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  1. If I remember correctly a lot had to do with the migration route and the HS Crab stock drops which I want to say is the Chesapeake Bay region ...
  2. You'd be incorrect, sir. My wife was teaching the same to her 7th grade science class. There are several documentaries on the subject of Plovers
  3. My wife is a 7th grade science teacher and she showed a video to her students about this several years ago ... I'll ask what it is
  4. Definitely Monomoy ... should be smokin' You might want to consider CCBay out of Sesuit; bass and blues are being caught. There is also winter flounder off Sesuit, and sight fishing the Brewster Flats. Check out Hogy's website for locations and reports
  5. Yep, those were the days ... unless of course you were black, or yellow, or red, or poor and indentured to some monopolistic robber Barron, or you caught small pox, or had to wipe yourself with poison oak leaves because TP was invented yet, or just wanted a hot shower to clean off ... yessir personal freedoms ...
  6. Get out and fish because that act is worth some serious mojo ... well done!
  7. This just came out from RISAA ... we should all act on it We are requesting that RISAA Members Take Action! Call your State Senator Support H 8055 - which establishes a visible High Tide line and gives legal passage up to 6 ft above line. As I noted last time.. RISAA rarely asks its membership to get involved in State Legislature bills as we understand we are a fishing club first and foremost and our political views vary as much as our lure choices. BUT this is one that matter. We have really one last week to get our State Senators to pass this. Please Call your State Senator See below on how to find them) as with a week to go we believe that's the most effective way to show support for this bill. As most everyone one of us - even us boat guys at some point have children and grandchildren on the beach for a bit of fishing at some point in our lives. This is the bill to ensure that some private hired security guard etc cant come down and either fence off or scare us off the beach due to a vague and undetermined version of the 28 year average of the high tide line. This bill clearly defines the High tide as the Wrack line (debris line) and gives anglers and other 6' of clearance above that line. Bill H. 8055 Sub A is worth our support. In its simplest form this Bill identifies the weed line on the beach (wrack line) as the high tide line and allows anglers and others to be below this line as well as provides a 6 ft passage above that line free of harassment from private beach front property owners. Bill, H 8055 is very important for all of us who access the shore for swimming, fishing and other activities. It defines the High Water Line as something that is reasonable and can be seen - the "rack line" or "weed line" and allows public use from the ocean to 6 ft above the visible Wrack Line . You can see the actual Bill : click here for bill link What we are asking of you.... PLEASE place a Phone call or yo can email EMAIL TO SUPPORT RISAA'S POSITION We have made it very simple. Just send an email or at this point we prefer a phone call your StateSenator TO: (get email from the link below) Subject: Support for H 8055 Dear Representative: I am a recreational fisherman and I understand the importance of access to the shore for many reasons, including fishing. I think the changes provided by H 8055 are the way to proceed to keep access to our shore free and open to the public. Please support H 8055 and vote in favor of this measure. Thank you. YOUR NAME ADDRESS CITY, STATE Find your Elected Officials
  8. I have a Cellblok but don't use it now as I thru-wired my Hobie Compass for my Garmin Striker. The biggest challenge with the CellBlok is keeping the arm in the water ... it wants to swing up with the water resistance. I tried a metal arm and it wasn't great ... I was going to jury-rig the arm to the front of the CellBlok so it would stay in place better, but never got around to it. I do love the portability of the CellBlok ... just mount it to your rails and you're good to go. AND the power line never rotted out on me ... a huge problem with in-hull wired solutions. It's a little bulky and may get in the way of getting off/on your kayak, and sometimes interfere with landing a fish, but you can usually find a good position as long as your rail is long enough.
  9. That is an AWESOME hack ... well done! I just put my Compass on the rails and tie down ... J-Bars too me are an additional potential POF, used only if I transport 2 kayaks on my roof MY BADI did not read the entire OP ... I think the dually J Bars are reasonable for a one-time or infrequent trip ... I am actually looking at a Yakima BigStack bars to do the same as I have a Yakima rack. Check out CL/FB lots of carriers there cheap
  10. You need to decide what you want ... If you want to just fish, a Pedal Yak will outperform any paddle yak IMO. If having a fishing machine is important, then the Hobie Outback or an Old Town Predator or something similar may be more to your liking. If you want a light-weight/spur-of-the-moment platform without major fishing bells and whistles, that limits the pool. I have the Hobie Compass ... I love it. I just need to get to where I want to go and not worry about car-topping or carrying as it is 68# stripped. There are a number of Outback owners who will say "no problem car topping an Outback", but for me as a 60+ yo, there is a SIGNIFICANT portability delta between the 2. If you want to be really simple, a nice Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 foot is a no-brainer ... throw it on top of your car, grab you tackle bag (with a minimum amount of equipment) one or two rods and go. There is a difference between how the peddle drive (Old Town type) and Fin drive (Hobie type) function so you'd be best to try them out and see what you like. Chasing Albies? Can't go wrong with a Revo 13 ...
  11. Typically (or it used to be anyway) that Fluke (Summer Flounder) were found south of Cape Cod. Not sure if there are many fluke in CCB ... but there are winter flounder. Back in the day I could catch 50 or more winter flounders in a sitting ... but that was back in the '70s
  12. Second on the Weber Smokey Mt ... got a mid-sized (there are 3 sizes I know of) and have been learning on this the past year. Love the charcoal ... takes a bit to get the temps to hold and to know when to add more charcoal. Had some superior ribs the other night ... You can smoke bluefish on a gas grill ... did it once several years ago. The trick is to keep the lid open a tad and the gas turned way down low on 1/2 the grates only. put the smoking wood in a tin pan ... about 2x as much as in a smoker. make sure the fish is not over flame. Came out like Bluefish candy ...
  13. Tsunami 5 Star Medium 7 Foot ... a great light plugging rod and super with soft baits. Works well for me on the kayak. Rather indestructible and cheap ... $40
  14. Don't give up on Barnstable Harbor ... fish weekdays to avoid the major boat traffic, ride the dropping tide out to the mouth of the harbor, and ride the incoming back in. Brewster Flats is another location to try on a kayak