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  1. Welcome. I think you will do well. Maintenance of good gear is awesome. It will be great.
  2. YES... THATS IT. Thanks. I was looking a pictures shark fins, but that’s it. Giant Sunfish Mola Mola. It was huge.
  3. Very slow. It was like it was rolling side to side. Like it was feeding.
  4. Today about 2 pm, at parking lot 1, Plum Island, my brother, 2 other strangers and myself all saw what was a huge triangle gray fin with a feathered edge. It was like a equal triangle with no slope. With I rounded top. It kind of just lazily moved very slowly, stopping and going under. It would circle back a few times and it’s single fin would pop right straight up for about 5-10 seconds and then disappear for about 30 seconds. And there was a definite white color right below the fin under the surface. There were no other fins. I used my binoculars and watched it for about 10 minutes as it slowly work it’s way southward. It was downside of low tide and windy with some rough white caps. We were very amazed. It was alone. I have seen lots of dolphins in my life, sea turtles, rays, and seals. This was very big. Bigger than any fin I have usually seen. There were a few other people there too, but all were spread out looking elsewhere. A small kid was swimming, and one us asked who’s kid was that, I pointed out the lady, and someone went to tell her. Anyway. Maybe basking shark, or something. I caught 2 tiny schoolies. There were 4 other fisherman on the beach further north. I will never forget how big it was.
  5. Great question about what a NH salt water covers. I live in NH and always get my salt water license in NH. I fish both NH places and Plum Island MA and never had a problem. Do I need a separate non resident salt eater license for Plum Island MA too?
  6. How will the striper fishing be in October? Will bait shops still have bait for stripers? Is the season over? Thanks. I have only gone in the summer, but the recent warm weather has got me! Thanks!
  7. Thank you for that info. "so you need 5 approved posts from the administrator before you can post a pic" hope this helps someone else. My buddy already caught a keeper 2 weeks ago near Plum Island from the shore. We plan on going Fathers Day. Woo woo
  8. Hi. I am a registered member in the coastsl maine nh region. I am familiar with these type of forums BUT I AM UNABLE TO POST PICS OF MY RECENT CATCH. I can preview, upload pics but Just cant find the next 'button' to post my pic? Please help. This us an awesomelyu
  9. Hilton park dover. Fishing with some buddies. Using squid and mackeral. Nothing to report.................yet!