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  1. Never heard of the 1 gram rule of thumb. That’s interesting. Thank you
  2. Thank you
  3. Hey SOL, I just ordered a Nomad Vibe Max 130 (2.5oz) and was curious about water depth. Anyone have any experience with the 130? Can I fish this in like 15-20 feet of water? Or not deep enough. I just ordered it tonight so if I gotta exchange it, I’d rather do it now. I also bought a Vibe Swim 110 (1.5oz) which should be good. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  4. Yea, thanks for the advice on the lifeline. Def look into getting that!
  5. Bought one at the store today. Closing it down.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I’m ready to go now. Practiced with the bow for the first time today. Didn’t do to shabby. Gonna try to get out there this week.
  7. I’ll look into them and a box. I might just move everything to another spot. More secure and remote. Don’t want a stand getting stolen too. I’m pretty much set up now to start. I need a safety harness which is a must and I’m pretty sure I have everything. Besides a field dressing kit. Bought a bow today.
  8. Looking to buy an arrow target to practice on with a compound bow. I’m in the southern Ocean County area of NJ. Let me know what you have. Looking for a quick pick up
  9. I’ve got two old broken ones…
  10. Lol if I ended up being to close to someone, I would of gotten the hint by just turning the cam off and putting it on the ground. I’m just gonna piss all over the place back there. And maybe empty the lint trap from my dryer. Happy Hunting You little ****
  11. Just my luck!!!! I’m brand new to hunting and have been doing some scouting. I have several trail cams (that I just purchased). I put one of them out on a game trail last Sunday (12/19) in Zone 24. I am always super aware of signs of other hunters. And won’t be anywhere near them if I do see something. I went to go pull the SD card this afternoon and I get to where it is and nothing…. Someone took the whole thing off of the tree!!!!! I checked the area heavily to see if someone “yeeted” it. (Been working with a couple younger guys at work. I guess then means throw??? Lol ) and nothing. My brother and I also checked the area heavily and didn’t locate anyone’s stuff or signs in the area. Who the hell steals peoples ****? This is so aggravating!! It wasn’t an expensive camera, it’s just the principle. And to make matters worse, it was a cam I put out in a location my brother wanted to hunt. (He doesn’t have cameras yet) This is the same type of cam that was out. I’m really just venting. Sucks to invest in gear just to have someone just steal it.
  12. Ok. Still a while north of me. Good luck
  13. What parts of NJ will you be traveling through? I’d be interested in the climber
  14. I knew I heard it. It was during our line up. The deer didn’t want anything I threw at them. Metal lips, gliders, buck tails. Also wanna see what Boga deer grip he is using.
  15. Now that I think of it, whoever it is shot a deer today. Their hunting can't be doing that bad. Hahahaha Either way, shoot me a PM if you're here please