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  1. Lol anybody? Cmon, don’t make me beg. Lol
  2. Oh cmon!! Now I have to buy more ****! Lol
  3. I like the reel because of the seals and the fact I kayak fish. Just don’t like loosing fish when the drag goes in an out causing/aiding the hook in popping out.
  4. Awesome! I sent you a PM. Thank you!
  5. You wouldn’t be interested in just selling the cart would you? Don’t know to much about that cart but I’ve been looking for one like it (Sit the kayak on top instead of scuppers)
  6. What are the two plugs on the right?
  7. Bunker snag seems in order.
  8. I don’t remember who I spoke to. He did say they have a good stock so I should have it by this upcoming Wednesday. He did try for the Avid. Honestly, I would have but just bought a new hobie and a Elite Ti2 pretty recently. I have a bunch of St. Croix LMB rods I converted to fluke rods which are absolutely awesome. This is the only rod I’ve ever had issues with. I’m happy with how it went. For me, it was really quick and easy.
  9. Anybody have one? A mini or the full size?
  10. Send it back under warranty fir an insert popping out? Never would of thought to do that. I just get it replaced at a local shop.
  11. I would of upgraded. But in the last month or so, I bought a new hobie and a Lowrance Ti2. Just didn’t feel like doing it right now. Lol
  12. I’m sure the cost is built in. Like everything else. Lol “Mexican Mono”. Oh ****, did I open a can of worms?
  13. I had to use the St. Croix warranty for one of my rods. I’m pretty impressed with St. Croix. Back in 2016 I bought a 9’ St. Croix Mojo Surf 3/4-4oz with a 5 year warranty. I have a bunch of St. Croix rods and I’ve never had an issue with any of them. With this rod, I’ve had a bunch of issues with the guides and at the end of last season, it started spinning at the reel seat. I took it to a local tackle shop to fix the reel seat and to fix yet another guide which had an Insert pop out. I was told the reel seat was a warranty issue. I contacted St. Croix, sent them the entire rod, and was told with one phone call (they called me) that they are giving me a brand new rod. A brand new rod for a rod that has been fished for almost three years.... that’s freakin awesome!!!!! Just sharing my experience.
  14. Send me a few.... I’ll test them for you. Lol They look great though.
  15. You forgot this one Jeff! My legs still hurt. Had to be almost 10 miles that day