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  1. I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking to buy a T.Rex Arms Med 1 IFAK Pouch or a BlueForce Gear Micro. Preferably something with an insert that you can pull out. Thank you
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. Yea I know they say they “require” them. Most party boats also say no drug use and no poaching on board, but every time I’m on a party boat, it happens. Was hoping someone went out with them recently. Oh well. Thanks anyway
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I’d imagine these boats are limited capacity right now too. It’s done by reservation only.
  5. I’m looking to see if anyone has gone on the Norma K in the last several weeks. My question is do they make you wear a mask the whole time? I’d like to get a group of guys I work with to go, but don’t feel like wearing a mask for 7+ hours. Thanks
  6. Fished the incoming out back (OC) this morning 5am-11:30am on the kayak using a variety of baits. Pretty slow for the most part, probably only like 6 or 7 fish all day. Ended up with one real nice one that went 7.5ish lbs on the Boga. Caught it on a buck tail and strip of bluefish on the lightest setup I have. Lol fun fight for sure.
  7. I’ve had a Shimano Citica 201E for like 10 years. Had an issue with free spool that I think is unrelated to why I’m posting... it’s fixed. While looking at the other issue I had, I figure I’d clean since I had the reel opened already. I disassembled, cleaned, greased, and put it back together. It now clicks like 7 or 8 times with 1 turn of the handle. I’m thinking it’s the pinion gear/yoke. It had not been cleaned in legit like 10 years. I’m thinking by cleaning out all the crap, the worn pinion gear is now clicking. What do you guys think? Also, it’ll click with the reel in the normal reeling position (like when you’re fishing) but the sound stops when reeled with the side of the reel facing up. Another problem is I think the pinion gear is discontinued. It’s mainly a fluking reel so it’s not like I’m casting and retrieving plugs. I can probably deal with the click. But if i can fix it the right way, why not. Thanks guys
  8. Thank you. I’ve been trying to call over the last 2 hours. The phone just keep saying busy.
  9. Hey SOL!! This one might be a long shot, but here it goes.... My wife and I are selling our current house (closing early June) and I just turned on our irrigation system. The Wilkins 720a pressure vacuum breaker is leaking at the bonnet. Apparently, at one point or another it froze and bent. I need a new bonnet for it. I can buy one online but it’ll take forever. Anybody maybe have an old one laying around? Maybe. Old scrap? The picture has the parts I need. The plastic cap and bonnet. Thank you! I’m in Toms River if that helps.
  10. I just got the Stradic FL C3000xg this spring. I have it on a St. Croix Legend and use it off the kayak. I’ve caught some really big fish on it this spring, like a 32-35lb striper. That’s fishing from a yak though. Little different from land based because the fish pulls you around a bit. If you are kayak fishing, I’d go with the 3000. If you are fishing from shore, i’d go at 4000. Its def a nice reel. Drag is good and consistent. Insanely smooth too. I’m happy with mine for sure.
  11. Yup. Not that many people target them anymore. I only do it early season just to get out of the house.
  12. I started fishing for them maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I’m not an expert by any means. I normally stopped once the blues showed up, so right about now. I’m sure there are a couple still around but it was my understanding they are starting to move offshore this time of year.
  13. I’m not gonna be any use in this thread. It’s should of been entitled “Just the tip” though. Probably would see a bunch more traffic on the post. You’re welcome.
  14. I’ve wanted to launch the yak in DB for them for a couple years now. I’ve got the gear for it. Just don’t know that area or much about targeting drum. Anchor and chum them up. Bait with clams I guess.
  15. Glad your husband was able to fix it...