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  1. Just a size 1/0 olive over white clouser with some flash. that fly seems to be the ticket. schools of small sandeels pushed up against shore as well so this seemed to match the profile well. Alot of the fish i caught i didnt even need to strip but let the fly swing in the current as they were waiting in ambush. Cheers.
  2. Title says it all. Hope someone is willing to liquidate
  3. What a deal ....if only I checked 2 hours ago
  4. what would you describe the heliply action like, looking for a backup to my TT Horizon, - something to use full sink line on.
  5. YOUR THE BEST TimS!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Thank you so much for helping me out, have an awesome season, and i hope that you and yours are safe and healthy during these wild times. Thanks again! Chad
  6. fished a beach in sandwich yesterday morning, good action lots of small guys biggest about 24" all on fly B)
  7. Title Says it all. locked out of my account and the email is old (college email) and i do not have access. need help from ADMIN or Mod to get back in. Thanks !
  8. Hey everyone, I usually fly fish but I want to start chunking and using live bait. I was wondering if you all could give me some tips and techniques for using circle hooks. Please be very descriptive.... thanks and tight lines!
  9. Yess good call. I over reacted though, i just hate the crowds as fishing is something we usually do for solitude. sometimes I wish i was alive in a time with a less populous earth solely for less competition on the water lol
  10. this makes me SICK. Looks like the schoolie tournament all over again...smh good thing I have a kayak!
  11. Love these rods, interested to see whats out there.
  12. also down to read and support.
  13. Charlie, My bad dog! Busy day and didnt hop on till now. Got the PM. Thanks man!
  14. Charlie, can I purchase that NO2 I was inquiring about?