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  1. Kill and be killed
  2. Thanks--the more I looked at it the more I figured it was kinky fiber. I've seen some very good yak before though with very consistent crimp. I've had a lot of follows from very big fish off the rocks during the day, far bigger than any I've caught. There are guys in Maine I see on instagram who somehow hook these fish in daylight--I haven't got it figured out.
  3. Damn seadogg, those are beautiful. Are they simply hollow-tied yak?
  4. I remember my dad telling me a (possibly apocryphal) anecdote about this fisherman who had a ton of trophy fish mounts all over his den. There was a prominent empty space above the mantle, and Dad asked what he was going to put there. He said he was saving that spot for a six pound bluegill. Edit: probably he said 4 or 5 pounds
  5. I suppose if you really needed to swim for it you might want to ditch the waders (along with all your gear). But yeah, this would be a very unlikely scenario. If you read Rich Murphy's Fly Fishing for Striped Bass (which also has a wealth of excellent technical information on stripers) he describes one such scenario.
  6. Wonderbread
  7. Yeah I look a little silly in my giant waders but at least I am dry. I also imagine if you got in a situation where you wanted to get out of them in the water (like Rich Murphy's story about cutting them off with a knife on Crane Beach) it would be better to not have fashionable skinny waders.
  8. Yeah the mack is also very full. Doable with darts but too high for the fly contingent. I went by and sent out a few roll casts--I did catch a shad's scale when I bumped into one. It wasn't very fun casting from the bushes so I headed out to the salt, where I was skunked.
  9. Went out this evening no results. Last night I stopped to fish in CT on way home from ny and got three between 25 and 28, very hard fighting. Bodes well, as last year was dinksville for me. Maybe I should just move to CT.
  10. It should be sarcasm, but in reality their lower-end waders leak with such remarkable consistency that it must be a feature and not a flaw.
  11. What you are experiencing is perfectly normal--Orvis and LL Bean waders take on some water immediately, and continue to leak progressively more over time. Eventually you will get a little pool of water up to your knees that you can squelch around in. It's how they are designed.
  12. what exactly is a lane? how do you know where they might go on open water?
  13. I've seen people's Frog Togs leak on the first trip, although I suppose any brand can have a flaw. For years I used Bean's lower cost waders which are garbage and leak almost from the start, and Orvis which were better. I have some Dan Bailey's that work great right now--unfortunately they seem to be defunct. I do have a theory about making cheaper waders last: Get waders that are considerably larger than your size (one or two sizes). I think a lot of the strain on waders around booties (where the most irreparable leaks start) and knees comes from stretching and pulling them off. If they are nice and big you can slip in and out without damage, and they will wear less from movement.
  14. Ipswich really took COVID annoyingness to the ultimate level.
  15. What are those in bottom/center? Look like giant albie wh***es