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  1. If you are focusing on the cracks that have to do with the drive opening, then you are mixing apples with oranges. I believe that the majority of issues cited on this board have to do with that particular failure. A paddle yak will not have this problem ... ever. We are talking about stress put on the hull due to the pedal mechanism.It would be fair to compare any failures between the Mirage drives and the peddle drives on Perceptions, Old Towns, etc ... I believe that's what atv223 was referring to. And he has a good point that DESPITE the perceived number of failures posted here, the majority of peddle drivers seem to use Hobie/mirage ... that's an observation, and no way do I mean improvements can't be made to the product or the warranty.
  2. An ideal fly fishing location for stripers is the Brewster Flats, so Nickerson would be best. Typically, bass show up in numbers on the north side of the cape mid May ... if you can go last week of May or 1st week of June that would be ideal. I fish the flats quite a bit, although I use spinning gear. Fish along side fly fishermen. Send me a PM ... I might be able to hook you up with a guide or fish with you sometime
  3. Correct ... Not going to be doing surf launches, mostly backwater/protected bays I get the technique advice, but for the sake of this post lets assume that my technique is OK (or will be OK) ... what are people going with? Looking for value, not necessarily the best ... Also, besides Craig's List, are there other places to find pre-owned that folks use?
  4. Tried to do a search but "paddle" comes up a gazillion times ... Recommendations for paddle (and size) upgrade from the $19.95 Job Lot aluminum special? I am 6-2, I have a 2006 Tarpon 140
  5. Any update on this?
  6. When (what year) were the scuppers reinforced? Was this for Outbacks, Revos, or both?
  7. Just tried the Flying Jenny EPA ... outstanding lighter ale when you are not in the mood for an IPA
  8. Mr R ... if the answer to my question is already posted please point me there ... what seat did you use as a replacement? Difficult? Do you know offhand what year Hobie started using the lawnseats in the Revos? Many thanks
  9. Me thinks there is a HUGE difference between posting a launch location and posting an active fishing report ... without the context of activity, you need to time things correctly (time of day or tide, or both), have bait present, ... not to mention finding the SPECIFIC spots holding fish, which launch location doesn't include (at least in my mind ...)
  10. Totally agree ... I would argue that MOST sites, maybe not the sites the most-dedicated members here spend their time but the sites the majority of kayak fishermen go, are those public places with substantial parking ... there is absolutely no harm/no foul sharing those launch sites. Anyone who has a problem sharing that information is probably being a hard-o regarding "putting your time in" ... as the OP stated, he's 100 miles away from the water and just wants some help so he doesn't waste time finding a spot to launch. I did not read anything about "putting me on fish", just let me get on the water ... big difference. For those of you who disagree, how do you feel about charters? I go on a kayak charter usually every year ... does my paying for this service violate the "put in the time" rule? And does the charter-captain violate this spirit?
  11. In my opinion (not that you's axed ...) K&C can be extremely entertaining ...Kirk and Jerry do a great job on the 'politically sensitive" issues and by-passing the PC Police, and in fact providing alternative prospective through their guests. They do tend to manufacture conversation when the news is light ... this gets old quickly. But when something comes up outside sport that really should override batting order discussion the show is a great platform ... however, I do not see it working without Kirk. I agree the heyday of WEEI was the Whiner Line years ... unbelievably creative ... does anyone else remember the day Brett Farve sexted a picture of his unit to some media woman, and the topic spurred caller Jessie to comment how he does all kinds of sexting ... which prompted a parody whiner song about "Jessie's Dong (I wish that I had ...)" ...
  12. I too have Frogg Togg stocking foot ... 1st pair is two seasons old, several small pinhole leaks but nothing bad. Picked up a new pair last month for under $60 ... great for the cost, in fact they are disposable
  13. Yeah ... I was just purposely avoiding the little guys ... yeah, thats the ticket ... Actually wouldn't have minded catch 2 or three dinks
  14. Went out Tue 10/30 for several hours midmorning SOCO beach ... Dave Pickering report the BEST back-to-back days of fishing to past two days ... guess I picked the wrong beach ... no bumps, no birds, no bait ... was gorgeous out though. Saw no one else hook up