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  1. The Federal Communications Commission is urging Apple and Google to ban TikTok, which he says "harvests swaths of sensitive data that new reports show are being accessed in Beijing." Brendan Carr, one of the FCC's four current commissioners, made the request to pull TikTok from app stores in a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and Sunder Pichal, CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, CNBC reports. Looks like Trump was right. Who's gonna go bump some old threads cause there's gotta be some gold in them thar hills.
  2. Yes, nice rack but I'd be fearful if she is going down for a hummer. Scrape life!
  3. Well, you can't burn them cause that's bad for the environment, you must take them to a government run recycling facility and trade them for hedge sheers (safety blades of course) and old school person powered wheel mowers.
  4. Why stop there, just burn that pesky Constitution.
  5. It's only because some brave Democrat governors enacted laws banning plastic straws, plastic bags and Styrofoam containers that we are all still breathing. You really should be more thankful.
  6. plus with states adopting plastic straw bans, we have to have a surplus of oil now since those petroleum products won't be used to manufacture those evil things.
  7. How many people who are pissed at this coach were all "He's so brave" when speaking about Colin Kaepernick.
  8. I'm sure this is a reflection in how she treats most people of color.
  9. My portfolio depended on it.
  10. Invest in cheap pot metal futures.
  11. I think their point is you bleed more when using a coat hanger in your bathroom.
  12. I agree 100%, just alienated a ton of independent voters or those that were starting to learn or look at a more conservative platform
  13. I think I'm going to start picking and choosing what laws I want to follow, seems to work for the ruling class, why not us?