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  1. How is it voter intimidation when they already voted?
  2. The US will never have renewable energy dominance when we rely on China for lithium. The US has exactly one lithium mine and that's it. Also, most solar cells come from China as well BTW.
  3. Doin the lords work.
  4. Had covid and a long hauler, Moderna #1 hurty arm and nothing more. 12 hours after #2 I had a temp over 100F. and that was with taking tylenol as a fever reducer every 4 hours. It took about 36 hours to be right. Really felt just like Covid only I didn't lose my sense of taste or smell
  5. Did you happen to notice an increase in conceptual thinking after the fact?
  6. Plus add the fact that opiates are very addictive and so far, psychedelics have shown to not be addictive. BTW, LSD and not MDMA but look at the sheer amount of pathways opened in the brain while on the drug.
  7. MDMA in the news: (NEWSER) – Ecstasy appears on track to become an FDA-approved prescription treatment if the results of the first Phase 3 trial on psychedelic-assisted therapy are any indication. As the New York Times reports, 67% of PTSD patients who were given a dose of the drug during therapy no longer qualified for a PTSD diagnosis two months after treatment. That was compared to 32% of PTSD patients given a placebo. There was evidence that ecstasy, also known as MDMA, helped therapy patients in the late 1970s, before it became a recreational drug and was criminalized in 1985. It enhances the release of serotonin and dopamine, both of which regulate mood. A 2019 study on mice found that MDMA may also return the brain to a "state of malleability," per the Times. But "it's the therapy enhanced by the drug" that's doing the work here, says senior author Rick Doblin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.
  8. Progressives for sure
  9. Can anyone name one time repubs fought fire with fire instead of rolling over and showing their yellow underbelly?
  10. Just like a “rich” person not paying their “fair share”. The hypocrisy is deafening.
  11. My parrot doesn't know what it's talking about but it sure says a lot of words.
  12. Happy Bday!!