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  1. Not just biased, but CONSPIRING in their bias. Amirite?
  2. Shoot, if I were them, I'd be bragging about it, not lying about it. Look what we did!!
  3. Their ^symbolism^ will be their downfall.
  4. Anyone else find this to be.... interesting? (Sorry, Tim - commercial link but necessary to prove authenticity - please remove if inappropriate)
  5. You can stop lying now. Its almost over. You can literally count the minutes now.
  6. He indisputably won. Will he take his rightful place? That's the only question left.
  7. Maybe it was too nutty even for here. That's saying something about how nutty it was.
  8. If you say so, clown. Honk honk
  9. Yes. You're either American or Uniparty, but never both.
  10. Give it up. All the evidence required has been presented. Its nobody's fault but yours if you close your eyes to it.
  11. I wonder why he needs 6 gorrillion troops to protect him tomorrow but not today?
  12. I don't see any bulletproof glass. He looks reaaaaaally skeered of getting shot by some uber white notsee.
  13. I agree. You'll continue to chuckle at loss after loss after loss. Because that's what losers do. Wait... what??
  14. You've already approved of it being tossed aside, so a) you have no right to beatch, b) you hold no moral high ground whatsoever, and c) we're taking what's ours and there's nothing you can do about it.
  15. You're finally taking that vacation to see Mao's birthplace in China? Oooohhhh.... sorry... China was not covered in Trump's EO to open up travel. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still banned.