hotspots, as RI happens to be between two of them) from congregating at typical centers of popularity, and help enforce social distancing. Otherwise, every yahoo within driving distance would show up at the west wall or Charlestown Breachway or wherever just to get a fix ... hence areas are only available to locals. Unfair? I got news for you ... life is unfair ... tell that to the millions who have lost their jobs or those that have lost friends and relatives. Stop whining and keep you and the rest of us safe ...
  12. All good advice for Matt ... you all are so ... special. I hope he's feeling better
  13. My plan is to add the rectangular hatch to my Hobie Compass and move the round hatch to the front of the kayak and put the battery in this. I have seen where some use the existing round bucket to hold the battery in ... wondering if the Battery Holder is a better option?
  14. Looking for pros/cons vs using the circular bucket that comes with the 8 inch round hatch ...
  15. withdrawn