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  1. welcome to the yakkin forum! I got my hobie outback last fall and also felt like a fish out of water. Watched a ton of youtube videos to try and figure out things like launching, etc. A guide is a good idea especially if you have to be careful with your energy expenditure. They will accelerate the learning curve quite a bit i'm sure. Have to pay attention to weather conditions, wind, and tide specific to your local area because they can put you in a position where you need to spend a lot of energy to get back to shore. The good news is that there are a ton of fish in the LIS not far from shore. Check out yakkingwithbigfoot on youtube, believe he is based out of montauk but he may be able to help you out finding a guide. Get a pair of gloves as my hands get cut up all the time from handling fish. I found a drysuit on backcountry using a 20% off coupon during one of their sales, but a dry suit will not keep you warm, only dry so make sure you educate yourself and make a smart decision in terms of the risk of being out on cold water vs what is right for your body and your condition.
  2. at the beach w/ my wife and brought a rod. Tons of bait getting moved around, tossing a snapper popper got into endless snappers, some cocktail blues, a schoolie striper, and a first for me atlantic mackarel (small). So cool, thought I saw one a few weeks ago on the kayak but wasn't sure. Getting some serious fomo w/ all of the albie reports, shaping up to be a nice fall
  3. how'd you do cheech? I was out saturday and saw peanut bunker and other bait all over the place
  4. it attaches to the swivel base that comes w/ the striker unit
  5. correct that the striker 4 tracks and you can leave waypoints but does not have maps. I've had one for about a year and it is a solid basic unit. Mine is mounted on a ram mount like your but the top section is a circular ff plate that bolts directly to the garmin circular base, you can buy the plate separately and use your ram mounting system. If your Elite 4 had maps, you will be disappointed w/ the stiker 4
  6. Welcome! I'll echo the safety sentiment as the #1 priority. I use windalert + check + tides to plan conditions. Navionics chart viewer to learn bottom contours I found paddling in current + fishing to be very challenging. Having a pedal drive helps tremendously w/ this but still a lot of guys successful paddling only. I would focus on trolling tube n worm (tipped w/ sandworm) and setting up drifts + bottom fishing for fluke over structure or depth changes until you start to get the hang of it.
  7. Believe OP said freshwater, not sure tube n worm would apply
  8. hope it wasn't the same one....
  9. Not a catch but spotted a large turtle on my kayak in the western sound last week. Had a large yellow and black head, saw him surface 4 or 5 times. Super cool to see. Think it was a green or loggerhead sea turtle
  10. ^^^gotcha, thanks
  11. Nice. how is mounted in the rear like that?
  12. Hahaha hardly from the man, some great diversity in the sound. bass & weakie hit the tube, blues & fluke had a taste for gulp, porgies on sandworms, tog on some asian crabs I gathered at a pit stop at low tide.
  13. Still some good sized bass around. Out for a long session this past weekend and hit the inshore grand slam: bluefish, weakfish, striper, porgy, fluke, blackfish
  14. Looks like some fun outings! what flag is that and how is it mounted?
  15. Got it, thanks z-man. I'm in a yak so am forced to get intimate with the inshore structure. When conditions allow, i'll explore the backside of some of the islands a bit more where the deeper water is