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  1. I unlocked this thread as Tim doesn't like it when discussion threads are locked
  2. Last time we had a Fling at San G., I made a new buddy. Right Paladin?
  3. Woke up on the wrong coast, but made the best of it. First day had a guide, got into a great Kingfish bite in the morning then moved inshore for my first snook and a decent red. Had a lot of fun in the beach at night, Shannon andd I got into a lot of speckled trout and even snook. Good times......
  4. Not sure how many people are in your area, but hopefully, "Build it and they will come". Get a place and date and post it and see what kind of response you get.
  5. Several vendors have already opened up sales to CA customers, this is awesome.
  6. How much petrified dinosaur blood (oil) does it take to run and maintain a windmill each year?
  7. LOL, several magazine vendors have already opened up sales to CA to +10 round mags until an injunction hits. This is awesome.
  8. Yup, it's good. It will now go to the 9th circuit and we know what will happen there. The Ninth will overrule and hopefully then it goes to SCOTUS.
  9. LOL, why so hard on yourself? BTW, I have to clue how the fishery is back east, I moderate the West Coast forum cause I live on the west coast.
  10. LOL, not anymore, since our stupid government felt it needed to regulate the porn industry and force the use of condoms, the industry is pretty much moving to Vegas. This is more of the CA governemt blows goats part.
  11. i saw Pink Floyd at The Rose Bowl as well as Motor Head and Metallica at The Rose Bowl and those were two of the best concerts I ever attended.
  12. I love the area I live in CA, small working class beach town Politics suck balls in the state, but honestly, is it any worse then NJ or NY?
  13. Prop 47 already started that.
  14. You left out the fact this directly goes against the people's vote. We recently voted to speed up the death penalty process so people are actually put to death and not sitting on our dime till they die f natural causes and that bill passed. We also voted to repeal the death penalty and that bill failed. The people have spoken and Gavin just crapped on their votes cause they don't mean anything apparently.