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  1. WTT this 2015 skinny Minnie in used but great condition for another skinny Minnie. This one is 3.1oz on my scale. I'm looking for a lighter one...maby 2oz.
  2. With ss plugs, Green eye float Black eye sink Red eye fast sink
  3. Right, or you recognize them and get your stuff back.. definitely worth a shot
  4. ^ this.... doorbell cams. I wouldn't doubt one of your neighbors has it on video.
  5. Thanks, pm on the way
  6. Here ya go. Both ends of the pouch wrap around the belt and velcro in place.
  7. The 2nd photo is the front. I can take a better picture when I get home if you would like.
  8. Sounds good, ill send a pm after my morning work meeting
  9. 2-3oz preferably round bottom but I fish flat bottom aswell
  10. Sounds good, pm on the way
  11. How about the calamari darter and $50 for the top 3? No need for more pics of the darter as ill be fishing it anyway.
  12. I have these AH skin plugs, all are new. I would do $40 each pp ff shipped.
  13. Mostly ss darters, gliders and pencils.
  14. Possibly,what are you thinking to trade?