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  1. huh? Is this code?
  2. I haven't tried one, but I was looking at this platform. It appears to be a very nice fishing yak with a lot of storage and organization features. A bit on the heavy side for a paddle yak (I believe mid 70s) but not overly heavy. Looks stable and comfortable. Got great reviews
  3. You got me ... don't have a good answer. Just repeating the warning signs on the conservation trails I walk. However, if I had to guess, it's for the safety of the little kids who might pick it up and then put their hands in their mouths. I get that it's a lot like the warnings McD's now needs to give on their coffee ...
  4. I agree with your use-case ... if you are off the beaten path then there isn't a real need to bag poop. The reason it's expected on the hi traffic trails is for health reasons. If you are letting a mass of dogs poop in a small area you'll have health problems.
  5. This is a generalization. We (my wife and I) are dog walkers and we enjoy walking trails in the woods. WE religiously bag and carry out our dog's poop. Yes, there are a material number of irresponsible dog owners who let they're dogs go anywhere (which is against posted regulations on most spots). but it's not all ... it's not even most IMO. I will get in peoples' faces if they don't pick up their dog's mess. As far as Social Media overload regarding spots ... it's foolish to believe your favorite PUBLIC trails will remain obscure from the public in general, regardless of FB etc. It's public ... we all share it for whatever our reasons/goals. As long as you are not violating rules/regulations, its open for 1st come/1st serve.
  6. Nice Racer Mike ... you are lucky he didn't give you a kiss on the nose
  7. If you can afford to, get an Old Town with the MinnKota. Sell the Hobie
  8. Can't argue with that statement ... but that's why the "other" side speaks up ...
  9. Conversely, you seem to feel that every individual has a RIGHT to do what ever they please with their property. That is not the case. There are rules and limitations to what you can and cannot do. Zoning Laws are set up to ensure the betterment of society, not just an individual. In this case, with the Brook, it's the zoning change that is being opposed, this due to what is being extrapolated to happen as a result to anticipated changes to the land. While there might be some general opposition to the proposed developers, I do not believe anyone has said they don't want development, just not at that location. I don't want to speak for Mike, but I don't believe he is saying NO DEVELOPMENT. It just needs to be done in the proper context. And if that means the seller cannot maximize their profit, so be it. Land investment is just that ... an investment. You could win, you could loose. The Government has the right in certain situation to condemn your land for the betterment of Society. In this case the town has zoned the land to prevent the anticipated development. The developer wants to change that. Those opposed to the change are saying to find a better place to develop.
  10. I believe the Right Whales are a spring visitor ... I was on a whale watching trip in Juneau Alaska when a pod of feeding humpbacks came about 50 yards away from us ... we were stopped and the whales approached us ... they were bubble netting herring. Most amazing thing I've seen. Whales would come up with a mouthful of herring so close we could smell'em
  11. PM sent You should like the Old Town. Lot's of folks love them. As long as you've figured out how to transport it you should be fine.
  12. Have fun! Sounds like a great trip pics so we in New England can live vicariously through you ... at least for a few more weeks
  13. If you look carefully, after a certain number of beers, there is a faint image of Jesus in the rock ... or is it an image of a piece of toast ...
  14. I'm impressed with the web site ... looks like a good product. Same price as my 2018 Compass. It's about 1/3 the cost of an Outback. The exec team appears to be the real deal. Go for it ... I wonder what the warrantee is?
  15. My go-to in my kayak is a 7 foot Tsunami Five-star spinning rod, Medium Power ... just bought my 2nd ... bought my 1st 5 years ago and still going strong ... $40. Great inshore rod for throwing 1 Oz and under. Caught keeper fish on it in the rips. I pair this rod with a Penn Spinfisher (V or VI) 4500 ... will stand up to splashing nicely and won't cost you an arm & a leg. If you are seeking a bargain looked used ... I just picked up a nice Spinfisher V lightly used for $75.