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  1. Ok thanks
  2. Is the darter solid blue?
  3. There is counterfeit spools that come from china that are labeled as power pro but they are not. All power pro is made by Innovativetextiles in the USA.
  4. I work in a shop and all power pro super slick and standard powerpro all say made in the USA.
  5. You got it.
  6. Im going to let it ride for now.
  7. You got it
  8. All brand new 2017 Shipped paypal Mac glider-$180 mac 2nd bar-$90-sold grey/white 2nd bar-$85-sold
  9. Is the darter white or silver on the bottom?
  10. Pp sent
  11. Sounds good
  12. Ill take them.
  13. Lets see what your guys got!!!!!!!
  14. I will take bottom right please Silver/white