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  1. Thank you.
  2. Don't forget that in response to Seth Rich giving the emails to Wikileaks, and the subsequent stories about the dnc being hacked, the dnc completely refused to cooperate with the fbi. They refused to turn over server hardware for analysis. Then, completely unshockingly (in hindsight), the VERY uncurious fbi simply went . Instead, the dnc supposedly gave their hardware to some **** owned "cyber security" firm, who found traces of something that could, if enough microscopes are used and 94 out-of-thin-air assumptions are made [GASP!!!] It was the Russians, boys!! Russians hacked the dnc!!!
  3. Got none. Love all. Love makes the world go round.
  4. Are you making assumptions because he wrote some gibberish on his hand or do you actually know something? Was he in fact a member of the mob? Yes, no, don't know? If the answer is an affirmative no, then what possible motivation would draw a white nationalist to do that over, for example, shooting up a mosque or la Raza office or Democrat party retreat? Do you know anything that is factual? (I know nothing about this, so if it's already been resolved, please point me to a link or something. It just looks like a bunch of guesses based on nothingness.)
  5. Care to share these global instances?
  6. You man the ones DNC worker Seth Rich released to wiki leaks?
  7. How did they help him win? Seems like nobody's quite nailed this part down yet. But they absolutely did help him win!!!!!!!
  8. Projection of the year from Mr "if it isn't printed in the old grey lady, it's beneath me to consider the evidence presented".
  9. FIFY.
  10. Toddler train: we can changes it! Muh amendments! Adult: yes, Frank, both can be changed by going through a process made intentionally difficult to avoid children from arbitrarily changing it. Here's your milky. It's almost time for your nappy.
  11. (BM on the right): Pardon me, sir, but would you happen to have any grey lady? My political awareness comes only from life's finer pleasures. Me: Bah ouai, monsieur! Voila c'est petit sac de merde flambe. Bon appetit et au revoire!
  12. Excuse me sir, but are you aware of the foreign influence this specious British tabloid has had on the American electorate? And have you any grey poupon?
  13. Because all of the "unreliable" news sources that have been proven correct simply aren't tasteful enough. Excuse me, sir, have you any grey poupon?