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  1. So I shouldn’t of released the bunch I caught this week? Lol hahaha
  2. Nice!! I was dying to launch this morning!!!! Just didn’t want to do it solo. You guys catch anything?
  3. A couple buddies and I had the same thing the other day. Sizable Albies and small Bonito. Bonito are the toothy ones I believe.
  4. I always do it. I started this season. Helps especially when I'm fishing on the kayak or at night. I use the improved alberto knot (I think that's what its called).
  5. If not too late, I'm in!
  6. Welcome to the forum. And some good information.
  7. I've attended the "Stop the Bleed" course several times. It's a good course to attend. You never know when you will need it. The bleed can be from anything. ie: a great white, amputation, gunshot wound, lacerations, etc. the possibilities are endless. Any of us could be in the shop making plugs and accidentally cut an artery. With a massive bleed, you could die before 9-1-1 even answers the phone. Be prepared.
  8. He’s probably just snagged on the bottom. Hahaha
  9. Lol hahaha that’s classic. I’ve personally seen shops post that there is almost complete mayhem at a particular spot.... when I was there at the same time and no one was catching ****. They are in the business to make money, lying gets the report chasers off the couch and in their shop.
  10. I normally take three. The three I take vary though depending on time of year and what I’m targeting.
  11. I would love to make a trip to NYC for tog this year on the yak. I just don't know my ass from my elbow on where to fish up there. The spots I fish in NJ just don't have the same structure. I gotta start fishing jigs this year.
  12. I called the guy in charge of the warranty and left a message. I’m assuming they’ll just swap spools and drag Knob. Sounds common. It’s just annoying AF to fish with.
  13. What contact information did everyone use for Tsunami warranty services?
  14. That def makes sense with the drive. Besides the crash landing, how was the fishing?
  15. Just bad timing I guess. Lol I’m glad you’re ok. I never understood why people take the drive out. Why is that? I always feel like I have more control with it in.