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    Montauk in the dark, since late '70's
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    Striped fishies...big striped fishies...
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    Construction Management

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  1. Hey SS Needle…sorry, just checked and don’t have any BM trollers to spare. Other troller makers…yes. Other BM swimmers…yes. Good luck.
  2. Sorry, haven’t been to my equipment storage yet.
  3. I have a couple I can offer up. Just gotta see which ones. But, I won’t be able to check my plugs, and take pics, for another week or 2.
  4. All yours SS Needle. All gone…Closing this up. Thanks everyone and wishing all a Happy Holiday Season!
  5. SS Needle, typicalsurfcaster confirmed #6 was back in the pool...thanks typicalsurfcaster. So, remaining #3 Sr Herring color & #6 Jr Reverse Eelskin color are available to you first...just let me know. Thanks
  6. typicalsurfcaster, Last call on responding to this...otherwise gotta let it go to next up.
  7. All yours. Not sure about next week, due to the holiday week, but we can coordinate. Thanks
  8. Remaining available: # 9 Gibbs Steroid #11 Gibbs Eelskin #12 Gibbs Eelskin #21 Danny Jr Surprised Gibbs Eelskins not taken. # 3 CB Sr (on hold for now) # 6 CB Jr (on hold for now)
  9. Waiting on typicalsurfcaster to confirm on #6 CB Jr, regarding 2 plug minimum on shipping...giving him till morning, otherwise yours if you want it. Otherwise, #3 CB Sr is available, if you want dibs...but still 2 plug min shipped. Thanks
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