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  1. Red tide was declared a few weeks ago. Last one I recall was 2 years ago, shut down clamming for just about the entire season. great excuse to learn fly fishing. Any recommendations for a fly fishing setup for beginners?
  2. When you say “front” do you mean the front beaches? Not the rivers?
  3. Never gone, been invited. I was thinking about hitting up the public sites where you can hunt pheasants. Any general areas to focus/avoid?
  4. The hell is a brit? I thought you were talking about the queens subjects!
  5. Yes, in a few days the pagan new year will be upon us. And we are all feeling more cooped up than normal this year, so I am EMPLORING all of you:no “early year striper pic!”, no “record setting river cow!” And please no “rare king salmon run in the Saco!” Pix. yes, I will fall for every single one of those posts. Yes there is no cure for my gullibility. All I can do is ask that this April fools day, don’t make me one. -Scott
  6. Call the Scarborough shellfish hotline. It’s the Scarborough town hall and press option 1. Also, check the website
  7. ...those oysters looked mighty nice last time you posted...
  8. Saturday -0.6, Sunday -1.1...Just sayin'...Might be good time to fill up the freezer with some bait...
  9. If you have any questions, just PM me. The best thing to do is simply to call the shellfish hotline. 207 730-4300 option 1. They should tell you the status of Hen Clamming in the front beaches. That means Pine Point to Parcher Avenue in OOB.
  10. Great title, I'll have to check it out.
  11. Just read two different articles both more or less confirming what the atlantic fishery council has established for 2020. They are "suggesting" states change their striper limit to a slot, 28" to 35". Has anyone heard if Maine will be following suit?
  12. Thanks for that update. You made out really well, those pix of the little necks, the oysters, and the quahogs were fantastic. March 10th is pretty good tide in the evening...Should have enough sunlight by then...
  13. That is creative...
  14. I would like to mention, that March 10th there is a negative 1.8 tide at 6:31PM, sunset will be 6:59PM, even if you get there an hour early, you will still have a remarkable amount of sand to dig. Anyone care to join me?
  15. Will that work if baked? That sounds insane by the way...