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  1. I would have told you to start with a two hand rod lol. Wind is almost always a factor, and a heavy two hander makes life a lot easier. I wish I had switched years ago. Fortunately I never invested heavily in single hand in rod and reels, always using used stuff that I scrounged up. Seriously, look into spey before you go too far! Single hand is great for sight fishing flats, but everywhere else I will take the two.
  2. I wasn't going to say it, but I also don't care much for surf candies. I am sure they work great for blue water or sea trout in Denmark or wherever, but I have not had much luck with them on sunny flats in NE. I will do better with a simple bendback.
  3. Over the years I have cut back on the patterns I use, and I find there are some I just don't end up fishing that much. For example, I don't seem to have that much luck with "realistic" crab and shrimp flies, Sea Habit type flies, and flies with ultra hair. I used to do a lot with slinky fiber and craft fur, too, but now I am mostly tying bucktail, marabou, and schlappen--mostly hollows and soft hackles. I have stopped using clousers much. I find that some of my louder Maine patterns don't seem to work as well in Mass. I am worried that I am going to turn into Steve Culton at some point, but fortunately the cost involved keeps me away from fancy flatwing saddles. Do you guys have any flies that just don't work well for you? Or flies you just don't like for some reason...
  4. ****n! Those jacks must have been a hell of a fight. Nice work. There is nothing like beach snook in summer
  5. I know this topic has been amply covered, but I have some specific questions. I have switched to mostly fishing with two hander with either a 600 gr skagit or a 33-foot section of T-18. On the recommendation of the great Maine fisherman Alan Lindberg I got some SA braided polyethylene mono. This is great stuff and I strongly recommend it, especially for bottom fishing the flats. I wanted to set up a second spool with a running line that sinks for fishing deep off the rocks, and I got some Gamma Frog Hair mono at Bear's Den. Only 12 bucks. The mono shoots like a rocket and works great in the basket, but even after watering and a lot of stretching it is very soft. I have very little feel and I have missed some hookups when not stripping at top speed. I don't recommend it for striper fishing. Is there a mono that sinks at least somewhat and is very stiff? I need to have a good connection with my fly when it's 30 feet down, as there is already not a lot of tension. Does anyone here use Lazar Line in the salt? Does it sink? Are any of the cheap monos nice and stiff? Here is a bonus bad pic of a 27-incher I got swinging a 7-in white/olive hollow fly on the outgoing on the Cape this weekend. Too many seals, but I still managed. We need more sharks!
  6. I tell ya though I used to live in Maine and I would do fine in the middle of the day in August next to a couple beaches. I have this feeling that fish behave differently in Maine and Mass, although it makes no sense. We often talked about how unproductive night fishing was up there (although I am still not a night guy).
  7. Thanks for posting, I love the patriotic foam
  8. Got a few dink last night around Newbury area. Finally got the stupid advance pass and went to a certain beach in the morning, but it was very calm water and no activity. Does anyone ever catch fish in those conditions in July during the day? I looked hard for "cruisers" in the trough. Nothing.
  9. Damn this thread got fairly nightmarish
  10. This is a bit off topic but I want to rant about Crane Beach. They are making permit holders reserve tickets in advance, and you can't reserve the same day because of their ridiculous interpretation of our halfwit governor's half-capacity beach policy. I had no pass today because you can't get one the same day. I wanted to fish there and I drove up to ask if I could go in, since it was clear that there would be practically no one there due to the foul weather. But no, they sat there talking to me about "we are in a pandemic." I will literally eat my hat if one person catches coronavirus from a stranger at the beach. These regulations are merely political theater. Crane Beach has gone beyond even the normal Massachusetts love of bureaucratic hurdles. And then Ipswich has temporary parking bans in place along the creeks, because somehow people going kayaking is also going to cause corona. It seems to me the stuck up twits on the coast are simply using this situation as an excuse to make it even harder for people to park and fish.
  11. Well you guys are no fun...
  12. Tied up a red white and blue Gartside soft hackle as a tribute to Gartside and the Spirit of '76. Gartside himself tied a great red white and blue gurgler and beastmaster. I would like to see some more red white and blue flies, so if anyone has one post 'em up.
  13. Last weekend I had a ton of follows and almost no bites despite a day of hard fishing dawn til dusk from the rocks. I tried everything, but maybe it was a bit too calm and clear. At one point I did have two very big cows follow my fly right to my feet. Definitely 40-plus. I know they are there. Saw what I believe was a minke whale at about 300 yards, my second shore whale sighting in as many years.
  14. Graveyard Shift thank you, I always enjoy reading your posts.
  15. Oof I found there is already a discussion on this—I had searched the wrong thing. Another dead thread