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  1. Came up with this Jig pattern last night, while bitching about it being to windy to fish.
  2. I have one paired up with a 1oz Daiwa Saltis Inshore rod and it’s a beast. Everything from flounder to 4’ brown shark with no problems.
  3. I love all my Daiwa gear.
  4. I'd got with a GoPro Session 5 and the Remote for it. That's really the best option out there, plus you have voice commands.
  5. This is what I use on my gear track.
  6. Not sure, mine just came with the twist knobs. I do have locks on the cradles.
  7. Ha
  8. Plenty of fish out there early this morning and Thurs night/morning. Nothing big yet, but still some fun action.
  9. $14 for the year I think.
  10. I couldn't see spending 99 last year, so I guess the want to keep you so the drop the price.
  11. Maybe due to mine old card being expired for for a full season.
  12. Yes, I had to update my card this year for it to sync to my phone.
  13. The grease goes on the connections to keep the moisture out and they don't corrode. I don't have any open ports either. Everything is sealed.
  14. I use one of these and just add the connectors. Also be sure to use some dielectric grease in the plugs too.