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  1. Keep an eye on your line, if its windy or strong current the line will "twitch" or "jump" when the jig hits bottom. If its calm water your line will drop when you hit bottom.
  2. Its doable, not as hard as it seems. I've been there many times lol.
  3. I just received my shipping confirmation from a order of gulp I placed the 1st week of June.. I forgot I even ordered it,lol
  4. I've had a few that were missing barbs. Not a big deal in my opinion, but I've never had one with a misplaced barb. That can make unhooking tricky lol.
  5. $90 it is... done deal. Please pm me with your pp info and I'll send funds asap.
  6. No worries.
  7. Respectfully offer $80 shipped.
  8. Here you go,its new but has some storage marks/blems.
  9. Like title states,any color works. Looking for a sealed spool. Thanks for looking.
  10. I'm sorry, I forgot about this. I will send photos as soon as I get off work today,about 4pm.
  11. I have a new maple spin. Red with black around the eyes, also has a black strip down it's back if I remember correctly. Can send you photos later if your intrested.
  12. Thanks bro.
  13. I have an American vs200 with sealed drag. I'm looking to pick up a spare spool. My question is, will any vs200 spool fit? Thanks in advance.
  14. I catch alot of fish that size too.