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  1. I've taken a SKB Rod Pod full of rods to Baja three times and Houston once with no issues what so ever. Just checked as regular baggage for the regular baggage fee.
  2. I hope, but like D_L said, i'll believe it when I see it.
  3. One of the strangest LPE's ever.
  4. I'm sorry for your lost.
  5. But the city / states will get sued and will pay and it will always be a reflection. i don't expect him to do anything near any sort of time. He's ruling class, the laws only apply to us serfs.
  6. I look forward to the lawsuits.
  7. Good lord, name one politician that is not sowing division right now?
  8. Not for nothing, but good use of the word paramecium.
  9. the buffet at The Bellagio in Vegas, I was really damned determined to get my monies worth and just pigged out. That said, I did end up barfing a lot of it back up about an hour later. I was gambling and had to leave the table, I b-lined it to the restroom. Poor toilet had no idea what hit it.
  10. I guess red called it first BTW, if it were me, i'd get a fourth and fifth opinion before someone gets near my ticker with a scalpel.
  11. LOL, of course there is "zero evidence", it is a drug being used off label so there have never been any official clinical trials of the drug being used to treat Covid-19.
  12. Mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do.
  13. You know there was a big ol empty navy ship not being used right? Your blase answer is exactly why the NY death rate is so high, it was not a "Sophie's Choice" situation, there were and are other options, and please, go look at the data on the death rates and tell me again why this order was a good idea and needed.
  14. What is your take on this?