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  1. Definitely bring back memories of your dad! Btw, you forgot to post a pic of his blue Toyota pickup w/ custom camper cap. Thanks...gotta give you a buzz.
  2. Since Morningwood declined, I’ll take the GRS troller for $90
  3. Can you provide the dimensions of the CD shelf unit? Thanks
  4. Still interested In Kingfisher per my previous offer...convenient local pickup.
  5. $30 for the Kingfisher and we can arrange local pickup?
  6. Check the Plugs - Buy / Sell section... someone’s selling bulk 1 1/2 oz bucktails, 2 dozen for for $50.
  7. Offering to trade my new VS150 for the VS200
  8. If you're interested, I have a 'new in box' VS150 black.
  9. $50 for the hat and on LI for local pickup.
  10. Sorry for the delay... New in box black VS250 and lightly used/carried GRS blackfish surface pike.
  11. Ok...will forward pics. Btw, I don't collect any plugs either...all intended to be fished, so I have a variety at the ready.
  12. Night Fishing Permit- If you're planning on fishing the lighthouse area or Hither Hills at night, make sure you plan for a NYS Parks night fishing permit...deadline for the season is over, but I believe there's a 5 day visitor's permit available. Check details in advance and prepare. You can always fish town permit required for walk-on. Or have your wife drop you off somewhere and set-up pick up reception can be sketchy in many Montauk areas. Btw, 4×4 beach access is another thing...separate beach permits for NYS, Suffolk County and East Hampton...yes, all in Montauk. Good can pm me for any Montauk details.
  13. Black vs. Would have to take some pics of plug choices after work. Any particular types, colors, patterns, sizes you're interested in?
  14. on long island...but I get up to CT and RI often
  15. I could do a new in box vs250 with 1 or 2 GRS pikes or other plugs...if you're interested