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  1. 33 for BM?
  2. Thank you very helpful. appreciate it
  3. Yea by 12/1. Won’t survive another winter. But the sooner the better.
  4. Allows them on the beach?
  5. Everyone discriminates. No one cares bc there’s no way to prove it. I need to stop disclosing the fact that I have one. I’m paying 1600 in NY right now for a hole in the wall above a bar so I’m fine with the rent. I just can’t get anyone to rent to me. oh and I’m looking everywhere. Just the places I’ve found so far have been north.
  6. Thanks I’ll check those out. I have read about this mullet run. Yes please.
  7. Yes but prefer dog friendly beaches. Prefer to avoid encounters w officers and people who don’t like dogs. Peace of mind
  8. Help depressed NYer find a rental: studio/1 BR/Room/Basement/Shed. Need way more fish, dog friendly beaches and walking distance to ocean in safe neighborhood. Flagler Beach, Fernandina Beach were 2 places I found like that but anywhere that checks those boxes. Want to be out by 12/1. My rental means are limited by my disability and having a service dog. But I do have money and can pay my rent. I will also make you any plugs you want. And I’m good.
  9. I would not advise it. Biggest single I would say a 6/0 siwash/inline. That darter is built to its max stable weight
  10. What’s that beast hook weigh? Def. use the hook setups sent for the needlers. Very finicky plugs.
  11. I don’t. I just mix enough for 1 plug and apply quickly. The stuff mixes super quickly so it’s easy to just mix again if I want to go for a 2nd plug.
  12. Ok that’s a wrap pending payments. Thanks all.