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  1. I’ve done it a few times with and against the tide. You need to be peddling as hard as you can and alert to everyone around you. It’s definitely not something to go out and just try though. You need to know your and your kayaks limits. The fish in my avatar was outside the inlet on a November trip.
  2. Just little ones for me.
  3. Depends on water temps. If it’s warm water and need to fish, not going to worry about it, just find a location with some cover.
  4. Yakima Showboat with Sweetrolls.
  5. I’m just using a cheap harbor freight charger. Been using them for years.
  6. I’ll be joining for this.
  7. I'll be out Sun 12am.
  9. Getting jigs made up for this season if anyone is interested. Up to 1.5oz
  10. I just got a Wilderness Origin Angler recently and like it a lot. They're priced good too, I'd check them out.
  11. I'd like to do the same.
  12. I wear a Stohlquist Shift Drysuit. I like the face that you and pull the top half off and still keep it zipped up.
  13. Lots of Tog today.
  14. Long trip offshore today and the bite was shut down. Only thing caught was an out of season Black Sea Bass. How’d everyone else do today?