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  1. Great! Thanks. Closing this as sold. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  2. Can we split the difference? $175?
  3. Sorry, guys, I was busy yesterday and missed the notifications. YES its still available. I bought it on amazon. I just searched my orders. Its not available anymore, but here's the description: 1/32-5/8" 3JT PRO-SERIES KEYLESS DRILL CHUCK & JT3-1MT TAPER ARBOR MT1 CNC The picture is wrong. Amazon is going downhill lately. Edit - drill chuck is MT2. It definitely fits the arbor. I've used it many times.
  4. Bumpedy bump. Still time to grind out a few plugs. Don't forget your night fishing or 4x4 permit.
  5. closing. sold off site.
  6. Harbor Freight 10x18 lathe for sale. Includes lathe, inexpensive HF chisels and drill chuck. Its in great shape. I would consider it "excellent" shape. Nothing broken and no missing pieces. Just a little dusty. $200 obo. Local pickup only in Nassau Cty, Long Island.
  7. Deal. Send me a PM with your number and we'll arrange pickup. I'll throw in the small parts if you want. I'm going to close this for now and maybe put the lathe up separately later.
  8. Sure. Make an offer.
  9. Up for grabs is a Briggs & Stratton Storm Responder OHV 5500 Running Watts, 8250 Starter Watts - Model# 030430. Over 5 kw running power, 8 kw startup power. This baby will run half your house in an outage. Has 4 120V outlets and one 30A/240V outlet so you can hook it up to a transfer switch or your drier outlet (be responsible!). 7-gallon fuel tank provides up to 13 hours of run time at 50% load. Disclaimers: * I'm the second owner. I was told it was never used except to make sure it works once in a blue moon. * I have never used it for an outage - my dumb luck that PSEG did tree trimming and I haven't had an outage since. * I have splashed some gas in to make sure it runs (it does). Never plugged anything into it. I would say its "near like new" or "excellent" condition. Just a little dusty from storage. Make your wife happy next time the power goes out and she'll return the favor. Asking $500, local pickup only in Nassau Cty, Long Island.
  10. Bumpedy bump. Still plenty of time to get some plugs made.
  11. It goes right to the bottom where it belongs.
  12. Ekki (reclaimed pier decking). Hard as nails. Very tough to drill.
  13. Along with heating bill.
  14. Hey, guys. Not sure if this is against the rules - if it is, then sorry and feel free to take it down - but I have a complete kit for building plugs over at the BST, including wood. I figured it might get the right exposure here. Of course, all transaction business should be conducted on the BST thread. Great kit for a beginner. Thanks for looking.
  15. I don't have any purple heart, but I do have your avatar's girlfriend. She has a couple of bite marks but otherwise still pretty sexy.