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  1. There it is again. Must be a talking point. Anytime a leftist says something that is observably untrue it has to be projection. Now, I'm not accusing knoob of being thin skinned (observably not), but it's clear as a bell whoever is writing the talking points memos is.
  2. "Random killings are taking place all over the country" Thats an every day occurrence. It's as unusual as it is in Chicago.
  4. Let them eat each other, which is already in practice anyway.
  5. The dud has been educated on this topic before. So he's either rather dull or clinically insane.
  6. Is been going on for decades. WAY before trump. TDS. How many lies must be told to cover the earlier lies? You lie about illegal voting to cover for the lie that democrats are not importing the turd world to create a vote plantation to cover the lie that there will be no more amnesty to cover the lie that the 1965 immigration bill will not change the demographics of the USA. You're doing Satan's work.
  7. There you go. Has nothing to do with trump except he is a politician that actually highlighted the issue whereas the uniparty wants to memory hole the entire thing. As you do. Are you paid for your propaganda?
  8. Home depot sells poppy plants? You sure about that?
  9. The difference between legal and illegal poppy growing rests on whether you know if the pod can be used to get high. It's literally the cops reading your mind to see if you're guilty. Of course, this very post is evidence that I'm aware, so if I grew poppies - for any purpose - I could be guilty of committing a crime. A thought crime. I could go to jail over a thought crime. Let that sink in.
  10. Rainbows, unicorns, utopias, participation awards and safe spaces for everyone!
  11. ^^^ willful deception. If you believe this you're stupid. If you're parroting it to defend the status quo you're a liar and stupid for thinking anyone will believe it.
  12. But it's not. It's not hard at all. All it takes is the will to investigate and prosecute. Democrats fight tooth & nail against it. Republicans have shown no interest whatsoever. There are private groups suing Democrat cities for voter roll information. They are uncovering non citizen voting and fraud but this is about the most expensive way to go about it. The law must step in. There must be prosecutions against the election boards in these Democrat cities. This is why the US and A is toast. It no longer exists because there is no rule of law. If trump went after these obvious cheats and got convictions with jail time, then maybe I'd change my mind a little. But so far he's not doing it and I think the reason is because no republican has his back. The Republicans are going along with the democrats on this issue for some reason. They're bought off, blackmailed, whatever - they're not fixing anything. They're not restoring the rule of law. Toast.
  13. Exactly. He thinks like a politician. Can't see past the end of his nose, doesn't give a crap about the consequences, won't be around to take responsibility. HE'S PERFECT FOR THE JOB! "I'll be fishing!" while the world burns. Uh huh...
  14. This is true.