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  1. I love when they’re too pretty to paint.
  2. Got it today. Was just watching it swim bc there’s no fish at all right now. Looks like a killer though thanks again.
  3. One of those seed beauties is about to get wet. Also that 3 spot bunker is electric.
  4. I’ll take em
  5. Possible to get a pic of the bellies?
  6. Are these the level sinks? If so I’ll grab these too.
  7. BM

    I’ll take
  8. Maroon and Gold crackle Pikie
  9. There are many ways to weight a spook. I just turned a sea pup and the weighting I tried gave me the same center and 2 oz on the dot. Used AYC. Medium tail weight (.35 oz) and belly weight (.35 oz) just in front of the swivel.
  10. thank u for the motivational slap on the bum, coach.
  11. Yea I want to now. I meant which color? I thought it had to be a pearl?
  12. Couldn’t paint this needle. It doesn’t resemble anything but it looks pretty cool.
  13. Sick. What paint is that for the swirl?
  14. I got a pup. Yea looks like tail weight + belly weight in front of the swivel? The center of balance is about 2.5” from tail on 5.5” plug.
  15. I’ll do 48 pp. Pm me your email.