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  1. I have one, used but in great shape. Two very small scratches, tried to get them as best I could in the pictures. 20lb power pro on it now. Could do $85, shipping included, if interested.
  2. Payment received, lot shipped. Thanks ANGCorsair and SOL.
  3. Okay cool, they are yours. PM me so can exchange shipping / payment info. Thanks.
  4. Selling as one lot, 150$ takes all for everything in pics. Will include storage boxes in pics as well. PayPal preferred, shipping conus included. Can provide better pics if anyone interested.
  5. Payment received. Thanks johnnybocc and SOL.
  6. So I believe johnnyboc has this for asking price. PM me your shipping info. Thx all.
  7. If you can do 75, I can make that work, shipped to OBX. Less than that and I’ll just hang onto it for now. Thx
  8. Have unopened 1500 yard bulk spool power pro 30lb moss green. 85$ PayPal including shipping to conus.
  9. Sure, that works. PM me your shipping info and I’ll send you my info. Thanks
  10. 20# power pro
  11. I have a slammer 3500, very lightly used for one season. It’s in excellent condition, bought it new as a back up and barley ended up using it. 160$ including shipping, PayPal preferred.
  12. Payment received, lot shipped today. Thanks Tbird650 and SOL!
  13. 75$ plus PP fees (lets call it 77$ total) for whole lot works for me. PM me your shipping info and I will send out tomorrow. Sold to Tbird650, thanks!
  14. Tbird - thanks for the interest. Was hoping to sell all as a lot, but for 60$, those are yours. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks
  15. 90$ including shipping to conus. Includes all that are pictured. Most have minimal use. Bottom left is unknown to me. One bomber and one SP no hooks. Top left 2 red fins, below that is unknown. Next row top is SP 15 floating, SP 15 sinking, next two yo zuri minnows?, next 2 rapala x rap long cast 12. Next row 3 bomber magnum long As, 2 bomber long shot 5s, heddon super spook. In package to right bomber jointed long a 7”, bomber long a 6”.