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  1. Mmmmm....canned people.
  2. And yeah, we planted wild strawberries for the local critters. Because we appreciate them.
  3. I"ve got massive chipmunks in my garden. And rabbits, 2 babies. No loss on the basil.
  4. Wow. I got popcorn here....
  5. What do you call a guy that uses the rhythm method? Daddy. My father told me that when I was 14. It's stuck for over 50 years.
  6. And above all else, stay the hell away from Pole 714. The guy is nuts, and you may slip on the Skittles. All, stay safe.
  7. Today I went to the local supermarket for ingredients for Carnitas and Pina Colada Cake. It's my of way stocking up for the days to come. Half of the carnitas went to the next door neighbors on the left side of the house, half of the cake went to the right side. You guys stock up on your bullets, toilet paper and bad thoughts. I'll think of my neighbors.
  8. I blame Trump. Sorry, had to do it.
  9. Selfie?
  10. Nick's Nest http://www.nicksnestholyoke.com
  11. I'm not a champion of the Sole or any of the other restaurants they own in the city, but the possibility that it sucked is probably in the very low percentage. More likely the tip was typical of the type that would be left over in Ireland, England. And Foley's? I've had F&C while in England, Foley's doesn't compare. Liam would be disappointed. But it would give a true Worcester experience. Maybe wash it down with a dollar draft at the Vernon?
  12. Couple (?) of weeks ago he was at the Sole in Worcester with an entourage. Restaurant was all giddy. Left a 10% tip. Employees not so happy.
  13. What was the tick situation like this year?
  14. Cook's Pond, Olean Street Worcester MA. Black bear walking through backyards afternoon daylight hours 05/19.