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  1. Between work and trying to get some fishing in, the same way it looked two weeks ago. Lol hahaha
  2. Would preemergent help if I put it down heavy in the fall/spring?
  3. Oh geez. I hope not. If so, that’s on the builder!! Maybe from sod farm?
  4. Closer picture of blades.
  5. I appreciate all the responses. I’m gonna try a couple different options. The builder sodded in late fall last year. Roots never full set and it went dormant. I didn’t put pre emergent down fearing it would stop the sod roots from setting. I guess this is the result. I’m thinking whatever it is was in the sod when it got delivered. I’m was exited about having a nice lawn this year. I’ve got get rid of it. I’ll let you guys know how I turn out.
  6. All of it? Even next to the walkway?
  7. Can any lawn guys 100% identify this stuff? And maybe how I can get rid of it before I set the yard on fire? Lol thank you
  8. Possibly looking to purchase a 25” Easton, T Ball Bat. My little guy started T Ball and has opening day Saturday. Trying to get my little man a decent bat so he can hit BOMBS!!! Lol let me know what you have please. Phil
  9. Hey SOL, I have a new construction that I want to paint/seal a basement floor. I started doing some reading and read something about etching the concrete before hand. I don’t wanna mess it up. Anyone have any suggestions of a business to get a quote. I’m in Stafford, NJ. Because of the whole not promoting businesses, you can message me if that works. Thanks SOL.
  10. Hopefully I’m reading this right. You need a mask for the railed concrete section that runs along the jetty. Once you get on the rocks you’re good. And the lighthouse has been closed.
  11. The .223 would be awesome
  12. Def more than a couple ducks around for sure. Tried fishing briefly but no luck. I’m sure they are in there though.
  13. Thank you
  14. Finally did our first hike back there today. Holy crap there is a lot of land!! Probably back there for like 3.5-4 hours. Mainly stayed on what presumably looked like old fire trails. Wanted to check out a lake in the middle of nowhere. Son wouldn’t let me leave the fishing pole at home. Haha