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  1. Are they an authorized Hobie dealer? It’s either them or Fisherman Supply which I haven’t heard good things about.
  2. I’m trying to upgrade my Outback and reached out to Harvey Cedars Marina vie Facebook and telephone. No answer on the telephone and they checked the FB message but no response. Are they still in business? Closed for season? Just don’t like me? Lol
  3. How is this still available? I’m trying to find a reason to buy it lol
  4. Nice job!! What fishing finder do you have again?
  5. All my fluking rods are my old LMB rods. Lol they are awesome. Not that I catch doormats, but I’ve had fish in the 6lb range last year with no probem.
  6. I’m in. Thank you!!!
  7. Exactly what everyone else said. I have a 2014 Outback and have done just fine without it. It may make it easier depending on tides and what you are trying to fishing structure. Hobie customers have fished without the reverse for many years and did just fine.
  8. I'm in because I've got an itch to fish!!!! BTW, thank you for this.
  9. I target them in early spring before the blues move in. It's really something just to get the dusk off of the kayak. Not many guys targeting them anymore.
  10. Great post! I CAN’T wait to go flounder fishing again!!!!
  11. Awesome. Thank you
  12. I’ll be there! It’s an 8am start?
  13. Is Barrel still a dealer? Maybe we can get the Winter/SOL discount. Lol
  14. A Buddha162 catered food fling?
  15. Thanks. I forgot until now.