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  1. BUMP interested at $100. Please repost in June when you have access ans I will confirm offer.
  2. Hey All, happy holidays. Lookin to buy my a fly tying vice for someone interested in tying. Looking to spend under 200 for Vice and materials and some stuff so let’s see what ya got!
  3. any of these lines match upwith that Mojo?
  4. Where you located boi?! Thats a damn fine stick.
  5. I’ll take the 8ft glx and sphero for 220 pickup ?
  6. I’ll take this and pay for shipping if your willing!!!
  7. Witnessed one today. Then caught a schoolie on a 7inch bunker fly lmao
  8. 520 for the combo ?
  9. Thanks Gentlemen, both great offers and awesome rods. Slip N slide, hard for me to say no but i already have an RPLXI 9wt and am really looking for either a Method or if older a TCX. something about those newer models that are just so fast that i really love.
  10. Respectfully offer $300
  11. nevermind.
  12. BUMP on this. anyone have a METHOD they wanna liquidate?
  13. Sir, are the reels in the mix for purchase?
  14. $200 t and t?