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  1. The place I bought mine from was pretty tight on the discounts. Kinda like MAP pricing. Once and a while you’ll see discounts on older/left over boats, but not new models. Most places will give you accessory credit though which is negotiable. Example: you pay full price on the boat, but you’ll get $150 worth of free accessories. Your gonna want/need something with the boat. Whether it be a cart, safety flag, fish finder mount, etc., etc. and welcome to SOL!!
  2. I’ll tell you where they go..... They go to me! Lol
  3. I kind of did both methods. I used the thermometer as well as the bend and crack method. Lol Are the ribs supposed to be rib side up or down in foil? And what do you do for what reason?
  4. Nothing special. Today I kinda modified it a little bit. Thin coat of yellow mustard and then some Dillo Dust (A product from Lularoe Tactical for any of the gun guys here). It’s all I really had. Into the smoker at 275 degrees for 2.5 hours. Pull it out and wrapped it in tin foil with honey, brown sugar, and apple juice and back in the smoker on same heat. Cook for another hour. Put some Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ on it and back in for 15 minutes. Looking to get some different rubs I found online. Gotta do some experimenting.
  5. Are you supposed to trim the skirt and knuckle?
  6. Yea, the wife spoils me.
  7. Made more ribs today. Baby back prepped the same way, just cooked differently. Plus used the thermometer to make sure it was right. Absolutely delicious!!!!! I think the problem last time was I never got the ribs hot enough to break down the fat. These ribs today were amazing man.
  8. Yes, I did.
  9. You might be right with the descriptive term. Thanks for the compliment! I just went out to Lowe’s and picked up a meat thermometer. You guys taking the temps while cooking? I needed to purchase one anyway.
  10. So I’m starting to think it was operator error! Lol the ribs were delicious, just a little more “oily” then I’d like. Parts of it (thinner portions of meat) were delicious. Thicker portions were “oily”. I couldn’t wait. I got out of work early. I’m smoking baby backs right now. Lol I’ll let you know if I screw these up too
  11. Next time I’m gonna do baby backs. St. Louis ones were good, but I think I’d like baby backs better.
  12. The wife surprised me with a Traeger Eastwood Wood Pellet Smoker for Father’s Day. I’ll admit, prior to getting it, I could barely cook hamburgers on the grill. So there’s gonna be a learning curve for me! Lol I broke in the smoker with St. Louis Style Ribs. Found a recipe and kind of followed it. Had as a lot of fun doing it. Gonna try pulled pork and work up to some brisket. Anyone have any suggestions or pointers moving forward?
  13. Sucks for me.
  14. I have the same kayak just in Ivory Dune. I absolutely love it. Kinda wish I got the camo
  15. Yea, I’m looking to do the same thing. OP isn’t responding