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  1. also went by “Lucky’s Darters” in case anyone has one but only knows it by that name.
  2. Yours. Pm to follow.
  3. 5.5"
  4. new. $25 shipped PP.
  5. Going to list elsewhere.
  6. Yours PM on way.
  7. Darter new. Metal lips new w blems. $65 shipped PP only.
  8. Relisting
  9. Same here. Not cleaning house. Straightening up a little..
  10. New. $38 shipped PP.
  11. iPad mini 4 and Smartcover - White front/Gold back. I purchased 1 month ago. Has been used sparingly and is in mint condition. I just got the large iPhone and don’t see myself using it. $320 shipped PP. Comes with original box and charger. edit: this is a WiFi only model.
  12. Yours. PM on way
  13. New. $28 shipped PP.
  14. yours pm on way