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  1. I’ve been making those jigs too.
  2. Last night was slow for me but last week was great.
  3. Were you in or around a lot of boat traffic? I was out the other weekend and due to all the boats I couldn’t get solid readings of depth.
  4. I just put on some grease and sprayed down with wd40 after each trip.
  5. Snapped them twice. After the second time I picked up some 3/4x3/4 aluminum stock and made my own solid shafts.
  6. Love me Daiwa Coastal TWS and Saltist 1oz 7.6”. Also have another Coastal on a Daiwa Proteus 7’ 1-5oz for the heavier stuff. The 1oz rod was what I caught this 4’ Brown on.
  7. It’s a great feeling
  8. Took out my 4yr old and the wife on their first kayak trip. 873E6999-CFCD-43CB-AD26-D0070DF470D0.MP4
  9. This is my second season on my coastals and they are great reels. The 360 is rendered in the GoPro Fusion software then Adobe Premier.
  10. He finally cut me off trying to get the jig out.
  11. GoPro Fusion, they are $700.
  12. I definitely put it to the test.
  13. Was sent this from the wife’s mom on Brigantine beach this morning. B7D65FD1-42FC-451E-8A7C-28130A65D25F.mp4
  14. There’s a whole list of rules fo that one shark at 54”.