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  1. With the new design at least you would be prepared to brace in the surf. I would be more worried about taking an unseen wake from behind, bow stuffs, extra volume in the rear and over it goes. Looking forward to more videos.
  2. I remember JonS’ thread for his collaboration with Emotion, and seeing the prototype with the giant rectangular hatches and thinking, that’s not what Jon wanted. Disappointed with that, I ended up buying a Prowler 15 from him.
  3. I used an inflatable one in mine but I found that it wasn’t necessary after a while. It’s more comfortable than it looks. Also felt that it raised the center of gravity enough to feel it in a chop. This is the the one I used.
  4. From MagicYakers instagram
  5. Word out of icast is $1499
  6. Alright funny guy, just saw the new vid you guys posted, when are you getting some to the east coast for us to paddle
  7. How long have some of us here complained about kayaks getting wider and higher? A company comes along with a new product based on a design that some here have praised, and we are going to argue about ski vs kayak. If this boat performs well for paddlers at 200lbs, I will own one, whatever it’s classified as.
  8. Stillwater Smack-It
  9. After weather changes being #1, it’s this scene.
  10. Understood, trailer is great if you dont mind the registration, parking, and maintenance of having one. The best part of having a kayak instead of a boat is not being restricted to ramps and trailer parking.
  11. There also cheaper versions of the same design available.
  12. Agreed, but still cheaper than a trailer in the long run. I personally wouldn't put a price on safety.
  13. If you can add a hitch, you can use a vertical cargo carrier like the Thule goal post or Yakima drydock along with roof mounted crossbars.
  14. With using foam, you raise the seat level till you find a comfortable height. I would think that you could be above that bar. This could be made non permanent so that you use it for surf launches, then switch to the lawn seat for anything else.