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  1. That is one heck of a way to take in a sunrise, great job!
  2. Raw, you made my day. I’m picking up bait in the am, and fishing in the evening.
  3. I hear ya. I’m exactly 57 minutes from my spot. With gas prices where they are it’s about 1.5 gallons and to be greeted with sea weed…not happy.
  4. just got home. a few brief hits, but nothing to show for it. Lots, and I mean LOTS of seaweed.
  5. ...look forward to reading about it!
  6. went out Thursday and I got a 24", and a buddy got a 27". Nice to see the surf is still pretty strong. Exclusively bait for now.
  7. Did you get into ice fishing when you were on the wisconsin/illinois border?
  8. That's a magazine cover right there...
  9. Oh I'm sure that never happens...
  10. Didn't they have an "emergency" quota increase a few years ago because there were "too many" of the bait fish? Loved how you ended with "Recs can have 25"
  11. Looked like a great time, and that sounds like a great fist night fishing for the boys. Speaking of shad, what's the earliest you've ever caught one? April?
  12. Laughed so hard at that I had to change my shirt after spitting coffee all over myself...
  13. FINALLY! First Striper of 2022! Gorgeous evening at my fav beach! Oh, and a tragic loss a few feet from shore, but I did successfully land a few! Hope all is well with everyone!
  14. Whatever you do here, don't ask me about knots... :-O. Everyone's spot on with their advice (per usual). Seriously though it sounds like you are catching them, which is fantastic. My typical rule of thumb is by the second week in June, I'm exclusively in the surf. The bite slows down as it gets hotter, and I usually hit the beaches exclusively at night or predawn after July 4th. September fall runs...They used to be insane. That's been slowing down a bit, however, this year is unlike any I've ever seen. The size of the Hoping to have a more traditional Fall run. I used to fish well into October, but the last few years I stop around the last two weeks of September. Welcome to the forum, and don't be a stranger.
  15. Hey everyone, quick shout to everyone wishing you a good fathers day. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and fishing will always be my fondest memories with everyone. I’m extremely grateful that my father is alive and well at 86, and every year my brothers, dad and I try to get together for a fishing trip. This year we had an unexpected loss and couldn’t go, but I do hope all of you have special memories with your father and son,