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  1. This is true and I overestimated my own tolerance for looking at them. My neighbor put all of his panels on roof sections that don't face the street. That was smart. I wish I had done the same, although it might not have been possible due to morning shading on the backyard side.
  2. Absolutely. I learned this a long time ago by general observation. I use this information every time I walk into a meeting. Question everything.
  3. I own my system. 100% financing is for purchase. It's bankable because it's a mortgage, not a personal loan. Also, you're off base a little with who benefits. People in states with high utility rates (blue states that make it expensive through retarded regulation) benefit most because the delta between electricity rates and ownership costs are the highest. You don't need to be in the desert to benefit from solar. Being in the desert just means you have greater efficiency and you don't need to purchase as many panels. Even then you could still lose because those places generally have low electric rates.
  4. I'm sorry. I don't understand you through the tin foil. Please remove it and speak clearly. Thanks.
  5. OK, since you "challenged" me, I just sorted out the numbers. Solar has an anniversary date. That's important because that's when they reset the "rollover" credits. For me its 3/1. So between 3/1/18 and 2/28/19, I paid $252 to LIPA for electricity overage (does not include the $12 monthly connection fee). That's an average of $21/month. Also, I tabulated kWh production and compared to the design production - I was only 3% lower than design, which actually surprised me because I thought it was lower than that. Before solar: Paid LIPA average of $220/month Last year with crap weather: Paid LIPA ^ average $21/month for usage + $12 connection fee + $150 per month to the bank for the solar loan. That's $183/month, which is still $37 less than before. This year (so far - fingers crossed) the weather is great and I'm banking credits like crazy so I'll save about $60/month from before. Plus - as utility rates rise over time, the savings will be even more because the loan is fixed. I get that solar is not for everyone AND there's a lot of hype around it for sure, but IF you plan to live in your home for a long time AND you don't mind looking at the panels on your roof AND your roof is fairly new AND your roof is not obstructed by shade - you can do pretty well with solar. Its monthly savings from day one and not a penny invested up front thanks to 100% financing.
  6. Solar panels lose efficiency over time but they still produce 80+% after 20 years. The solar companies literally bank on that - they offer performance guarantees for any reason, even weather related. If you don't produce the contractual minimum (which is low, of course), they will pay you the difference. Before i bought into it, i produced a spreadsheet to figure out the break even point. I did a ton of research. What i learned was that the way the salesmen calculate break even is bogus. They use cash equivalent when everyone is financing them 100%. So naturally, since you're paying by mortgage, the break even point occurs when you sell your home. When you sell your home you must pay off the solar loan. You also have cash savings monthly, as well as depreciation and the sales value added by having solar. I spoke to a licensed appraiser to figure out the solar improvement value, which works out effectively to about a third of the install cost. Anyway, i figured it takes about 8 years to break even, so don't do solar unless you plan to stay longer than that. Of course, after the solar loan is paid off (15 years for me) then all of your electricity is free.
  7. It surely has. There are solar panels still in use after 40 years. They've been around a long time. They're only commercially viable recently. But that doesn't mean there is no or little data on long term performance.
  8. I own them and i can take them with me if i wanted but i wouldn't. Its basically a permanent addition to the house. You can't look at this technology the way you look at computers. Its more like a boiler for home. Only there is a 25 year warranty for the panels. Try finding a boiler with a 25 year warranty. It wouldn't matter how much solar power changes over time, or even if it becomes obsolete. It's going to stay on the roof until the end of its useful life. Do you change your boiler every year they come out with something new? Of course not. I don't see electricity becoming obsolete within the lifespan of my solar panels.
  9. Before i paid LIPA $220/month on average. Now I pay LIPA $12/month and the bank $150. There's enough savings to offset bad weather like last year including the bad weather situation i had last year, which was an anomoly and not expected this year. In fact this year is outperforming thanks to great weather all spring. That's why I'm not sure if i paid more or less than i would have before. I have to add up all the bills. Haven't got around to it yet.
  10. Way more. I had solar installed 2 years ago. I have a 10 kw system. The way it works is the system is designed tupp produce 100% of my power for the whole year. When i make more than i use, it gets put into a "bank" like rollover minutes for a cell phone. When i make less than i use, i draw from the "bank". The bank is the grid. Of course it doesn't get stored like a battery - is just an accounting exercise. But the idea is that there is good weather and bad, short days in winter and long in summer. I'm supposed to make a bit more than i use and at the end of the year i don't pay anything for electricity. What i pay is a fixed monthly loan amount that is about $50/ month less than my old electric payment. In reality, the weather was unusually bad last year during the times of peak production (spring and fall) so we didn't have much in the credit bank. I haven't crunched the numbers to see if we actually paid more or less than without solar. I'm guessing a little more. So far this year is way better than last year and we're banking production big time.
  11. Support what? More words on paper that get completely ignored or worse? We need a hard reset.
  12. Wait until he starts hanging them...
  13. Just sayin' - the uniparty has been using the constitooshun for toilet paper for decades. Show me an example of enumerated powers. They take every damned power they want! If the fed were limited to the powers enumerated by the constitooshun, it would be 1/1024th its current size and scope. TP....
  14. Update it from soft to plush so it doesn't scar your sensitive bottom?
  15. MAGA

    Hang the enemy of the people. It's the only logical choice.