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  1. The cops are in on it. No wonder they're shooting at women and children standing on their own front porch. They probably have orders to randomly shoot at normies.
  2. I have a problem with cops being outrageously aggressive with innocent bystanders while failing to engage on any meaningful level with the rioters. This is the root of the problem and it has nothing to do with obeying police orders. They should be shooting rioters and kissing the ass of every taxpayer. You know those 2 groups are mutually exclusive.
  3. I think Billy Joel wrote a song about that.
  4. Don't put me in that group. I don't fit a single one of those categories.
  5. Come on, man. The people that "shoot each other" are fully expecting it. It's not random and definitely not random from a cop with a shotgun while you're standing on your own front porch. If I randomly walked by your front porch and shot you with a paint ball or rubber bullet you'd probably return fire with lead. This woman didn't do anything wrong. You don't have to defend the cops solely for the purpose of defending cops uber alles.
  6. Then the consequences should be the same. Up on him. Light him up.
  7. Because it was unlawful and immoral. Unlawful because the curfew order specifically exempts your front porch along with the rest of your property. Immoral because the street was peaceful and this woman was just standing on her front porch watching the parade. It's likely she didn't even realize they were barking at her. Immoral because you don't shoot women and children standing on their front porch. "Obey police orders" doesn't even come close to the issues addressed in the video.
  8. Light her up! Light up her kids too!
  9. I was just reading about aristotelian rhetoric this morning, actually. Your statement contained no information relating to the topic at hand. Doesn't even matter if it was true or not.
  10. Wrap your Billy club in velvet.
  11. You understand that it doesn't matter whether that statement is true or false. It literally has no bearing at all on issue.
  12. Nobody disagrees with that. The problem is "until there is reason to do otherwise" already came and went on several occasions.
  13. That's just nonsense. This woman was on her front porch with no protestors or rioting nearby. The order to get inside was nonsense. If the so called leader of that gang had any brains, he would have told his guys to stand down. The curfew specifically exempts your own house and property. The cop order was illegal. It was immoral because they could not possibly have mistaken these people standing on their own front porch for rioters. I'd give them a pass if there was rioting going on around them, but as you can see in the video, the street was peaceful until swat daddy showed up. NO PASSES GIVEN
  14. Pretty sure it was rubber bullets.