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  1. This one is great too
  2. the main forum...who even goes there?
  3. must watch, what a legend!
  4. Up in monmouth county, I use a 7' as well, surf is generally calm in the summertime unless there's a storm or strong winds, tossing 3/4-1oz bucktails. Not sure about that far south
  5. pics or didn't happen...congrats! That's a monster smallie Got out yesterday for a few hours in the afternoon. No wind, glass calm water and heat had the fish easily spooked. Ended the day with a decent smallie and 2 lmb's. Had some follows but no takers on topwater...really haven't found a good topwater bite this year
  6. Had a great outing Friday afternoon. Hot out but some decent wind. Big smallies were up shallow. If I could spot them and drop the ned rig near them, they were all taking it on the drop. finished with 9 fish with 3 over 3lbs, best at 3.7, long fish at 19". Fish were hungry Sunday afternoon, insane heat + humidity and no wind made for a much tougher bite. Fish were easily spooked and not interested in my offerings but I stuck it out and landed 2 lmb's at the end of the outing, with one of those being around 3lbs. Clear water and no wind made the fish i caught really fun to watch. Also had a few swipes at topwater but no hookups.
  7. ^^nice fish phil!
  8. Got out yesterday after work for a few hours. 2 smallies, 1 on a jerkbait, other on a senko. Saw a few bigger fish cruising but they weren't interested in what I was throwing. Conditions looked great for topwater, gave it a shot for a good 20 minutes but no action.
  9. Nice work everyone! Got out fri, sat, & sunday this weekend Friday got a couple of smallies on the jerkbait then switched to a different lake and struck out. Saturday convinced the gf to come to a 'picnic' and I brought some rods. We quickly ate lunch and she was having a blast catching smallies, rock bass, and panfish on worms + tiny jig head. She almost got a jumbo perch too. Water was super clear so it was fun watching the action. Sunday got a couple of dink smallies and a jumbo perch on a ned rig. Dropped a really nice fish. Perch weighed 1.3lbs and it was long and skinny. Water is super clear and could see some monster smallies & lmb's cruise by but they wouldn't take anything. What would you guys throw? Depth is from 10 to 30+ feet. Once I switched to the ned rig I was getting more bites. I tried a nose hooked fluke on a wacky hook, wacky rigged senko, craw on a jig head. I'm also using straight braid, no leader. Going to try fluoro leader and maybe drop shotting as well as continue to work the trd. It's painful for me to work baits that slow though...curious what you guys would do
  10. Got out for a quick outing yesterday evening. Hit a like I'd struck out at 3 or 4 times last year. Water clarity was very poor, light brown murky water. Saw a bass show himself right in front of me gulping down a fry that swam past. Put the jerkbait in front of him and sure enough he came up and gulped it. Got another one in the same vicinity. No bites on a topwater frog. Saw some big carp launching themselves as well
  11. ^^^wow inhaled it
  12. Report for friday. Made the decision to fish a larger reservoir vs my normal smaller lake figuring the larger body of water would be cooler and further behind the spawning process. I'd never caught anything in 6-7 outings at this particular resy. Saw lots of smaller bass in the shallows and some smallies up on beds. Managed 2 smallies one of which was a good size and threw the hook with an amazing jump right in front of me, and a banged up lmb post spawner. Was one of the longest lmb's i've ever seen but very skinny. Really wanted to get a weight but was hesitant to touch it due to sores all over its body and I couldn't get the gripper on. It flopped back into the water. I'd guess around 4lbs and maybe a 6lb fish had it been eating Oh well...still felt good about finally catching at this spot. Jerkbait worked fast was the ticket
  13. Is this sarcasm? did you read the post?
  14. i bought a bunch, they are good for fluke. Hair does come off. Also good when you know you'll be losing a lot of lures i.e. rocky areas
  15. Got out for a quick outing saturday sundown. Two lmb's, both on topwater working a small rebel pop-r tight to the bank. One dink, other over 3lbs Got a long session in on sunday. Explored a more remote side of the lake. Very slow day but managed a couple of dink smallies, an lmb who hit a crankbait once it floated to the surface (???), a pickerel, good size perch, and a red breasted sunfish. Still saw lots of bass & panfish on beds but tough to find hungry fish. Threw everything in the bag