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  1. Absolutely!!!! They make way to much doing it. The occasional fine is just the cost of them doing business. And they don't care if you take their Walmart special rod and reel.
  2. I'll take #2 for asking pending pictures. Is the lifeproof case included?
  3. I’d definitely drive up from Jersey and fish! Never had a chance to fish it, but it seemed like a really fun time.
  4. Gotta love those guys. Lol the ones that stretch 475 rods out over 3/4s of a mile.
  5. That thing looks like it’s in good shape!!!
  6. Holy crap.
  7. That sucks. At least you were able to beach it. That could of been bad. I think I’m going to start carrying a pump with me just in case of **** like this.
  8. That’s awesome!! You know exactly what I’m talking about. I thought it was cool.
  9. Yup. It has those.
  10. My wetsuit is the last to go on. It serves its purpose but I don’t want it on any longer then it has to be on. Kinda uncomfortable. It has separate foot thingys (technical term) so I’m not worried about wearing them out.
  11. Wasn’t for sale. I saw it when I was in the house working and said “Those are some nice staals” He said thanks, check the ones serial number. Lol
  12. That’s pretty cool. Was in really good shape too. Thanks for info. I wonder if the low serial number gives it more value.
  13. Damn. So this would be the 10th VS300 ever made?
  14. I saw a VS300 today with a serial number in the low 100s.... yes like one hundred and something!!! Anyone know how old that reel is approximately. Was told it was one of the first ones sold in the US. Pretty cool.
  15. Search this forum for safety threads about kayaks. There are a TON of threads which lists everything you should have/know. I wouldnt wear waders. If you guys are going to be kayaking in colder water/weather, you def need a wetsuit or a dry suit. We’ve had a couple members here with some insanely close calls, so please don’t skimp out in the safety department. In the summer for clothing i normally just wear a bathing suit, spf shirt, a hat, and face mask. (And PFD of course. i probably wear a wetsuit until mid May, but it really depends on the weather/water temps.if don’t correctly, it’ll be a great way to spend time with your son! Can’t wait until mines old enough.