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  1. Hogy epoxy jig, casts great can be fished slow... everything eats them
  2. I'll take 1 pink/yellow and 1 x-mass special if you still have them available.
  3. Preferably a light colored surface. But anything I dont have already or catches my eye..
  4. Blue flash slim surfster with light use. Looking for something different.
  5. I'll take it...thanks
  6. If you have a combat in bunker pattern I would certainly take it.. if no bunker pattern I'll just take the 1 chartreuse . Thanks bro
  7. I'll take 1 chartreuse and 1 bunker you have any more..
  8. Always keep a pair of bolt cutters in the truck. You just never know....
  9. I have both American and China vs's... the china models are smoother than my American vs. My buddy has a few zee's. He has issues with the line roller on both but loves and swears by them. Both are awesome, hard to go wrong
  10. 2nds for asking price
  11. Appreciate the chance...
  12. No worries ,thanks for the offer... tight lines
  13. I appreciate the offer but don't need the flatlander holder. I could do $150 for the boga and $15 for shipping and fees.
  14. I appreciate it.
  15. $150ish