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  1. Thanks! Good to know. I launched my kayak at a park access spot (county or twp not sure) earlier in the week when there was good weather and was blown away with the amount of teenage kids running around hugging and kissing on each other like COVID never happened...groups of 6-10 which means you have at least half that many families represented in the mix and cross contaminating. I couldn't believe how bad it was, and it's the younger, healthier individuals that can run around spreading this without even knowing. Shame on their parents for allowing something like that to happen. I hope they don't pay the price for it.
  2. So here's the suit I just picked up for $333 + $20 shipping +tax for a total of $370 bucks. The pictures make the suit look in good shape, so I'm hoping it doesn't have any significant issues. It's used, but at that price I figured it would be worth jumping on it. The selling has 1000's of deals and top rating, too. Thoughts?
  3. Fished NoMoco back bay this morning for about 3 hours around 8-11am as the tide came in. Thew assorted Hydro Minnow colors, SP, shads and a couple other plastics without any hits. I saw another 10 guys or so that were using lures and none had luck, but there was one guy using bloodworms that had about 8 shortie size bass. The front and NE wind seemed to make the water murky, but the weeds weren't too bad. It was my first time really looking for access points in the area and I never knew there are so many places to get access that was a success for my future efforts to get out there.
  4. Appreciate everyone's input on this! Based on the feedback I'm going to hold off and see if I can pick up good deal on a used or discounted suit, or just wait until things warm up. I went off land in NoMoco backwater this morning and saw some kayakers using every combination you all mentioned...they didn't have any more luck than those of us on land did...for today at least. What I did notice is that the guys are kayaks were buddied up, which seems like an equally smart idea as any other safety precautions. Tight lines and be safe out there! Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Glad to hear you made it through your incident.
  6. Yea, I'm definitely not trying to be one of those foolish guys who end up in a bad predicament because they pushed the limits. It's just as easy to stay on shore with waders and enjoy my time on the water just the same. I'm going to take a look for semi dry suits and see what I can find on discount. Worst case scenario I can pick up a wet suit and wait until the water/air temps are more appropriate.
  7. Hey all! I'm hoping to break this COVID lockdown by getting out on my yak in NJ Raritan Bay. I often fish from my kayak in the summer, but not this time of year because work is so busy I don't have time...well, now I do. I was looking at some wetsuits on REI during their current discount sale, but thought I'd ask if guys are using full Dry Suits this time of year. I searched the forum and found some recommendations on footwear -- NRS boots, etc. but couldn't find a topic on Dry Suit vs. Wetsuit. What are you guys wearing? Cost is on my mind because I still won't get out for more than a few times. Can I get away with a 3mm wetsuit, footwear and a good PFD?
  8. The marina is located in CNJ. Despite the situation I didn't want to start name dropping the specific Marina.
  9. Exactly. It looks like they just threw some fill across the damage and tried to sand/smooth it out to make it look fixed, but the crack is still there and the patch job looks like crap. The damage circles around a side access door that can be opened on the port side of the boat. Bottom line is that if the boat was removed to dry dock like he paid and hired for nothing would have happened. Here's a stock picture that I highlighted with approx. damage area.
  10. Hello, A friend of mine is looking for recommendations on where to go for a hull repair estimate and quality job after his boat sustained damage due to marina negligence. He has the boat stored at a dry dock marina where the boat is kept on a rack, but after our last time fishing the marina left the boat in the water for over a month without putting it back on a rack like it should have been. As a result the boat saw heavy undergrowth on the bottom (fixable) but also hull damage that they say occurred during one of the bad stores we had a month or so ago. The marina said they would fix it, but after reviewing it this weekend it's still cracked and isn't a clean job at all....Now they are giving him the runaround. Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? If so, how did you approach it? What places are recommended for good hull repair, since the marina did a crap job. Any suggestions are appreciated; thank you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
  11. To be honest, not this one. But before everyone judges it's the only Striper I've killed in probably 10 years. I always release but I was with my dad and his friend who took the meat for their freezer. Different mentality with some of the old timers who only get out once or twice a year. It was my dads 3rd trip in as many years and the first time we've actually caught. We caught 3 fish and kept the 3 before releasing a couple and quickly switching over to sea bass so we weren't causing any potential mortality harm to fish that needed to be released anyway.
  12. Update: We went out on another charter from BI and found the bass early Weds. I ended up catching a PB 45 lb striper! I tried flicking after and caught one short. The current was ripping and it was also hard to get past the seabass.
  13. We were in about 45-50 ft of water. We saw some small bunches of sandeels but nothing too good. Surprisingly the sea bass were pretty empty and didn’t have bellies full of them. I think that Tog went just over 13 pounds. Caught it a few years ago, but beat it with a couple high 13s this past year. I fish the party boats out of NJ so I’m happy with getting a couple fish that big without the benefit of a charter or personal boat to target smaller rock piles for bigger fish.
  14. Thanks! Seems like the south side offers the best shot at bass. I’m hoping to get over there tonight, but my dad isn’t a fan of walking the stairs, so we might just go from St Ann’s church area instead.
  15. We fished the south side by boat offshore from Black Rock area, found good size seabass and scup but no Stripers. Also had a 4-5 lb Blackfish that crushed a sand eel jig. We didn’t fluke, but also found schools of micro bass closer to the island that wouldn’t bite, but lots of Big blues crushing anything we threw at the bass schools. Heading back out Weds and might try for some fluke.