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  1. You got to a place that was 9 nautical miles away from your house at 5:30AM this late in the year? You sir, get "it". -Scott
  2. Please tell me that shoe is from a Ken Doll!!!!
  3. After that storm??!?!!? Very disappointing to hear, thanks for letting me know!
  4. Great way to end a season, excellent prose, thank you so much for sharing this.
  5. That is a great tip about keeping the fish straight, I hate taking out a frozen curved fish. Thanks for that. It does freeze, very well. And yes, the reason jig fishing was dog free, was due to the bait fishermen that had their attention all day. Felt badly for them.
  6. Haddock is the definitley king, but if you bleed the fish and get it in ice immediately, you can make an excellent meal fried or baked. I like making a chowder the most.
  7. Great day offshore. Lots of pollock, very few haddock unfortunately. Sandsharks destroyed you if you used bait. Jigging was wonderful, and kept the sandsharks away. It however, did not stop a 9 foot Blue Shark that was parked right off the ship. I hopefully got some great shots of it, but I was tired when I got home and of course deleted some of the files off my usb stick, and I'm too cheap to spend 90 bucks on undeleting software. But that blue shark was truly amazing and frustrating at the same time. Nothing says !#!!@@ quite like watching a 20 pound cod moments from being gaffed getting chomped in two by a blue.
  8. LOL!!! 15' swells they are calling for, I can't imagine what low tide will look like after the storm!
  9. You should have put out an all hands request, I'd been glad to meet you and start hammering.
  10. Gave it to the captain. I believe he said he had a few good thoughts on how to prep it. I believe soaking it in milk perhaps was one thought?
  11. Been a while since I posted but a great friend of mine took me out on casco bay. We were not too far out and my line just zzzzzzziiiippped! haven’t caught a bluefish in maine for almost 20 years, it felt great! 34”, about 10 pounds. Great day on the water!
  12. Have you tried the local pawn shops?
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