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  1. This week landed a small one that hit a teaser, foul hooked another larger one on pink buck tail. Very cool, and strange.
  2. Halfway decent to OK numbers for fluke but almost all 16-18 inches, mid bay- ish area. Usual sea robbin saturated water, occasional and accidental scup (large) and BSB (smaller).
  3. I don’t know if the fishery is effectively gone here or not... But I caught a few one day late summer last year in the bay while out for fluke. Nothing large at all, total accident and no skill whatsoever involved lol. 2-3 years ago also caught a decent one in the bay that was also purely accidental. Would be great to see more.
  4. Oh geez, mangled that one, I am sorry! What i I meant was these tins are currently listed at an extremely reasonable price and if current bid takes it, it will be highway robbery. So come on everyone, make an offer for beautiful tins and for a great cause!
  5. Bump 60 page thread with over 64 THOUSAND views... and there is flat out highway robbery going on in the auction mentioned above with some BEAUTIFUL tins!?!?
  6. I would like to enter a bid of $50.00. Let’s get this going for a great cause.
  7. Make sure you have a net if going for big fluke from kayak. Dont reaaly expect to fish taking two small small children fishing with you
  8. Kayaked near a bridge in a spot never been before, tried for big fluke, avoided skunk with usual suspects - big scup and robin but zero fluke. Lost a very large fluke last time out, forgot net, had it at boat and total newbie move. Made it worse damn ferry driver honking horn and giving me thumbs up seconds before lost it... Oh well, at this point just enjoying learning a little more each trip. Ran into a few of these earlier though which I thought was cool.
  9. This first ^. Good idea to speak to doc about it though just to rule things out. I believe would be highly unusual for Parkinson’s symptoms to first emerge at such a young age and then remain stable. I have always been “shaky” and so are my kids, my doc said if not interfering with work / life and not getting worse, don’t need to worry or really think twice about it. Tying small knots with thin line does suck though. Talk to your doc for peace of mind as already stated and good luck!
  10. You really compared your situation to that of a rape survivor??? I am guessing that you truly are 100% ignorant to how this comes across. Also guessing your not an idiot and not malicious. I am new to fishing and suck at it, so I can’t help with fishing advice. But I can try help you here brother, and your analogy is wildly inappropriate, disrespectful, and makes you look like a narcissistic moron. You have any loved ones who have been raped? About 25% of the population has. Thanks SOL for having a forum where we can all share and hopefully help each other out. All the best to you and yours.
  11. Sorry I’m an idiot - they have ^^^ BOTE, not solo! My bad and good luck!
  12. Just an FYI, The Kayak Centre in wickford sells them and has one on display. It’s a great shop with great customer service IMHO.
  13. Understand and thanks for reply to inquiry. Good luck with sale!
  14. I am very interested in the 710 if you are willing to split.