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  1. Marty, I'll be hitting the beaches this evening, thanks for the tip!
  2. ...Surf clams reopened at pine point 2 weeks ago...Spectacular low tides this week. It's 40 miles over the border from NH, but you can come up and get 3 bushels of them. No permit required. Just call the scarborough shellfish hotline before you dig to make sure it is open...
  3. Surf has been brutal the last few weeks, river is definitely where I am heading this weekend. On the flip side, the big pollock have finally returned to Jeffrey's. Time to crack open my rainy day fund and go out for an all day boat.
  4. As for fishing that area, when I go on a half day mackerel excursion we usually park right near the hotel, a few hundred yards at most. I imagine if you can find a place to safely get there you should be able to get some action. Didn't know that about fishing gear on the ferry boat, good to know, thanks.
  5. ...Now that's funny...
  6. Thanks so much for that. I've heard it's crowded, but I'll definitely check it out for myself. If anyone would like some help setting up a stand or hauling out a deer, I'd be happy to help. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Checked the lottery, I got an any deer in zone 20. Anyone know of good public spots to hit up?
  8. You are a class act as always Mousam!
  9. Last 48 hours has made it a different ball game. Right at sunset, just before the tide turned, strike after strike. All in the 20 -24 range, but the bait was barley touching the water. Trying again tonite.
  10. I second that
  11. I've been going through my freezer, and I've got more macks than I can realistically use, and I have a lot happening in the next few weeks, so the odds of me needing so much of it is not at all realistic. At any rate, I'm having a great sale on frozen mackerel. As in, it's free if you'd like some. Message me if you are interested. -Scott
  12. Very helpful indeed! Thanks!
  13. First, so sorry to hear about what happened to your town's newspaper last week. Absolutely horrible. Stonington...Wow.. I've been to Isleboro a few times, and the summers I've had there the striper fishing is fairly lean. Plenty of mackerel, though. I have visited Frenchboro, not too far off from where you will be, and the locals there have assured me that in July, at night, stripers can be caught in the surf using blood worms. They said they don't wast time with anything but bloodworms, and they don't fish during the day. Not sure if that helps much. Tight lines.
  14. Got a nice 32" 3 weeks ago, since then, mighty silent. A few in the high teens low twenty's, but zilch in the past 7 days. I'm sure the heat isn't helping. Got next week off, I'll try some new spots and hopefully will be on the board again.
  15. Been out of town for several days, looking forward to using this! -Scott