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  1. That's where I go with Eastman's....Right by the shoals. Never disappoints.
  2. Went out Saturday, bad tide, but it was the only opening for me. Hit my fav beach with a buddy, threw everything, clams, mackerel, top water, mid water. Zilch. Not even a nibble.
  3. Also a great place to kayak for them…
  4. Wow, when we get a red tide it just means no shell fishing. The fish don’t die, not even the shellfish. The shellfish simply carry a neurotoxin that will kill you if you eat it. I had no idea Florida still had fish kills, so sorry to hear that. Is it getting worse each year?
  5. Pine Point and Old Orchard are very sandy, you don't battle the rocky coast line. Fishing there is pretty good. At my age, I only go near rocks, NEVER on them. Last night I hit the front beaches and got on the board (FINALLY!), so they are here and it felt wonderful!!
  6. Quick FYI, virtually all of Southern Maine is closed due to a Red Tide. I hope this isn't as bad as the one a few years ago that shut us down until labor day, but you never know. Time to hit up a 4 hour mackerel boat to load up on other bait.
  7. It was gorgeous, fishing an hour before high tide at sunset. Absolutely PERFECT conditions.
  8. FINALLY ON THE BOARD!!! Right in the surf! Frozen clams! SO HAPPY TO BE ON THE BOARD!!! -Scott
  9. Yup the coast of marine. Closure pretty bad
  10. Looks like we've got ourselves a red tide. May need to hit up a mackerel boat for fresh bait. I'm told from everyone they aren't seeing the stripers in the surf yet, so maybe by the time they show up there the red tide will be gone. Last bad one we had was 4 years ago, digging was closed until labor day.
  11. Were you in the surf or a river?
  12. Doesn't look like a terribly good forecast for memorial day...Rain all three days...
  13. Yeah. So I went fishing/claming yesterday. Didn't catch any fish, but I did see a nice one jump about 2 feet in front of me, so I know they are here. Including a video of my unsuccessful outing and it is entitled: Never trust a fishing app. Enjoy.
  14. Admittedly, I had to do a double take until I saw the tail. What an awesome catch!
  15. Yard sale looking for fishing tackle….oh those were the days….