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  1. Hello Sorry to interrupt,I hope it's OK for me to post here, but I've been using my GoPro for about a year, and have started to become fairly active with it. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about video editing software, and I am currently using Microsoft Movie Maker (don't laugh!). My videos show that they could use some enhancement. Can anyone recommend a good, free download that is easy to use and can handle a native 720p format? Free being the important word in that sentence. I posted a sample video in another feed, and I know it could be better. I hope it's ok that I'm posting it here as well. TIA. _Scott
  2. I'm checking that out right now, thanks a million for the tip.
  3. I'm skipping tonite, too much mung, and 3 second waves are not an enjoying evening. now THAT's funny! Anyone want to PM me to hit up this spot, please do. I'm moving in a few weeks and won't be able to fish this area any more. I've spent 17 years fishing this spot, it has served me well.
  4. Definitely prefer to fish a new moon, totally agree with you on that.
  5. Seriously? Asian Carp? We've all seen the you tube videos on what those things are doing to the midwest. They are destroying the tributaries to the great lakes. I can't imagine if some of those things found their way into the Allagash.
  6. Beautiful night in the surf last night. Anyone go out?
  7. Same old, Same old..."Emergency" quota restrictions eased...How many times have I gone to Pine Point and looked out towards OOB and seen a small fleet of Pogie boats taking so many, they need two or three boats to load them or they'd sink...And the price of lobster is up again this year, much higher than any of our salaries went up...
  8. Sad but great post.
  9. Hands down captain satch. Great guy, right at Well Harbor.
  10. Anyone else watch this? Its a contest where they fly 8 of the luckiest b@$tards you could ever meet all over the world to fish. I liked it.
  11. ...this fall...
  12. It was a remarkable site to behold. I've never ever seen one breech before. That was just remarkable. Don't start with me on seals...I almost flipped a kayak a few years back because a striper I had on my line was snatched from me within the last few yards. Damn, those things may look cute from a distance, but that thing snorted so close to me I swear I felt snot on my fishing reel! And the fangs...Worse than a rabbit I tell ya!
  13. Two nights ago, I went fishing at my usual, and I saw what I first thought were dolphins popping on the horizon. In 20 years of fishing the surf, I've never once seen a whale. In a boat, sure, plenty of times. Never from the surf. Last night went again. What I thought was dolphin, did a full breech. Similar to the Emergency Blow scene in Hunt For Red October (Great flick). Not a dolphin. A full fledged Mink Whale. Thing was huge. Couldn't have been more than 200 yards from me. Anyone else seeing marine mammals from the surf? I have not seen a single seal this year, also odd.
  14. See...Tupperware...That's keeps the moisture off of them so they aren't right on top of each other...That's brilliant. I'm hitting Market Basket to get a ton of those this weekend, thanks man.
  15. I was completely out of bait, and Saturday was a fantastic -1.2' tide. So I went, water was like bathwater, didn't need my waders...The clams were just begging to be dug...Oh the walk back...What the @!#@ was I thinking...